The Obamination- Hitler the Second............America Sinking...................................Sulfur- a Gift From God To Help Us Stay Grounded
..............................................................................................................................And to Protect Us From Death From the Air...........
IAHF List: I've got this pastor at the Lutheran church here who acts more like an agent of satan than she does as a Christian- see my email to her, below...
She is very much a part of the "New Age" movement, she's a mindless collectivist who opposes unalienable, God given individual rights---- no doubt including the right to bear arms. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she wove a pro Obamination gun control sermon into the mix this Sunday in the aftermath of this Connecticut school shooting, but if she does, I will counteract such dribble by offering up my own public prayer in which I'll call attention to this excellent editorial by Stuart Rhodes of Oathkeepers.

Anyone who thinks that this shooting, the Clackamas Town Center shooting, Aurora movie theater shooting, Milwaukee Sikh Temple shooting ETC ETC are just random acts of violence has their head in the sand. These are calculated red flag operations carried out by our very own "government". There will be more. Just like 9\11 the government has its plans to take away our freedoms and control and manipulate us. 9\11 was the beginning...create an event the world will see and be horrified at and Americans will gladly give up their privacy and freedoms so they can be kept "safe" from "terrorists."
I totally agree with Rhodes view that the Fedstapo was complicit in those murders at Sandy Hook School and at the Mall in Oregon, and in the movie theater by making those "gun free zones". If even one of those teachers had been armed, many lives could have been saved.   
Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership's well documented article "Death by Gun Control" provides plenty of food for thought that is badly needed in the aftermath of this tragedy. 
IMHO- many of these school shootings are being instigated by people under government mind control who are being unleashed at strategic moments (such as right before Christmas) to manufacture consent for the political destruction of our second amendment rights as pro Obamination pundits such as Piers Morgan spin this story for all its worth, even as DHS has been arming itself with millions of rounds of .40 caliber hollowpoint ammo thats not even legal under the Geneva Convention because it enters your body making a normal sized bullet hole, but exits making a hole the size of a dinner plate after ripping out your lungs and all your internal organs. 
Not only are they stockpiling .40 caliber hollowpoint ammo, they're also stockpiling millions of rounds of .223, the same round NATO Troops fire. Tell me they're not anticipating martial law as the Obamination continues to deliberately collapse the dollar? Against this backdrop, the spray planes keep bombing us with an ever increasing biological assault from the air as this battle between good and evil intensifies, but we are not powerless to fight back!
I hope some of you will consider joining me by pressuring people in leadership positions in your community to address the chemtrails issue, and that includes pastors of churches.
I've been risking public ridicule by going before the congregation at Trinity Lutheran here in Point Roberts where for months now I've been speaking out. Only a tiny handful are listening, so far, but I predict this will change when I get the test results back from rainwater I'm having tested at Avocet testing labs in Bellingham. How will anyone be able to legitimately keep laughing at me once I have those in hand?
All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing, and that includes pastors of churches, especially pastors who are pro UN, collectivist, pro Obama, pro gun control- at the very least, we must expose these genocidal agents of Satan by showing people their true colors because when they remain mute on the subject of chemtrails, they're complicit in the genocide, and they have blood on their hands.
I have not had a response to this email I sent to my pastor, and doubt I will have one. If I don't have a response by this evening, I am going to call her at home to ask her why the silence?
I would appreciate it greatly if some of you would take this info, and use it in your own campaigns to raise local awareness, because we don't HAVE to be lambs led to the slaughter! We are NOT POWERLESS to fight back! Here is what I sent to my pastor:
Subject Line: "Gina- Please Help Me!"

For several months now I have been doing my best to directly combat one of the biggest evils that has ever been perpetrated in the world: geoengineering, aka "chemtrails."

I've been standing up before the Congregation at Trinity Church providing information. I've been sending information out to those people who have email addresses, including you.

Since I have been offering informtion on countermeasures, no one can accuse me of engaging strictly in "gloom and doom" and no one who honestly looks at the information can say it isn't true. I have a double opt in email distribution list of thousands of people all over the world who have signed on at to receive the information that you can see in these archives.

I am in jeopardy of losing my house to the county due to unpaid property taxes, and I'm being forced to pay out of pocket for inguinal/scrotal hernia surgery that I'm having on Friday the 23rd in Naples Florida. This is going to take almost my last cent. I'm having it done in Florida because I don't want to have a mesh repair due to nightmare stories I've read from people who suffer chronic pain due to having this sort of hernia repair. I've found a surgeon who does a safer kind of surgery that involves incorporating your own muscle tissue into the repair, and he uses dissolvable sutures, not stainless steel staples like the surgeon in Bellingham would.

The impression I have is that 98 percent of the congregation at Trinity Church are in denial about chemtrails, and don't even want to look at it. Its apparently a very "inconvenient truth", and trying to alert people has been one of the most thankless things I've ever tried to do. The psychological strain I feel from this has been huge. People are literally like lambs being led to the slaughter, not even lifting a finger to try to defend their health, much less alert their families, friends and neighbors as I had sincerely hoped might happen. Its very discouraging, very demoralizing.

One sunday not long ago, as I was leaving church, I offered you a plastic water testing bottle that I got from Avocet Water Testing Labs in Bellingham. You weren't interested.

The Congregation of Trinity Church deserves much better leadership than this. I realize its never easy to take on something like this, and it would help me to know your thoughts on the things I'm saying. Do you think I'm incorrect about this? Have you bothered to even examine the information I've been striving to provide? Craig Jacks has, he knows its true. So does Nancy King. Bev Marr was open minded enough to ask for a water testing bottle, so I know she's not dismissing what I've been trying to say, she's actively examining my information which is what I wish more people at Trinity Church would do for the simple reason that there is safety in numbers. We are all undergoing a massive biological attack. It is killing people. It is radically increasing the number of people with Alzheimers disease, cancer, asthma, allergies, mental illness, every illness you can think of. This is easily one of the most heinous evils ever perpetrated in the history of civilization, and it could kill off all life on earth- yet you remain mute.

Why is that? What are your exact thoughts? It really would help me to know your thoughts on the following:

1) The documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"

2) This video footage shot by the pilot of a Fedex aircraft of two Air Force KC 135 Tanker Planes that he almost had a midair collision with. These spray planes have not been filing flight plans with the FAA Air Traffic Controllers so they're a hazard to navigation in the air which could kill people just as easily as the toxic soup of heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and other crap that they're spaying on us. See the complete list in the left margin at   In this video footage shot by the Fedex pilot you can see the chemtrails change color to red. Many people think they could be spraying dessicated red blood cells since they have been found in rainwater samples analyzed in a lab following chemtrail spraying.

3) This article.

4) This website that was built by my friend Dane Wigington Dane owns a state of the air, off grid solar powered house in Lake Shasta CA. He became aware that 25% less sunlight was reaching his solar array due to geoengineering. At first he didn't believe it. It took him two years of in depth investigation, but over time, he could no longer deny what he was finding due to mountains of data including patents pertaining to weather modification such as these.

The only reason Dane hasn't been assassinated for courageously bringing this information forward is that he deliberately keeps as high a profile as he can. He does radio shows all the time. He has a wife and children, and he is very courageously sticking his neck out for all of us.

Please help me help him.

Please help me reach out to the congregation of Trinity Church to awaken them to the reality of this life threatening situation. We are not defenseless. We can protect ourselves from the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via  a variety of detox strategies including the ingestion of organic sulfur  and others.

All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Please communicate with me. I really could use some support. I am leaving on tuesday to drive to Seattle to fly to Ft.Myers FL, and return from surgery on December 28th. Will you please help me awaken this sleeping congregation? I feel like I've been left in the lurch by most people in there. Only a tiny handful seem to hear what I'm trying so patiently to say, but so far, none of them have lifted a finger to back me up.

I think I know how the Lord must have felt when he was up there on the Cross after his own disciples turned their backs on him. I've been sticking my neck out, risking public ridicule, in an honest effort to defend the lives and health of every member of that congregation.  My conscience won't let me remain mute on this, not when I know how much people's health is at risk, and not when I know there are things people can to do protect themselves and to fight back.

I am striving to organize chemtrail awareness days in Bellingham and in Vancouver, and I really could use a hand, but it feels like I'm pissing into the wind because no one seems to give a damn. Don't you think I deserve some help?

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when seconds seem like minutes, minutes seem like hours, and hours seem like DAYS?

Every time I go before that Congregation and no one stands by me a part of me dies. The pain I have been feeling from this has been excruciating. Please take the time to honestly review the information I've sent and please communicate with me, with Craig, with Carol, With Nacy King, and with Bev Marr. So far, they're the only ones even half way hearing me. Craig is going through his own private hell right now and I've been doing my best to give him moral support while also taking this on.

I'm really feeling the pain extra badly right now because I'm about to shell out my last cent on surgery next week. If I don't get this surgery, the hernia could become stangulated, a loop of intestine could get trapped if the rupture heals and it could turn necrotic which could kill me- so my back is up against the wall. Please pray for me, but please also help me by taking some of this burden off me so I can go for this surgery with some of this burden removed from my back. Please say something about this to the congregation. We are all at risk. The only thing I want for Christmas is for people to help me get the word out on this so people can protect themselves.

John Hammell 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America
Friends- I am sold out of sulfur right now, but will have more soon, so please keep spreading the word! A while ago I could sense that I would sell out so I ordered another 55 lb (25 kilo) drum, but judging from the UPS tracking it won't arrive til after I've had to leave on tuesday to get to Seattle to fly to Florida for my hernia operation, and to meet with Bill Faloon about the important health freedom article I'm writing for Life Extension Magazine about the need for cross border support for this Canadian lawsuit.
One of you ordered 10 lbs the other day and I was only able to ship half of it, the rest I'll have to ship after returning on the 28th of December. I've been running on faith the past several years, and I urge all of you to do the same, especially as these dark days of winter unfold, remember- we are never alone!
I want to thank all of you who have shown such marvelous support for me and for IAHF. You have made it possible for me to afford this surgery that I will have on Thursday. You could be literally saving my life because if the hernia had become strangulated, it could become necrotic and a medical emergency.
I am determined to show this surgeon the healing power of sulfur by using no painkilling drugs in the aftermath of surgery. All pain = some cells cry for oxygen. In addition to drinking sulfur water for natural pain management, I'll also take baths in 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide, I'll use high potency Vitamin C, and I'll use the amino acids tyrosine and DL-phenylalanine which can also be used for treatment of pain.
Although I've dodged a bullet by getting the funds needed to pay for this surgery, I've still got to pay off 3 years worth of back property taxes so the County doesn't seize my house. The best Christmas present you guys could all give me would be if you kept on spreading the word about chemtrails, and the fact that we're not powerless to defend ourselves!
When you travel to visit relatives this Holiday Season, please alert them by showing them "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" also show them what I sent pastor Gina, above. Please alert more people to the need to buy sulfur so they can protect themselves from chemtrails, while also being very calm and grounded as well as energized despite all the stress the NWO keeps putting on us as they attempt to force us all into a global totalitarian state. That way, the largest possible number of people will be able to fight back against the NWO, and theres safety in numbers, so please tell them about this wonderful mineral!
Lastly, there is real power in prayer! If you are alone, and have no one to pray for you, please use this prayer website to post your prayers! I use it myself, it works!!  We have an all seeing Creator who loves us and who is always there for us, even when things often seem hopeless, where there is a will, there is always a way! Singing in two church choirs has helped me deepen my faith more in the past year than I ever have. Theres no substitute for really good friends who always have your back!  Be strong, and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year despite the scum who are tryin' to grind us all down to nothin'! "Illigitimi Non Carbarundum" Don't let the bastards grind ya down!