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Jonah Lehrer - Tuesday, February 17th at 7:00 PM
Knitting a Bunny or Doll with Thea Gray - Two Mondays, February 16th & 23rd at 7:00PM
David Thomson - Tuesday, February 24th at 7:00 PM
Jacqueline Winspear - Thursday, February 26th at 7:00PM

How We DecideJONAH LEHRER explains
How We Decide
Tuesday, February 17th at 7 PM

From the acclaimed author of Proust Was a Neuroscientist comes a fascinating look at the new science of decision making and how it can help us make better choices. Lehrer, who is Seed magazine editor-at-large, explores two questions: How does the human mind make decisions? How can those decisions be made better? Scientists are discovering that our best decisions are a finely tuned blend of both feeling and reason - and the precise mix depends on the situation. The trick is to determine when to lean on which part of the brain, and to do this, we need to think harder (and smarter) about how we think. Lehrer gives us the tools.

Learning To Knit Knitting Classes with Thea Gray
Bunny or Doll in the Round, Three Ways
Mondays, February 16th & 23rd, 7-9 PM

This two-session class will teach you three ways to work in the round while making Jess Hutchison's wonderful pattern for a bunny or a classic doll. Among other things, you'll learn how to knit in the round with double point needles, two circulars, and the magic loop technique. Visit our website for more details.

How We DecideDAVID THOMSON discusses
Try To Tell The Story: A Memoir
Tuesday, February 24th at 7 PM

One of our most celebrated film critics and historians offers a haunting and unsentimental memoir of growing up an only child in south London in the 1940s and 1950s. Told with elegance and restraint, this is the story of a lonely, stammering boy cared for by a matriarchy of his mother, grandmother, and an upstairs tenant, Miss Davis. At the heart of this book is Thomson's profound sadness at being abandoned by a cold and distant father who visits only on weekends and keeps, as Thomson later discovers, another household. Movies become Thomson's great escape.

How We DecideJACQUELINE WINSPEAR reads from
Among the Mad
Thursday, February 26th at 7 PM

In her sixth Maisie Dobbs mystery, New York Times bestselling author Winspear gives us a mentally disturbed terrorist on the loose amid the busy streets of 1931 London. An injured war veteran-turned-beggar detonates a bomb, killing himself and slightly wounding Maisie. This traumatic event turns out to be linked to threatening letters the British prime minister starts to receive, and Maisie is brought onto Scotland Yard’s high-level intelligence team in pursuit of the terrorist, who has threatened massive loss of life if specific demands are not met.

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