The Mississippi Queen takes over the kiddie pool,
in Mom's backyard, Pearl River County, Mississippi
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Mississippi Queen Foods now has a
YouTube channel
I am currently making videos for each of my products, and uploading them to YouTube, where I have created a channel, which you can access by using this link: 
I have been having my fun with these videos, just filming 'on the fly', and going with whatever the heck comes out of my mouth, so I have had my laughs.  
My intent is to not only load videos about the online groceries, but to also include some videos I have made, Down South, along my travels. 
Sweet 'Tater Pie, anyone?
People are always asking me what other pies I make besides the Southern Pecan Pie, and I realize with so many people asking the same question, it is probably time I add something new. 
I have been thinking about a sweet potatoe pie, keeping with my Southern product line, and maybe introducing it at the onset of fall, just in time for Thanksgiving.
If any of you are particularly interested in this idea, please do let me know.  I love getting feedback on these ideas. 
Overstock Sale Items
OK, let's face it...some items just do not sell as well as others, and sometimes I bring back more of certain products than what I needed, during a particular time. 
I am organizing my inventory, and putting some products 'on sale', but not due to them reaching the expiration date.  I just need to move some of the product, to create new space. 
Since it is the season to barbeque, I thought I would round up some products, which you can take outside with ya', to enjoy the nice, warm, summer weather. 
Andy Roo's makes two great products, specifically for your grilling needs.  One, is the Grilled Fish, and I think the name says it all.  If you can grill it, then this product is for you!  The other, is BBQ Grill, and this one, is an 'all purpose', shake it on everything, type of seasoning, for chicken, pork, steak, seafood, and vegetables. 
Even though Dale's Seasoning, is Steak Seasoning it is not just for steaks.  This marinade has been around for over fifty years, and it's a Southern favorite, and a personal fave of my own.  It is highly concentrated, and great on game, chicken, steak, pork, lamb, beef, seafood, and vegetables.  
Allegro Hickory Smoke Marinade is another all purpose marinade, great to use, when you want to add the flavor of hickory smoke to your food. 
Of course, we can't talk about barbeque, without a selection of BBQ sauces, whether you want Memphis, North Carolina, Texas, New Orleans, or the Louisiana Bayou, we are not called the 'United States of Barbeque' for no good reason.  Each area, has its own distinctive flavor, and style of preparing barbecue, as well as sauce.  Click here, if you would like to see more about BBQ sauces.
You can take advantage of this sale on the entire line of Tony Chachere's products, until the end of July.  All sale prices are reflected in the online General Store, and you can visit the online store, by clicking here
        Tony Chachere's Creole White Gray Mix and Creole Brown Gravy Mix are both easy to use mixes.  You can make 12 cups of gravy with the White Gravy Mix, and 20 cups, with the Brown Gravy Mix.   There's even a great recipe for making a quick Corn & Crab Bisque on back of the White Gravy, and one for coating Beef Tenders, on back of the Brown Gravy Mix. 
 Tony Chachere's Creole Instant Roux Mix is a very quick and easy way to save time when you make your gumbo, and other Creole dishes, gumbos, or even gravies.  This is a 'just add water' mix, and Tony has even provided his 'quick and easy' gumbo recipe on the back of the container. 
   Tony Chachere's Creole Style Butter Injectable Marinade, and Roasted Garlic and Herb Injectable Marinade, are two of the injectable marinades from Tony Chachere's, which have been really popular Down South, since Tony Chachere first came up with the idea, back in the 70's.  Each bottle includes an injector for you to use, and pictures, and directions on 'how to use' are on the back of the bottle.  These marinades are great to use, whether you are roasting, deep frying, grilling, or smoking. 
                        Tony Chachere's offers three great, Southern staple, dinner mixes- Creole Gumbo Dinner Mix; Creole Jambalaya Dinner Mix; and Creole Dirty Rice Dinner Mix.  For the Dirty Rice Mix, you just need to add ground beef, and for the Gumbo and Jambalaya Mix, you add chopped chicken, sausage, or ham, or seafood.  Each takes 25 minutes to cook. 
    Tony Chachere's has you covered for your seasoning needs, whether you want the all-purpose, Original Seasoning; Lite Seasoning (mildest seasoning); the Spice N' Herbs (good for blackening as well); Salt Free; or More Spice (spiciest version).   I have personally used the Original Creole Seasoning for years. 
Thanks for your time, and reading the newsletter for Mississippi Queen Foods.  My love and passion for Southern food and culture, is no secret, and I am always grateful, when I get to share it with you. 
My business is built on word-of-mouth, and I truly do appreciate when you take the time to share information, about my company, with your friends and family.  As the interest in my company, and Southern products grow, I will be able to continually expand my product line of offerings and services. 
If there are specific products, you would be interested in purchasing, please send an email to me, so I can add your request to my folder, for consideration on future orders.  
Wishin' ya' lots of good eatin'!.....
Connie Rouble a.k.a. the Mississippi Queen,
Mississippi Queen Foods