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Getting Ready For Fall

Ok...we are approaching crunch time...some things in the gardens must be done now, within the next 2 weeks...or leave them until spring.

Herbs should be cut back immediately so they have enough time to regrow and become acclimated to the cooler temps. I suggest leaving any pruning that your rosemary might need until the spring. Rosemary stems are woody and to some degree, hollow. If rain gets into the stems it can cause rot and or freezing at a later time if sunshine isn't plentiful enough to dry it up before the cold sets in.

Do not prune any flowering shrub that blooms in the doing so now you will be pruning off next years flowers.

Fruit trees should be oil banded to trap and deter various pest that will come calling during the winter.

If you have celery or leeks in the ground, mound the soil high around the base....these can remain in the ground throughout the winter. Onions should be lifted now and dried for storage.

Any summer vegetables still bearing should be harvested before the first tomatoes can be ripened inside or used green. (Fried green tomatoes...Oh yes!)

If you have blackberries...cut off any canes now.

Strawberries and raspberries are still bearing....and probably will up until the first frost.

Any new berries can be planted until the end of October...but the earlier the better...start now.

Do not prune roses now...leave until spring.

Remember to save your pine straw and fall leaves for mulching around plants that need it and the leaves are a must for the compost bin.

Repetitive motion can lead to Carpal Tunnel....Do you know?....Flax-seed oil is wonderful for soothing pain and increasing mobility...according to a study published in the DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. I personally use it for any and all joint maintenance.

Do you know?...The U.S. Department of Agriculture has already approved the first corporate-sponsored, patented, genetically modified tree. ArborGen's Loblolly pine. Despite outspoken public opposition, the USDA approved it with no public oversight nor assessment of the environmental risk it poses.

Grass fed beef farmers, supplying an alternative that seeks to avoid GMO feed grain, now have to cope with the advent of genetically modified grass. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, Monsanto's exclusive sales agent for Roundup glyphosate weed killer, intends to conduct field trials at the homes of company employees absent government oversight, because no laws currently prohibit or limit the planting of GMO grass. (Talk about an employer from hell !)

One more Do you know?...the first genetically modified apple for commercial planting was approved by the government in February. The Arctic apple is part of a growing list of sanctioned GMO fresh produce, including papaya and sweet corn.

A gene within the apple is altered so it resist browning and bruising. (The Genie is out of the bottle folks.) Never to function properly again!

Bee awareness...Lowe's (the home improvement store) has promised to stop selling neonicotinoid pesticides, a leading contributor to global bee declines, as soon as an alternative is available... Hmmm, this needs more research.

TIP...If you think eating organic is expensive, have you priced cancer lately? ~Joel Salatin

On a Positive note...not so long ago all this nasty stuff was happening and we had no way of keeping abreast...:) I'm willing to give up some privacy in order to have access to the private doings of big government....better to know your enemy...

Want to know more about the dangers that lurk in many of your daily foods, and how to avoid and/or manipulate the dangers.

Sage Hill offers classes in GMO a group or in home private sessions.

Contact info is below.

Reminder, this is a fun Frog event, please join us and be amazed!...

Autumn/Fall is lurking...I trust we are all ready!

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