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Cara Goldstein - New Classes Start Saturday, June 4
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Cara Goldstein Cartooning, Portraiture & Pen and Ink
with Local Artist CARA GOLDSTEIN

Award-winning artist Cara Goldstein is offering an ongoing series of art classes here on Saturdays. Come learn — or improve your skills at — cartooning, portraiture and pen and ink. All skill levels are welcome!

Goldstein has been trained by Disney cartoonist Al Baruch, who created Captain Hook. In the cartooning class, participants will create their own characters with expression and movement. They will learn how to ink, color, and storyboard. For advanced students, handouts and demonstrations will be given on using perspective to create backgrounds. Materials included are: sharpie, colored pencils, and paper.

For those who have always wanted to draw a portrait that looks exactly like their subject, check out the portraiture class. Goldstein will teach the measurements of the face, how to shade, and create likeness. Bring a self portrait, portrait of a friend, or a celebrity. Participants will also draw each other. Materials included are: charcoal, textured paper, and pastel.

In the pen and ink class, participants will learn how to use various art techniques - such as crosshatching, washes, dry brush, and stippling - to draw landscapes, portraits, architecture, and more. In the Adult class, the instructor will cover one and two point perspective, and each student will receive individualized instruction according to their personal goals and interests. Materials, handouts and demonstrations are included.

To register, please stop by the store or call us at (415) 564-8080.

Cara Goldstein's owl CARTOONING (June 4-Aug. 20; no class June 18)
   Kids (8-12) 11 am - noon
   Teens (13-17) 5-6 pm
   Adults (18+) 7-9 pm

PORTRAITURE (June 4-Aug. 20; no class June 18)
   Kids (8-12) 1-2 pm
   Teens (13-17) 5-6 pm
   Adults (18+) 7-9 pm

PEN AND INK (June 4-Aug. 20; no class June 18)
   Kids (8-12) 3-4 pm
   Teens (13-17) 5-6 pm
   Adults (18+) 7-9 pm

Participants can pay for two sessions or four, and can start anytime:

Monthly Pass (4 classes)
$125 Kids & Teens / $265 Adults

Workshop (2 classes)
$75 Kids & Teens / $145 Adults

For more information about Cara Goldstein and her classes, please visit her website at:

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