YO (!): http://www.iahf.citymaker.com/page/page/1798503.htm

Please read, please forward widely, please ACT!!

TIME is of the ESSENCE!!!

Also, if you live in the Seattle area, please email me if you can come to a meeting this evening Thursday April 7th in Renton WA at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be about driving a resolution thru the Washington State Legislature against the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas)

I especially need help from anyone in the Seattle area who is familiar with the best health food stores and who can introduce me to the owners, managers and staff. Ditto for Bellingham area which I am closer to, also Vancouver BC Canada......

FTAA threatens to be the primary vehicle the Cartel will try to use to usher in harmonization of US Dietary Supplement Laws to Mindless, Eugenics Agenda so called "standards".

FTAA is intended to become a carbon copy of the EU DICTATORSHIP in our hemisphere, but we aren't gonna let that happen now are we? http://www.louisbeam.com/seattle.htm

No way, Jose.

Please get the condensed and or the full version of my articles at http://www.iahf.citymaker.com/page/page/1798503.htm out to every health food store you can find in the yellow pages of your local phone book.

Tell them they should quit NNFA, and instead assist IAHF in doing this health freedom work.

Only IAHF and allied groups are protecting their interests--- NNFA, AHPA, CRN, and IADSA are leading them to the cliff.

IAHF will be on a 50,000 WATT Radio Station in a few days with this mssg.... please alert more people to sign on to the IAHF list at http://www.iahf.com so they too can tune in, it will be simulcast on the web and also archived and I'll be on for an hour with some hard hitting up to the minute news on whats going down in the global health freedom underground....

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Mixin' Up the Medicine
A Man in a Trenchcoat
Aint Got No Bones
The Pump Don't Work Cause the Vandals Took the Handles.....