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Chunky Sincer Amethyst Ring
Intimate White & Green Jade Ring
Iris-Blue Rain Flower Viewing Stone Beads
99 Iris-Blue Rain Flower Viewing Stone Rondelles
Deep Blue & Red Picasso Calsilica
Light-Blue Picasso Calsilica Beads
Light Blue Picasso Calsilica Button Beads
Chocolate Antique Amber Beads

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Ruby Zoisite Beads for Love!

Ruby Zoisite is a creative stone, its energy coming from the red and green colors. In the chakra system red relates to creativity and sexuality, and green is associated with healing, balancing, and abundance.

By itself, ruby is associated with passion. It can bring anger to the surface, and will amplify any emotion. Zoisite provides a natural medium for softening ruby's qualities. Its green cools and stabilizes. This is very valuable when passion seems overwhelming, and ruby in zoisite is excellent for healing a broken heart and reducing obsessive feelings about another person.

It can also be very helpful for creative energies. Often our ideas swirl around in our heads, never quite reaching realization. What is needed in such cases is some stabilizing energy, which zoisite provides. Ruby zoisite has become more popular. This may indication that more people are ready to have relationships which heal, not hurt, and to be more expressive of their innate creativity.

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The Power of Purple - Lavender & Purple Beads

Lavender & purple has always been popular. These are pleasing to the eye and blend well with other colours in jewellery. At one time purple was only worn by an elite few, but today its for everyone.

Violet is also a combination of red and blue, but a little more-blue than purple. Some say violet can rebalance your life, remove obstacles, and help with depression.

Purple represents good judgment, rests the spirit and its connection with divinity and healing explain why it is used in meditation creating mystery and magic. It’s also thought to increase imagination and inspiration. Purple symbolizes nobility, ceremony and wisdom.

Purple has always been used by royalty and the Christian Church. In Japan it signifies wealth and influence, and the Imperial Chinese thought there is a secret purple area in heaven, near the North Star. In the USA, the Purple Heart is given to wounded brave soldiers – and in ancient Egypt, purple was the favorite colour of Cleopatra.

In feng shui, purple generates chi and is the colour of very deep water, representing wealth to the Chinese. This energy attracts opportunities of all kinds, including love.

Wearing purple gives a mystical, imaginative effect that can subliminally attract others. It’s a “cool” colour to wear these days, because it says you’re laid-back and not egotistical. It shouts luxury, wealth, and sophistication – as well as being feminine and romantic. If you want to feel special and unique then purple is the colour to wear.

However, too much purple, like blue, could bring moodiness – so don’t overdo it. Because purple is rare in nature and has an aura of mystery, it is favored by artists or anyone wanting to be different. Likewise, those who dislike purple tend to be practical, lack imagination and conform to society. They also tend to live for today, rather than in the past or future.

Many gemstones have purple or lavender colour: