Richard Herring Newsletter
December 2017
Abi Titmus, hope your home is festooned with Halle Berrys
Another year is almost done, so it's time for the Christmas tradition of me telling you all the stuff you can buy for your friends, family or, more likely, ask your idiot friends and family who have never heard of me to buy for you.
OH FR*G I'M 50 Tickets
The tour dates are all announced (not impossible that a few more might be added, but unlikely) and all of them (apart from London) are on sale. And London will be available to buy from December 13th. I am only doing one London date, but it's in the Queen Elizabeth Hall which is pretty big. We are also recording the DVD that night.
And if you want to see reviews etc then check out this page.
The (admittedly small) gig in Sutton Coldfield is already sold out and the autumn gigs sold well, so do book ahead if you want to come and see this show.
If you are buying tickets for a present and want a nice extra to give on the day, then I am happy to send you a signed programme for the show in return for a donation to SCOPE via my justgiving page.
After you've donated email me at and tell me who you want it dedicated to and where you'd like me to post it.
Emergency Questions
The Christmas Emergency Questions books are now available for general purchase. There are a few special signed editions with rude postmen in it (though I only did 100 and Chris Evans, not that one, accidentally sent out half of them to people who'd bought regular books - so happy Christmas to them). The book is packed with over 500 emergency questions, half Christmas themed and half not. It's guaranteed to liven up Christmas dinner and will be fun to play with all the family (though read the questions before you say them out loud)
And the original Emergency Questions book is a great present too, for people who know my work or don't. Plus a mildly risky secret santa. You can buy it here.
You can also get signed versions, a limited edition copy with a shrek in it (if Chris Evans - not that one- hasn't accidentally sent them all out) or one with a personalised message or additional one off question.
And remember you can get Emergency Questions as an app on both ios and android. You can download some questions for free. And then pay for additional packs, including both books, 100 questions for kids, and 100 questions for dating. You can hide the adult packs if you want to be sure that questions will be suitable for minors (though they are still a bit rude).
There is also an Alexa skill for people with Amazon Echos etc.
Series 12 is all in the can, but we are releasing them every Wednesday. The last one featured Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd and this week's is a fun chat with historian Greg Jenner.
You can watch it on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
or iTunes
And series 13 begins on February 5th. No guests booked yet, but they're all fun, so it's worth taking a punt.
And if you want to help us make even more podcasts, and get festooned with amazing extras including all the RHLSTP backstage interviews, downloads of all my stand up shows, exclusive video question and answer sessions, entry into a monthly prize draw PLUS if you join in the next 10 days, pdfs of many of my books and entry into a draw to win the Lannister notebook I used for a good few series of RHLSTP, signed by nearly all the guests from that period - go and pay £3 a month (plus taxes) on my DRIP page.
The monthly badger scheme is still running and includes many of the above things (not the stand up downloads or q and a or pdfs or Lannister draw) and you can pay whatever you like per month. Head here.
This is very much an either/or choice with whichever package suits you best.
There will be a massive end of year prize draw with loads of great prizes including the Tiny Rick notebook that I have used for the last couple of series of RHLSTP with a load of extra and exclusive hand-written emergency questions in it.
This amazing Welsh company makes DVD and other comedy content from some of the best and underrated comedians in the world. All my stuff is on there, but it's worth checking out their entire catalogue. The DVDs and downloads are cheap anyway, but you might want to take advantage of their sale (Lord of the Dance Settee and Happy Now? are now just a tenner each).
And Adam Buxton has just released a DVD too. Just in time for Christmas. Cynical bastard.
If you want a really special Christmas gift, then I am planning on putting some cool stuff up on ebay to raise more podcast funds, including Aberham Lincoln's hat, the only properly made kni-fork-oon and Gemma the toaster robot's head from AIOTM. Plus some special edition EQ books and the proof sheets from the Christmas Emergency Questions.
Hopefully these items will be up in the next few days and should be sent out in time for Christmas.
If you want to move over to this renewable energy company, who don't tie you into a contract and are probably cheaper than your current provider, plus get a £50 credit for both you and me. Then sign up using this link. It turns out to be a good way to pay back for the podcasts, without personally having to pay and almost certainly saving money. Plus there's no contract so you can leave any time and they will buy you out of your current contract. And they use renewable energy. It's a win for us all.
Having two kids is killing me, but they're a whole lot of fun. And they saved my life by turning up, so it's fair enough that they will be the death of me too.
Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for your continued support over the last year.
Hope we can all keep laughing during 2018, though it's not looking too likely. Let's get drunk and hope for the best.