How to Enhance Mood, Immunity& More//Epidemic of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria....Chemtrails Spewing Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Through Digestion, How to Counteract Chemtrails to Protect Your Life and the Lives of Your Family...................................
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First the bad news..... then the good news.....
The bad news is that we're undergoing a massive level of biological assault from chemtrails which includes antibiotic resistant bacteria. (1) In at least 37 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, doctors have identified bacteria, including E. coli, that produce Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase, or KPC--an enzyme that makes bacteria resistant to most known treatments. Hospital rooms are crawling with antibiotic resistant superbugs, and the mortality rate has been as high as 50%.  
This is a damn good incentive to stay out of the hospital via any and all means available to you! In this alert, I will tell you about several new ways to beat this planned genocide. The US military has conducted "Open Air" biowarfare testing involving dangerous pathogens and carcinogens and resulting in illness and fatalities over hundreds of American cities without the informed consent of residents since 1949. Military participants were told the simulants were “harmless” and their efforts were essential to national security. Spray plane crews are undoubtedly being told the same thing today. They are also being ordered to keep silent - or suffer consequences that could ruin their careers, catapult them into a military prison, or even involve their families. .(2)
PROTECTIVE MEASURES: I am doing all of these things myself, and encourage you to join me.  
These superbugs are resistant to nearly every weapon (mainstream) doctors can throw at them, including carbapenems, a class of antibiotic that the CDC calls the "last line of defense" against infections that are resistant to other types of antibiotics. There are a couple antibiotics that have been shown to kill these superbugs, but often at great risk to patients. In fact, the FDA has associated the use of these effective antibiotics with an "increased risk of death" in patients with pneumonia.(3)
Last April, samples from chemtrails were analyzed by a facility in Victoria, British Columbia, which is licensed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and found to contain in addition to JP-8 jet fuel (possibly the carrier medium which contains the additive ethylene dibromide, banned as a pesticide due to causing severe respiratory reactions even at low levels) numerous pathogens, disease causing agents.
These included Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which not only causes respiratory infection but also attacks the immunization system; Serratia Marcescens, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria which causes pneumonia, endocarditis and meningitis; as well as Streptomyces and molds capable of inducing heart disease, upper respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments. (4)(5)
The good news is that there is a lot we can do to boost our natural immunity, while at the same time enhancing our mood and our energy level DESPITE the biological assault we're all undergoing as massive levels of toxic heavy metals, mycoplasma, and antibiotic resistant bacteria are being sprayed on us via aircraft by a world ruling elite who have openly vowed to kill 9 out of 10 of us to reduce world population down to 500 Million.

70 to 80% of Your Immune System is In Your Gut! (6)
Your body is a delicate combination of systems that work together harmoniously to safeguard your health. When one system is out of balance, it can trigger a cascade of health complications that compromise your health. Your digestive tract is a particularly critical part of your overall well being- and you must pay attention to it if you wish to overcome the ruling elite's efforts to shuffle you off to the great beyond.
Your gastrointestinal system is the most abundant source of regulatory neurotransmitters and neuro-peptides outside the brain.More serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter, is produced in the gut than in the brain- so you should think of your gut as your "second brain"!  This strong, yet delicate ecosystem controls the presence of harmful invaders and determines your overall health. Proper nutrient absorption is dependent on a healthy digestive tract, and optimal gut flora has a lot to do with this.
When the opportunistic yeast candida albicans takes over your gut spurred by eating too much sugar and too many fast acting carbs, it spews out lactic acid and other toxins that create a toxic condition in your gut that can cause cancer and kill you. Sulfur helps oxygenate your gut promoting good gut flora which creates an internal condition that makes it hard for this bad bacteria to take over. It also increases the permeability of cell membranes assisting in the removal of toxins from the gut. Limit caffein and alcohol which damage friendly bacteria.
You won't need to use caffeinated beverages to get energy if you mix sulfur with hot water and drink it because the oxygenation gives you so much energy! You won't need to drink alcohol to reduce stress if you use sulfur because it will increase your serotonin helping you feel better naturally and to beat stress!  The amino acid l-glutamine also promotes healthy gut flora, but don't take it if you have cancer as it can be food for tumors.(7)
Antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria in the gut, increasing the proportion of bad bacteria including candida.
Digestive Herbs and Nutrients that also benefit Mood, Immunity, Hormones & Energy
One interesting link is the fact that many digestive-supporting herbs and supplements also work to improve brain and neurological function, hormone balance, immune health and more. Supplements are especially important for digestive health, as they can offer significant and relatively fast-acting support for components of your digestion that are not functioning optimally. The following is a list of key nutrients that support not only digestive but other connected areas of health:
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics: These are two of the most important supplements you can take to help restore healthy digestion. Probiotics provide live strains of friendly bacteria that are crucial for digestive, immune and neurological health, and prebiotics ensure that your friendly flora are provided with a nourishing environment in which they can thrive. I like Garden of Life's Primal Defense.
  • Zinc: An important nutrient for digestive health, which also plays critical roles in hormone regulation, immune health and neurological function.
  • Chinese Cardamom: Offers numerous benefits for digestion, increases antioxidant levels and boosts immunity. Also helps to combat unhealthy cellular growth and balance hormones with the compound Indole-3 Carbinole.
  • Cinnamon: Soothes digestive discomfort, improves digestive capacity, boosts immunity, and balances blood sugar.
  • Ginger Root: Improves digestion, reduces inflammation and purifies GI tract, increases antioxidant levels and boosts immunity.
  • Fish Oils: Reduces inflammation and help heal GI tract lining, improve nutrient absorption, balance hormones, improve neurological function and boost immunity.
  • Proteolytic Enzymes: Increase digestive capacity and nutrient absorption, boost immunity and increase vital energy.
  • Liposomal Vitamin C- Learn to make it here: Strengthens collagen, the cement like protein that binds all the cells together allowing for improved oxygen transport to the cells and improved waste transport from the cells. I make my own lipodermal vitamin C which puts it directly into my cells, bypassing the digestive tract. I do this by making a solution of lecithin and distilled ater, and vitamin C powder and distilled water, and put them both into an Ultrasonic jewlery cleaner which agitates the mixture causing the vitamin C to become coated with an oily shell of lecithin that allows it to pass through the digestive tract undisturbed and go directly into the cells. This potentizes vitamin C by 5-6 times making it just as powerful as intravenous vitamin C. You can learn to do this via this website.
  • Silver 100: This silver has a patented delivery system, it's complexed with citrate ions for improved bioavailability and will even kill antibiotic resistant staph infections. This is the only silver I use or recommend.
  • Spirulina- very good for detoxing heavy metals.
  • Coconut Water-contains inulin, which is good food for probiotics, Raw coconut sugar also contains inulin and is low on the glycemic index so it won't feed candida.
  • Garlic
  • Other good detoxifying supplements can be found here.
Additional Tips for Improving Digestive Health and Well Being
There are many factors that influence the health of our digestive system. Some of the most common causes of digestive discomfort include poor diet, late meals, rushed eating, food allergies and most of all, stress. Simply taking the time to slow down and eat healthy foods in a mindful way can greatly improve digestive health and relieve tension. The following practical tips can help you improve overall digestion for optimal health:
  • Include an abundance of fiber in your diet from fresh fruits, vegetables and whole, unprocessed grains
  • Avoid processed foods, commercial meats and trans-fats (unhealthy fats)
  • Test for food allergies and sensitivities with your doctor
  • Refrain from eating two to three hours before bedtime
  • Drink plenty of filtered water and herbal teas for proper hydration
  • Find healthy ways to relieve stress such as meditation, exercise and laughter
  • Practice yoga for improving digestive function and reducing stress
  • Limit your use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol, which damage friendly bacteria
The Gluten-Free Movement
If you have ongoing digestive or immune issues, it is possible that you may have an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity, which is common for many people. I definitly had this problem and completely stopped eating all wheat products. Gluten-dense foods can interfere with digestive capacity and have also been found to contribute to the onset of inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disorders, neurological and behavioral illness, skin diseases, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and a host of other degenerative conditions. A growing number of people who present such symptoms have tested negative for gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, an autoimmune condition where any intake of gluten damages the lining of the small intestine. However, after following a strict gluten-free diet for even as little as a week or two, their symptoms clear up dramatically.
Time Tested Wisdom Validated by Science
These intriguing connections confirm what traditional healing systems have proposed for thousands of years – that individual digestive ecosystems play a large role in how we look, feel, think and act. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that there are direct relationships between different systems of the body. Western medicine is uncovering many of these same relationships, such as the complex gut/brain connection, from a scientific standpoint. These striking parallels between modern science and ancient healing wisdom will continue to unfold as our research-based understandings of human physiology continue to shed new light onto time-tested philosophies of health and healing.
Broad spectrum health benefits are common to many natural therapies. In the case of digestive health, however, the seemingly diverse effects offered by many digestive remedies give us a more in-depth perspective on the direct connections between gut health, immune health, brain function and overall well being. For optimal health and wellness, listen to your gut, and take sulfur to oxygenate optimally and to eliminate toxins! 
Please forward this alert widely to family and friends, most don't realize the danger they're in! By purchasing sulfur, you can help IAHF make an updated version of the health freedom film "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom". An updated film is needed to get congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico- a sleeper issue that no one but IAHF is paying any attention to.
This is how FDA intends to usher Codex vitamin restrictions into North America, I forced them to give me their internal documents via the Freedom of Information Act. FDA was very nervous about my probe when I had a high level conference call with their officials. I had to threaten to sue them to get them to send me the documents they sent, and when they sent them they "disappeared" the section of their website that used to address this issue. It used to be here on their website   
FDA removed it in an effort to cover their genocidal tracks. They can run, but they can't hide from IAHF! With your help, we will expose them and get the congressional oversight hearing that we're currently being blocked from getting due to corrupt members of the oversight & investigations subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee being awash in pharmaceutical PAC donations. In addition to buying sulfur, you can also make donations to IAHF via this link.
How many of your friends and family members even realize this is happening???  
  Please alert them to sign onto the IAHF email distribution list for regular updates---- there is safety in numbers!

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