Mexican Flag Raised On Top of Upside Down US Flag by Mexican Protestors in California

IAHF List: Last week the Immigration Reform bill (Amnesty Bill) failed to get the 60 Senate votes needed to advance in the 100 member Senate, but Bush and his NWO string pullers will attempt (AGAIN) to shove it down our throats in slightly modified form this coming week under a new bill number as S.1639 This traitorous legislation is intended to destroy America, and to usher in the North American Union (and Codex). 

If passed, it will destroy Social Security and put the finishing touches on the elite's plans to bankrupt America. It will trigger off economic chaos on an unprecedented scale enabling martial law to be declared, (setting the stage for mass microchipping of the population) and will enable the FDA to harmonize the food and drug laws between Canada/USA/Mexico which will destroy your access to dietary supplements unless you help stop it which you can do by going here to take action:

We are at war with Mexico (and with the ruling elite supporters of rascist Reconquista groups such as La Raza,Atzlan, and MEChA) right now. These groups are directly funded by such globalist ruling elite groups as the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation and others. The photos above show Mexican illegal aliens at a rally held at Montibello High School in Whittier California where they hauled down the American flag, and hoisted the Mexican flag with the US flag upside down underneath it. These rascist Mexicans are like neo Nazis. They want to kill and drive out all non Mexicans from the American Southwest and they're highly militant- they openly endorse discrimination against Whites and Jews:

Will the back of America be broken by illegal immigrants, aided and abetted by globalist traitors such as Bush, Kennedy, and many other members of Congress who seek to destroy us and usher in a North American Union? It will if we let it, but we don't HAVE to let this happen! Go here take action! Call your friends, family and neighbors and urge THEM to act TOO! Call your Senators and Congressmen in opposition to this traitorous genocidal scam!

The FDA went through the motions of responding to my Freedom of Information Act Request regarding their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, but failed to provide me with any substantive information including their meeting reports. I have filed a subsequent FOIA request demanding that they provide all missing information- something I had to do to exhaust my administrative remedy to be eligable to sue them. We are at war people, and we must fight on many fronts.

The NWO are trying to usher in CODEX by attacking DSHEA through S.1082, via the Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, and via Immigration Reform. All are coldly calculated attacks against our most deeply cherished individual liberties as enshrined in the Constitution. All are part of a broad campaign to turn this into a literal Prison Planet with the end goal being to subject us all to electronic mind control: but we don't have to take it laying down!!

We expect to have additional information on the battle to amend S.1082 in the coming week. Last week a markup hearing was held in the House on 9 bills that were passed out of Committee as companion bills to S.1082. They were all put together into one omnibus bill, but we don't know the number on it yet.

We're still going to need to get the Emord amendment into this legislation to protect DSHEA. Previously we had announced that HR 1561 was the companion bill to S.1082. We thought it might be due to the subject matter in the bill, but it turns out its not. (At the time it was introduced it didn't have a companion bill listed.) Just the same the amendment we need to get will be the same. Stay tuned, we expect to have an update on this in the coming week. We're still working hard behind the scenes to awaken a sleeping dietary supplement industry which has been put to sleep on this issue by the NPA (Natural Products Assn) formerly NNFA. See for information.

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