Useful Illustrations by Artist David Dees Help Focus Attention on the Trans- Humanist Agenda Turn Us Into Non Reproducing Cyborgs....We Are Not Powerless to Protect Ourselves From Toxic Chemtrails... We Are Not Powerless to Fight the N.W.O. !!
IAHF List: My 57th birthday was on the 17th, but we celebrated it yesterday at Lighthouse Park here in Point Roberts where we had a cookout until sunset. Just at sunset, we witnessed a huge number of planes spraying chemtrails that quickly expanded to fill the entire sky.
While we were there, we saw Andrew Forster and his son flying their drone which has a camera on the bottom of it. Andrew works for the film industry in Vancouver, but hangs out here at his beach place. He offered to help me and my friend Lake to create a You Tube Channel for Sulfur for Health as a way of getting our urgent message out to the masses, so this project will be underway this summer, and I'm excited about having the assistance of Andrew, and also Lake, a film student, to make this happen since I have no technical expertise in this area!
As I type this, I am still doing the 30 day herbal detox that I started a couple weeks ago, and which I've been discussing in recent e-alerts, including this last one in which I offered to send a FREE NEBULIZER to anyone buying bulk purchases of the world's best organic sulfur!
I really appreciate the satirical art of artist David Dees (shown above) because he is helping to focus attention on the fact that an effort is underway to cull the human herd. I'm happy to report that we're winning a growing number of VICTORIES against UN Agenda 21 as the word gets out to what is going on!
The good news is that we're not powerless to defend ourselves, we can fight back by detoxing our organs of elimination: our bowel, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and blood as I am doing right now via herbalist Richard Schulze's "Incurables" program, and via my sulfur!
The American Cancer Association is projecting that by 2030, at current trends, one out of every two people will DIE from cancer...
Don't become a statistic!!
Stock up on Sulfur now while you still can! Get a FREE Nebulizer and start inhaling organic sulfur vapor deep into your lungs to protect yourself from all the aluminum oxide, barium, strontium, arsenic, and other toxic crap being sprayed on us! Please see this alert that I sent out on Friday!!!
See the story on the AIRCRAP WEBSITE here.....
I tried to post the following comment, but it must be "approved" by the moderator, so it hasn't been posted thus far, and they might not post it due to its length, so I am providing it to you here- please forward it to anyone you might know in Mojave County AZ, especially, or to anyone else you think might be interested!!!
As more and more of these hearings are forced by an outraged citizenry, it is harder and harder to cover this scam up- please see my comments below:
John Hammell
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NASA’s Chief Scientist, Dennis M. Bushnell, has openly announced the N.W.O.s intentions to cull the human herd, to force us into a transhumanist world, to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs, total slaves. You can’t make this up!
This slideshow was created in July 2001 by NASA’s chief scientist, Dennis M. Bushnell in a presentation titled “Future Strategic Issues/ Future Warfare
[ Circa 2025 ]
Especially take a very close look at slide # 43 which reads as follows:
A mechanical analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized “dust” which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various “Pathological Missions.”A wholly “New” class of Weaponry which is legal.
On slide 9 they’ve announced that humans have “gotten in the way” of evolution, which they clearly feel must give way to cyborgs and robots, artificial intelligence.
On slide 13 they show what they consider to be the “ages of man” and the direction they’re trying to “tweak” things via their clear efforts to exterminate us.
On slide 45 they announce their intention to use beam weapons (scalar waves such as HAARP) against us. (We are now officially “the enemy” of these evil ruling elite Plutocrats who are very openly seeking to exterminate us via chemtrails, and beam weapons, all of which are discussed in this slide show.) They announce their intentions of using specific electromagnetic pulsed frequencies to control our minds and bodies to jam our immune systems to weaken, kill and enslave us. “Smart Meters” are clearly part of this extermination campaign.
On Slide 66 they chillingly announce the “Increasingly critical human limitations and downsides” clearly showing that we must “give way” to the intelligent robots which will develop the ability to reproduce themselves.
On slide 99 they presage 911 by chillingly announcing that we would observe “the capture, torture, and killing of Americans in living color on prime time TV….”
The Geoengineers claim in their conferences that they’re “protecting us from global warming”. They claim that the aluminum oxide particles are “reflecting the sun’s rays back into space” but that is a bald faced lie! While some of the sun’s rays may be reflected back into space, the TRUTH is that they’re not just spraying aluminum oxide, they’re spraying a lot of OTHER toxic heavy metals too including barium, strontium, cobalt, arsenic, and they’re also spraying ethylene dibromide, nanofibers, mycoplasma, and a host of other crap intended to cull the human herd- intended to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs.
The heavy metals that they’re spraying are actually CAUSING the very global warming they PURPORT to be “trying to stop.”
So they’re LYING about their REASONS for the spraying! The real reasons are brought out very thoroughly in Michael Murphy’s documentary film “Why in the World Are They Spraying?”
Monsanto has a patent on a genetically engineered seed that will germinate despite the changes in Ph caused by all the aluminum oxide being sprayed, so they are involved with the spraying because they benefit from it.
Here is the patent:
Mark Shaffer of the AZ Department of Environmental Quality is a typical government “head in the sander” on the chemtrail issue, he will never acknowledge the truth regardless of how much evidence is supplied.
I predict that ADEQ will try to bullshit the people of Mojave County a mile a minute, and that State Senator Kelli Ward will attempt to assist them in the coverup. If she does, she should be driven from office.
The issue of UN Agenda 21 should be brought up by the Citizens of Mojave County at this public meeting since there is now bipartisan opposition to it in the USA. Agenda 21 is the 40 Chapter Blueprint for Population Control that came out of the Earth Summit in Rio in ’92. It is what is really driving these chemtrails. This is a naked effort to cull the human herd, to weaken and kill us, and this is not “conspiracy theory”. This has been very solidly documented by the following organizations:
1. American Policy Center…. Tom DeWeese in Virginia was the first to blow the whistle on this UN driven Scam… see
2. Freedom Advocates: Michael Shaw has also been doing a great job as a whistleblower…
3. Democrats Against UN Agenda 21- Rosa Koire- Rosa is the Author of “Behind the Green Mask: Agenda 21″ I attended a lecture that she gave about UN Agenda 21 at the University of Western Washington a couple years ago, it was very educational and can be watched here:
I wrote this article which connects the dots on all of these issues:
The current drought in California is being intentionally caused by chemtrails for the purpose of driving up food prices. This man made drought is a deliberate attack on the San Joaquin Valley, the largest vegetable growing area in the USA. There is an abundance of evidence to indicate that this drought is man made- The Endangered Species Act is being used deliberately for its creation, but so are chemtrails that are being sprayed offshore see:
See this satellite data which proves that chemtrails is not designed to stop global warming, the purpose is to stop rain…. this shows that chemtrails were used to cause the California drought
We must open up our organs of elimination so that we can purge the toxins being sprayed on us from our bodies. As I write this, I am simultaneously doing a liver/gallbladder cleanse as part of a 30 day program of detoxification designed by Herbalist Richard Schulze called the “Incurables” program.
You can get info on this program at
I am also ingesting sulfur water twice a day, plus I’m nebulizing sulfur, magnesium chloride, and iodine. Sulfur contains 16 electrons in it’s outer shell, there are very few things it won’t combine with making it ideal for detoxification purposes.
It is a mineral that can’t be stored in the body, so it MUST exit. It will pull all the toxic heavy metals that are being sprayed on us via chemtrails out of our bodies as long as the person ingesting it also drinks a sufficient amount of water to flush the toxins being released from the liver, kidneys and cells from the body. I recommend people drink half their body weight in ounces of water every day. That is far more water than most people are accustomed to drinking, but if you don’t drink enough you could get a Herxheimer’s or Healing reaction (migraine headaches and flu like symptoms). It is very easy to avoid having a Herxheimer’s reaction….. just drink enough water to dilute and flush off the toxins…..
See and please spread this life saving information to people all over Mojave County and the State of Arizona. Encourage them to examine all of this before the hearing, and to bring it to the hearing!
Questions? 1-800-333-2553 H&W John Hammell, President, International Advocates for Health Freedom Consultant to the Life Extension Foundation Member- Hall of Honor- Freedom Force International Chapter leader- The Weston A. Price Foundation Member- The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
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