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You will see the alert I sent out yesterday in which I provided you with 2 Mainstream news articles documenting the fact that the 4th Reich (Necons Controlling Amerika) have started conducting INSANE experiments with live H5N1 (Avian Flu) virus which they're sticking up the noses of human medical guineapigs in order to "develop a vaccine" to use to "protect us all."

Those of you who fully understand the FRAUDULENCE of Pasteur's germ theory of disease will want to help EDUCATE friends and family WHILE THERES STILL TIME regarding the IMPLICATIONS of these experiments at NIH, because this appears to be Bush's "Final Solution" (now that Congress has successfully FILIBUSTERED the continuation of the illegal measures in the so called "Patriot Act".

Its painfully clear to IAHF that we're witnessing high crimes that FAR eclipse anything we've EVER seen in Amerika before, and its apparent to ME that far more than mere VIGILANCE will be needed to THWART this evil genocide agenda.

I've spent the past 2 months of my life working OVERTIME to ALKALINIZE my body, but some of you who have not taken this threat seriously may find yourselves in a situation where you need to play CATCH UP ball, as in RIGHT NOW!!

Is it absolutely necessary to go out and purchase an expensive water ionizer in order to become more ALKALINE?

No. Its NOT, and I'm not trying to tell you that. You CAN do a LOT with diet and exercise, HOWEVER, it is true that MOST of our body truly IS made up of WATER, and its ALSO true that even though most on the IAHF list are FAR more conscious of health than the average man on the street in America (or the world) today, EVEN WE too often sin against our bodies by ingesting junk food, fast food, and other ACID PRODUCING garbage because its in our FACES 24/7 via advertising and its become so entrenched as an evil in our society. This makes us SITTING DUCKS if NIH succeeds in triggering the Avian Flu pandemic that they're clearly trying to spark off.

One person on the IAHF list emailed me wondering if I wasn't just HYPING things pertaining to this situation.

I responded urging her to call me at 800-333-2553 to discuss it, and provided a whole Appendix of additional information (which you can see yourselves at the end of this alert.)

Those of you who have been on the IAHF list for many years know me and know its not my nature to engage in frivolous hype regarding ANYTHING. TRUTH is far stranger than FICTION.

We're facing an ONSLAUGHT of legislation right now that is CLEARLY INTENDED to DESTROY our country, and to CONTROL us just as people faced in Nazi Germany under Hitler. Many have pointed out the frightening similarities between the so called "Patriot Act" and Hitler's Enabling Act: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=German+Enabling+Act+1933+vs+Patriot+Act&btnG=Google+Search

So just as people are scurrying all over the place buying Holiday Gifts, we find news articles inserted into the mainstream media about insane human experimentation with live H5N1 Viruses which the murderous KILLERS at NIH are busy sticking up the noses of human guinea pigs in order to create an "Avian Flu Vaccine".


We're witnessing a NAKED attempt to CULL OUR NUMBERS, and it makes VERY GOOD SENSE at this time to do anything you CAN to become more Alkaline. I spent WEEKS searching and asking questions before settling on Stanley Arciola's machine.

He isn't making much money off these sales, he's made a special price available to people on the IAHF list because HE is on it HIMSELF. By the time he pays me $120. per sale to help me get to DC to lobby in your behalf, he's only making slightly more than he would if he sold at WHOLESALE costs, and his machine is many cuts above most that are out there.

Here is what ONE person on the IAHF list who has ALSO been looking into IONIZERS had to say in an email received today:

At 04:57 AM 12/19/2005, you wrote:
John,I have been forwarding your info as always but since I have for years raved about alkalizing and gone through 3 $500 to $800 machines and after talking to Stanley I believe this machine addresses the issues of hardwater buildup by at least having a heavy duty cleaning potential on a 3 month basis I am going to step out and recommend this to some businesses and individuals and I already have discussed alkalizing so this is the icing on the cake to find a great machine - affordable.. Supposedly my machines were platinum coated electrodes but totally packed the chamber with rock in a short time. I have quit using the batch machine and will be discussing Dales electrode in the near future and will let you know the comments. I still would like a portable machine with safe electrodes and will continue to pursue that. Thanks for the joint effort making this info and great price available to many who were not aware of the IE300. I am reserving one today. I have other people interested but waiting on funds to buy. I will give this promotion a great effort. Thanks again---Barbara

Thanks Barbara!

Please GO to THIS URL http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=96794;title=APFN on the APFN Bulletin Board, and help get a THREAD rolling on this issue so it won't just be BURIED in the mainstream news spin as people are BUSY preparing for Christmas.

PLEASE help IAHF to call this urgent matter to far more people's attention. We sink or swim together. It is painfully clear to me that we're up against the 4th Reich, and that the shadow government which is jerking the strings of our President is NOT going to idly sit back and do NOTHING in the aftermath of the congressional FILIBUSTER that just stopped the renactment of the "Patriot" Act.

These are the SAME people who brought us Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, 911 and New Orleans where FEMA illegally confiscated people's guns (until the courts finally put a stop to that.)

It is very NAIVE of anyone to think the shadow government is going to STOP NOW.

Please, people. HELP me get to DC in January to lobby against the North American Cooperative Security Act!! It threatens to erase our borders with Canada and Mexico and this WILL be how they try to usher in Codex here, but I can't get there without help, and if this Avian Flu that NIH is clearly trying to trigger hits, GOD HELP anyone who hasn't alkalinized their body enough to protect themselves.

If that happens, no one on the IAHF list will be able to say they weren't warned.

Here is an APPENDIX of ADDITIONAL INFO going BEYOND what I sent in yesterday's alert which you can see and comment on publicly at this url http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=96794;title=APFN


1. Bio of Antoine Beauchamp (1816-1908)

2. Ph Miracle- website of Dr.Robert O Young, and Shelly Young http://www.phmiracleliving.com/

3. Simple overview of Beuchamp's work on a chiropractors website http://www.spine-dr.com/site/alt/alt_terrain_v_germ.html

4. Article "A Faulty Medical Model- the Germ Theory"

5. Tour de Force by Ken Adachi regarding SEVERAL suppressed alternative treatment modes including Beauchamps http://www.quantumbalancing.com/news/forbidden_cures.htm

6. Website of Dr.Gary Tunsky- Author of "The Battle for Health is Over Ph"

7. Website of Greg Ciola's where you can order product called "Heavenly Greens" an organic green drink product that I use and recommend, especially when you squeeze lemon juice into it http://www.healthliesexposed.com
8. Website where you can order an excellent meal replacement drink called "Vega" that was designed by a vegan Canadian champion triathlete and ultramarathoner named Brenden Brazier
http://www.myvega.com/aboutvega.htm (info about Brazier is on the site.)

9. Interview by a body building magazine of Brendan Brazier, vegan Ironman triathlete http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kristi17.htm