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January 2019  IN THIS ISSUE:
Words of Wisdom for your upcoming year
 from those who have walked their talk  
 to World Class Speaking!
 Do you want to be an outstanding speaker? 
Darren LaCroix 2001 WCPS says: "You are the average of the 5 people with whom you hang around the most."
 Whom are you hanging around with the most in order to enhance your speaking skills? 
  This newsletter is well worth a re-cycle to start
your speaking  year on the correct footing with the correct tips!

Check out all the words of speaking wisdom they have taught over the years at their champ camps and in their resources! Which ones do you already apply CONSISTENTLY in both the Planning and Presenting stages of your speeches or business presentations?
Pic taken on one of their first champ camps which were on cruise ships!
                                                     2004? 2005?
                                                       Fun times!
Quotations of the month:
 "Did you know 80% of paid speeches come from referral? That's why the number one marketing tool is being great on the platform."
- Speaking Secrets of the Champions CD
"If I went back to college again, I'd concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively."         
Gerard Ford  
Apply these Words of Wisdom and become 3x the speaker you are today! Yes, you can!
Check these 10 short sentences below stated by world class speakers. If you have consistently used even a few of them, have you noted how your speeches have improved by connecting to your audiences more readily, by making your message stick, by touching minds and hearts through essence,  by making your audiences TALL (Think, Act, Laugh and Learn). Which one will you try to adopt and apply next...remember one skill at a time until it becomes second nature!

 "The heart of a presentation is story; the heart of a story is dialogue." Let's hear the exact words of the character in your story. Balance narration with dialogue.
 "Don't put you, the person on a pedestal; put the process on the pedestal! Don't make yourself special, the hero of the story, make the formula, process, lesson... the source of wisdom. Make yourself similar to your audience and you will endear yourself to them.
 "Share your 4 F's...your flaws, frustrations, failures, firsts." This will connect you to your audience as you will appear similar to them
 "Don't talk and tell,; show and share!" Your body speaks volumes; use it well

 "If they don't reflect, you don't connect or affect." They don't want to hear just your voice; they need to hear their own inner voices when you ask questions. Best ones are the 5 W question: Who, What, Where, When, Why...and How!
 "Pause is the technique; silence is the message." Give them thinking space; don't step on their thoughts.
 "When people laugh, they relax, when they relax, they learn, when they learn... they remember." Find opportunities to uncover humour in your speeches.
 "Facts only tell, but superb stories sell!" People identify with characters, event, struggles and successes within stories.
 "Emotion is the fast lane to the brain." Tell stories as people make decisions based on both intellect and emotion.
 "The phrase determines what stays." "When in doubt, leave it out." Ever wonder what shall I include in my speech or what shall I exclude? Take heed to the above quotations.
Every time you speak, you are selling something: a product, service, idea, yourself. Therefore, you need to prepare and present top notch speeches that encompass the components below. 
 "A great speech makes an audience TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, Learn)
Craig Valentine 1999 WCPS
 "A great speech appeals to 4 H's: Head, Heart, Humor and has a Heavy duty message."
Ed Tate 2000 WCPS
Remember: regardless of how important or valuable your content is, if you don't present it in a way that sparks and maintains your audience's attention, you will lose them. With the privilege of speaking comes a responsibility to present material that is relevant that is focused on your target audience and structured around your take away message while at the same time, emotionally and intellectually stimulating, promising rewards or results for them at the micro level and also ( in business presenations) at the company's macro level...a WIN/WIN for all!!
I invite you to join me again next month when we continue discussing another  speaking skill!
Until then, successful speaking and happy new year to you and yours!   Cool
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