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At Gallery Galschiot we are currently seeing more and more art projects focussing on our changing climate.
Among them, Arctic Imagination, a project focussing on Arctic in conjunction with some of the world’s significant libraries, culture personalities and artists.
On the home front our Polar Bear sculptures are presented in New York and in various editorials on climate change, while organisations are lining up to exhibit our Impaled Polar Bear (Unbearable) as a climate statement. Finally we are preparing a ship of climate refugees (in bronze) to tour the German canals during the summer with the German organisation Outlaw.
We’re happy to see the topic of climate change resurface once again. It is unusual, as climate art is most often only seen during world climate summits – which brings funds for climate art. Whether the tendency is caused by Trump or a change in the global attitude can’t be said, but the increased focus is important for the citizens of the world and for the generations of the future.
Last Wednesday Arctic Imagination was launched. A group of the world’s leading libraries are collecting video-statements from leading cultural figures (visual artists, writers etc.) about Arctic and climate change. Jens Galschiot too got to deliver his statements on the issue at the Royal Danish Library. Afterwards the world famous artist Olafur Eliasson was interviewed by Paul Holdengräber from the New York Public library in front of a packed crowd. The whole thing was live-streamed and can be viewed here.
Jens Galschiot is taking his part in promoting climate related art:
Starting June, 30 German cities will be visited by Galschiot’s refugee ship, with information campaigns, accompanying theatre and bands, which put a focus on the present and terrible situation for the world’s refugees. The events are orchestrated by the German organisation Outlaw.
COP23 will be held this November in Bonn, and promises to pull a massive crowd. We at Gallery Galschiot are planning to bring the 6meter tall smoking Statue of Liberty ‘Freedom to Pollute’, complete with a Trump hairdo. We also bring the Polar Bear Army, and the Impaled Polar Bear (Unbearable), which was ever so popular at COP21 in Paris. Furthermore we hope to bring the ‘The Refugee Ship’ to Bonn as well.
All in all we are expecting a very active 2017 in the name of climate art.
Best regards
Lasse Markus – Chief of communications at Gallery Galschiot 
About Jens Galschiøt:
General information about Galschiøt can be found at:
Galschiøt is a sculptor who works with international art installations. Amongst other things he is working on a gigantic project about the religious tensions in the world.

He has named this art and dialogue project ’The Children of Abraham’. The focal point of the project is the 3.5 meter tall and 70 square meter sculpture called F.U.N.D.A.M.E.N.T.A.L.I.S.M. It is made of these letters made in 8,000 copper books symbolizing the Torah, the Bible and the Quran. 24 big monitors constantly display the ’brightest’ and the ’darkest’ quotations form Judaism, Christianity and Islam. See concept click for the art project English - German - Danish
COP21 - Paris, 2015
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