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Pursuant to the mssg I just sent- please go to http://www.workingforchange.com/activism/action.cfm?itemid=17784 where you can effortlessly send a web based form letter in OPPOSITION to HR 10 which threatens to force biometric identifiers and a National ID card on us.

I modified their form letter somewhat by adding the last paragraph which you can see below (I'm letting the jerks know I won't VOTE for anyone who cosponsors this bill): At the url above you will find an in depth discussion of what this legislation is not in our best interests.

Here is their form letter- with one mouse click from the site above you can send it, and you can customize it too by changing it or by adding to it like I did (last paragraph in it I added.)


As your constituent, I urge you to oppose the current House intelligence reform bill (H.R. 10) that would likely create what amounts to a national identification card, drastically curtail basic fairness in the nation's immigration system and expand on the PATRIOT Act.

The PATRIOT Act should not be expanded. More than 356 communities in 42 states have passed resolutions against the PATRIOT Act's most infamous provisions and there has been widespread opposition to any expansion of the government powers that would infringe on the Constitution. This legislation is another such attempt to increase the powers of the government and invade our privacy with elements from earlier PATRIOT Act II proposals.

I have read that this bill punishes benign or even well-intentioned membership in a group. The House bill amends the crime of providing "personnel" as a form of support to a designated terrorist group to include providing oneself - in other words, mere association or membership in the group can be a crime, even if no money or other resources are provided. It would apply even to person that has nothing to do with the group's violent activities and even to a member that is trying to persuade the group to give up violence and join the political process.

A national ID would depend on a massive bureaucracy that would limit our basic freedoms. A national ID system would depend on both the issuance of an ID card and the integration of huge amounts of personal information included in state and federal government databases. One employee mistake, an underlying database error or common fraud could take away an individual's ability to move freely from place to place or even make them unemployable until the government fixed their "file."

I understand that asylum seekers could be required to "corroborate" their claim of persecution. The bill would significantly raise the hurdle for asylum seekers, who often lack any ability to prove their claim through anything save their own testimony. Not surprisingly, asylum-seekers have difficulty obtaining corroborating documents from the very government that is persecuting them.

Once again, I urge you to oppose the current House intelligence reform bill that would promote the creation of a de facto national ID, drastically curtail basic fairness in the nation's immigration system and expand on the PATRIOT Act.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter and understand fully that if you support HR 10, not only will I not vote for you, but I will energetically alert everyone in your DISTRICT not to vote for you!!