• My Radio 4 series all next week: Did The Victorians Ruin The World?
  • Pre-order your Just For Graphs DVD and download now...
  • ...and join us for two recording dates in London
  • You Can't Polish A Nerd first two shows and UK tour this Autumn
Did the Victorians Ruin The World? Listen to Radio 4 and find out
Last year, BBC Radio 4 in their wisdom (or foolhardiness) commissioned me and my sister Dr Kat Arney to create an alternative comedy series about the Victorians. Each episode is just 15 minutes long, and you can hear them all next week in the coveted 1.45pm pre-Archers slot. We tackle a different topic every day, from Squirrels to Toilets, Cars, Beards and Darwinism. Collect them all! 

Monday 3rd to Friday 7th April, 1.45pm - listen live or after broadcast on the BBC iPlayer
Because it's a BBC Radio show, rather than a TV production, you should be able to listen from anywhere in the world using this link. If you're in the UK, the Radio Player app also works. 
Look out for articles about it this weekend in the Telegraph, Express and BBC History Magazine.
So, did the Victorians really ruin the world...? Listen in and let us know what you reckon. We're on @helenarney and @harpistkat on Twitter, or on Facebook here and here. You decide!
Pre-order "Just For Graphs" or join us at the London recordings
The most often-asked question on Twitter since our last big UK tour has been "when are you making another DVD and download of Festival of the Spoken Nerd?" 
The answer is... right now! You can pre-order our latest flame-filled tour show "Just For Graphs" today, and get the special limited edition cover plus free download.  

 - Pre-order "Just For Graphs" via Celery
Tickets are also available for the two recordings at London's gorgeous Albany Theatre in Deptford.
If you just want to buy the download-only version, you'll need to wait another six months for the actual release date. But if you like physical objects, love bargains, and adore pre-ordering things without actually paying for them until the discs are shipped, grab yours now using this link
Back at the South Bank's Underbelly Festival, and on tour soon
The second most often-asked question on Twitter since our last big UK tour has been "when are you doing another big UK tour of Festival of the Spoken Nerd?" 

Well, soon our nerdy ankle-biters will be big enough for us to leave them at home and get back on the bus. We're touring a totally new show from September to December this year!
A very early version of "You Can't Polish A Nerd" (yes, that's the name, get used to it) will be in London soon:
 - Wednesday 24th May - Underbelly Festival
 - Wednesday 31st May - Underbelly Festival
If you prefer your Nerd shows to be cheaper, scrappier, full of great guests and on the last Tuesday of every month in Bethnal Green, then "An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail" is right up your street. Tickets from £6.66 are here.
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