Richard Herring Newsletter
December 2016
Iiiiiiitttt's (not yet) Chriiiiiisssstmaaaaas!
We're so close to the end of this horrible year. I have a feeling that in 2017 nothing will go wrong. But here's what's coming up and some ideas for Christmas presents (probably for peopel to buy you, let's face it).
Happy Now? DVD
You can now get my last tour show on DVD or download at
The DVD is packed with extras including two of the short films I have appeared in. You can also get hold of a copy of the show programme and the profits from that go to SCOPE.
There's loads more stuff on that I think you might enjoy, including all my stand up shows, but loads more from some brilliant comedians.
There are some bargains to be had on the sales page including the deluxe sets of Fist of Fun. If you haven't got that yet then don't delay, as the rights are about to revert to the BBC and we won't be able to sell them once the contract is up.
We're recorded three studios for the series and quite a few filmed sketches (including six whole episodes about me building a toaster sex robot)
Plus there are already three bonus audio episodes that to enjoy on the British Comedy Guide and iTunes, but the video ones will be out in Spring 2017 when we've got all the filming done. 
There are still tickets for all remaining performances so you can see what's going on months before everyone else (and see all the funny bits where it goes wrong) -buy tickets to the live shows here.
The next one is on December 11th at the Leicester Square Theatre.
If you didn't join in with the kickstarter and want to contribute (we are currently heading over budget) PLUS get to see loads of extras, get the video episodes before anyone else and see longer versions of the shows and sketches) then you can pay £15 for a series pass here.
You can see videos of the audio episodes, the opening titles and a travelogue from my time in America at the moment and loads more is going to get added in. All your money will be ploughed back into making more content.
Series 10 of RHLSTP is all recorded now, but there are a lot of episodes still to be broadcast which should keep you going until February 2017 (and then we've got a few bonus interviews for you)
The latest show features Chris Addison and still to come are guests including Dawn French, Sarah Millican and Peter Serafinowicz. I think it might be the best series yet.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
The Best
My next tour which will be a Best Of... called Richard Herring: The Best. Buying tickets now would be the perfect Christmas gift. For me.
We now have the tour pretty much sorted out. You can see all the dates here. Most of them are already on sale, but check with the venues if they're not.
There's one gig before Christmas
8th December Bridgwater
Monthly Badgers
If you want to help us continue to produce our online content then you can buy a one off or a monthly badge. Ideally I'd like to get to a stage where everyone giving us a pound a month pays for the 50+ podcasts I produce each year. So if you feel that my output is worth a tiny contribution (you can give a massive one if you wish) please head to gofasterstripe to check out the new designs (and those platinum badges are going to be quite a rarity so might be worth paying a bit more for).
In other news, in January I am shooting a taster tape for my new sitcom about alternate universes. If it goes well then hopefully it might lead to an actual series.
Hey, have a great Christmas or other religious or non-religious celebrations. Thanks so much for your support over 2016. Apart from all the terrible stuff that's happened it's been a good year.
Richard Herring