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Please utilize the information in this alert to preserve your freedom, and that of your family! There is a wealth of new valuable health preserving information here especially if you scroll to the END!
All of us need to work together to oppose the destruction of freedom of speech via the "Politically Correct" tyranny illustrated by Attorney General Loretta Lynch (and the hidden hand that pulls her strings) who seek to prosecute any individual or company that opposes Obama's (and the UN IPCC) rhetoric on (so called) "Climate Change."
To leave no doubt that "Climate Change" is a total scam, in an interview published in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on 14 November 2010, Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chair of UN's IPCC Working Group III, said:
“The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War…. one must say clearly that de facto we redistribute the world’s wealth by climate policy…. One has to rid oneself of the illusion that international climate politics have anything to do with environmental concerns.” Full story at:
See this expose on the IMFs statement that "The West is Facing a New Severe Recession"
(Total Expose on so called "Climate Change" and how it was orchestrated! Total SCAM!!)
See this "Without Senate Authorization Obama Sends $500 Million to UN Climate Change Fund - Total Pledge is $3 + Billion" Complain to your Senator via 1-877-SOB-USOB! 
Get Armed & Join Gun Owners of America!

Under the false pretense of (so called) "Global Warming" the Hidden Hand seeks to strip us of our Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble, Right to Bear Arms, and all of our OTHER God given unalienable RIGHTS as they seek to hijack our natural biology to replace it with synthetic biology in order to turn us into biologically microchipped SLAVES, non reproducing CYBORGS who will never oppose them again (which is why you need to read this to learn how to protect yourself!
They seek to destroy the sovereignty of all nations and to force us into a global totalitarian state, and to turn us into biologically microchipped non reproducing cyborgs, total slaves, but we don't have to go along with this program! I'm not, and I encourage all of you to
rebel along with me via using the info at this link to detox yourself!
First, please see this article exposing Communist Attotorney General Loretta Lynch who, along with Senator Whitehouse, thinks people and companies that oppose Obama's (and the UN IPCC) LIES on so called "Climate Change" should be prosecuted!
Second, in the comments following this article several very good points are made that I'd like to call your attention to (and I encourage you to add your own comments following this article)
Please take note of these comments that follow the article
1. I commented that Lynch's "PC" effort to stifle freedom of speech is part of a much broader global pattern exhibited by the hidden hand which seeks to not only destroy freedom of speech, but ALL of our freedoms as they seek to force us into a communist global totalitarian state!
Moreover, I said that the REAL REASON the ruling elite seek to SHUT DOWN all "Climate Change Deniars" is that the elite don't want us looking too closely at GEOENGINEERING and the REAL REASONS we're all being SPRAYED!
(They can't allow the LIE of "global warming" to be exposed, because they CAN'T HAVE us knowing the REAL REASON why we're being sprayed with chemtrails!
They don't want us to REALIZE that the elite have figured out how to biologically microchip us all via what they're spraying via geoengineering!
They don't want us to realize they've figured out how to HIJACK our NATURAL BIOLOGY to turn us all into non reproducing CYBORGS via spraying weaponized parasites such as calembola and others that have been tweaked using nanotechnology!
(They sure as HELL don't want any of us to know ANYTHING ABOUT DETOXIFICATION as discussed in THIS ALERT because they want us to be DEFENSELESS against them!)
Don't kid yourselves friends! The evil satanic whores who are perpetrating these crimes are playing for keeps RIGHT NOW!
Here is how to protect yourself: 
Every day they're spraying us with billions of tons of toxic heavy metals including barium, strontium, aluminum, arsenic, toxic chemicals including ethylene dibromide and others! All of this is being done to weaken and kill us, this is naked, IN YOUR FACE genocide!
Are you drinking sulfur water twice a day to protect yourself? I sure am!
Sulfur contains 16 electrons in it's outer shell. Its a mineral that MUST EXIT the body, and it will bind with and REMOVE all the toxic barium, strontium, aluminum, etc by forming a harmless sulfate of it, eg aluminumsulfate,bariumsulfate, strontiumsulfate.
Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD warns that all of the aluminum oxide being sprayed is causing a huge increase in Alzheimers disease! Theres been a huge increase in early onset Alzheimers of even people in their 30s and 40s, and people of all ages are having cognitive problems due to the aluminum being sprayed, so please ingest sulfur water twice a day to protect yourself, and get some extra for family members who you need to awaken on this!
Have you ever made ANY effort to detoxify your organs of elimination? You take your car to Jiffy Lube for Oil Changes, you have you EVER systematically detoxed your Bowel? How about your Liver/Gallbladder, Kidneys, and Blood??
Don't you think you should as an insurance policy given the reality of the massive chemtrail onslaught we're facing??!! Do you REALLY PREFER to have your natural biology hijacked? Do you really WANT to be turned into a biologically microchipped, DNA altered non reproducing CYBORG? You really PREFER to be an N.W.O. SLAVE??
Do you fully grasp the fact that you are breathing these weaponized parasites into your body with every breath you take?
When that thought hit me, I decided I didn't WANT to be biologically microchipped! I especially don't want to be controlled the way such Targetted Individuals as Magnus Olsson are! Never assume that what happened to Magnus won't happen to you because with weaponized parasites entering our bloodstream with every breath we take, it can and it has been!
I realized that as good as sulfur is for detoxification, I wanted to do MORE as an INSURANCE POLICY, so I read
"The 5 Day Bowel Detox" by herbalist Richard Schulze, and I read his "Quick Start Guide" in order to know how to follow the dietary recommendations that go with his Bowel Detox. I got these products necessary to do the Bowel Detox:

1. Intestinal Formula #1 

2. Intestinal Formula #2

(Formulas #1 & #2 work synergistically, first you take Intestinal Formula #1, start with two capsules in the evening, and increase by one capsule until you start having 3 consistently easy BMs per day...... then start taking the #2, while doing all of this do the food component (Including Super Food Plus) outlined in the

Quick Start Guide which loosens up the deeply impacted mucoid plaque that armor plates your bowel, putrifying inside your body, wrecking your immune system by acidifying your body, blocking you from properly absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat and the supplements you take, making you

EASY PICKINGS for the N.W.O.s efforts to weaken and destroy your internal organs with the weaponized parasites as they seek to hijack your natural biology and alter your DNA in order to turn you into a biologically microchipped Cyborg, a total SLAVE!!

3. Super Food Plus, if you read "The 5 Day Bowel Detox"  and the "Quick Start Guide" you realize that to do Schulze's 5 Day Bowel detox (which increased my energy level by 70%!!) you need to read both of these, you need to get Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and you need the Super Food Plus
You need to mix the Super Food Plus (made from the world's best super foods all ground up into one powder) to mix in a high speed blender (Vitamix or other) with raw garlic, raw ginger, olive oil, and organic fruit such as grapefruit, oranges, etc.
This combination BLASTS your cells with the world's best nutrition, while also helping to LOOSEN UP all that armor plated mucoid plaque that is clogging your colon,
Acting like a cement barrier to BLOCK proper nutrient absorption, acidifying your body, wrecking your ph, wrecking your immune system making you prone to every degenerative disease that they're hoping you'll get due to the damage being done to your internal organs by the weaponized parasites such as these nano tweaked weaponized calembola that you have breathed into your bloodstream!
Got Sulfur? Save money by buying 10 lbs, get FREE shipping!
Save EVEN MORE by buying 20 lbs,
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Got Intestinal Formula #1? Intestinal Formula #2?
Super Food Plus?
I use all of these to keep myself cleaned out! I also use Magnascent iodine to keep my thyroid gland operating at peak efficiency, and I use Ecninacea plus to boost my white cells and killer T cells... 
I declared WAR on the weaponized parasites that are being sprayed on us! The Intestinal Formula #2 specifically kills parasites!
When I did the bowel detox, I became a believer in herbalist Richard Schulze because my energy level shot up by 70% and I felt like I did when I was 11 years old in my late 50s!
After detoxing my bowel, I went on to also detox my liver/gallbladder, my kidneys, and my blood and can guide YOU through this process! Let me be your tour director so you can enjoy optimal health!
Before doing all of this I thought I was quite healthy, but it was an illusion! I was eating the right foods, hell, I am a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter leader and I educate people about nutrient dense foods, but I wasn't absorbing them properly, or any of the supplements I was using (including sulfur) until I detoxed my bowel and other organs of elimination!
In the process though, I figured out the best way to protect myself from having my natural biology hijacked by the weaponized parasites being sprayed on us! I will never be biologically microchipped, so I will NEVER be an N.W.O slave!

Was it worth the effort?

Can you really put a PRICE on your FREEDOM?

Can you really put a PRICE on your HEALTH?
Questions? Call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific toll free North America or email me at I am a Naturopath, and would be glad to assist you with any aspect of what I'm saying here.
In Your Corner Against N.W.O. Tyranny,
John Hammell