Winter greetings!  It was great to reconnect with many DAN members at the 2015 DAN Conference in Brisbane for REcreate! Teaching RE through Art.  Thank you to all who shared and contributed to the dialogue.  
Delegates were joined by an audience of 830 people to hear Michael Leunig talk on Spirituality, Art & Innocence, the text from which was printed in the May 2015 Issue of Dialogue Australasia journal.  You can also read the article here.
Included in this newsletter:

* New resources:
  1. A Guide for Teaching about Aboriginal Religion through Art by Jack Egan
  2. Using the Short Film The Art of Farewell in the RE Classroom by Carol Hebron
  3. The Art of Biblical Reading:  A Narrative Approach, University of Exeter
  4. Ethical Theories - Three new films from EthicsOnline
*  New books:
  1. The Only Way is Ethics by Robert Kirkwood 
  2. Beyond Literal Belief by David Tacey (who will give a public talk in Perth on 13/8/15)
* Advance notice of Professional Development seminars with Rob Kirkwood in March 2016

* Support in regenerating, designing and developing your RaVE curriculum is at hand with Educational Consultancy from Jeff Knowles.

Go well into these last weeks of term, Belinda Hill, DAN EO
33rd Issue (May 2015) Dialogue Australasia Journal 

All current 2015 DAN Members and Journal Subscribers should have received the 33rd Issue of Dialogue Australasia journal. If you have not, please do contact the DAN EO.

  • Spirituality, Art & Innocence, Michael Leunig – Melbourne
  • Religion as Metaphor, David Tacey – Melbourne
  • Teaching the Way of Haiku, Gary Gach – San Francisco
  • Yes, but what is your Pedagogy?’ - What can Artists Teach us about Pedagogy in RE, Peter Mudge, Broken Bay
  • K(no)w Spirit, K(no)w God – RE & the Art of the Spiritual Journey to God-Realisation, Nicholas Coleman – Melbourne
  • Memory, Learning and Story, Nicky Hansell – Yorkshire
  • *Burrawja –Teaching about Aboriginal Religion, Jack Egan – Katherine 
  • Enhancing Bible Literacy & Learning Using Artful Thinking Protocols, Malcolm Woolrich – Mlb 
  • *Film in the Classroom: A Powerful & Valuable Teaching Medium, Carol Hebron – Brisbane
  • Teaching Ethics through Movies, Peter & Charlotte Vardy – Yorkshire
  • Using Minecraft in RE, David Shapland – Mudgeeraba
*  Read more about additional resources accompanying these articles below.

View details of previous issues of Dialogue Australasia Journal and order back issues.

New passwords to access online resources on the DAN website were advised in the letter accompanying the 33rd Journal. If you have any difficulties accessing resources, please contact the DAN EO.  Remember there is no member section as such, however you will be promoted for password details when you attempt to download certain resources.

Guide to Teaching about Aboriginal Religion through Art
by Jack Egan, St Joseph's College, Katherine, NT
Drawing on his years of experience with Aboriginal people, art, culture and education, most recently through living in Katherine, NT, Jack has developed a structured aide to Teaching about Aboriginal Art through Religion, and made it openly accessible.  It will also help you address the cross-curriculum priority of the Australian Curriculm to teach about Indigenous history, culture and stories.  Key ideas are explained and illustrated in art through hyperlinks to publicly available and authorative webpages. 
The Art of Farewell - Short Film Resource Package
by Carol Hebron, Adjunct Lecturer, Charles Sturt University

Carol is a co-ordinator for CSU's Religion and Values Education subjects including Media, Popular Culture, and the Arts.  Her article in the 33rd Issue of Dialogue Australasia explores the possibiltiies for using the provocative Australian short film by David Napier, The Art of Farewell, 2011 in the classroom.
Additional Using Film in the Classroom resources by Carol are accessible here, and include the Elements of Film Analysis, Questions to consider when watching the film, and the Script of The Art of Farewell.  

The Art of Bible Reading: A Narrative Approach
Rob Freathy, Esther Reed, Anna Davis, Brian Turner
The University of Exeter

The status, age and multi-layered nature of the Bible have always made it challenging to teach in an open, exploratory way in the classroom....none moreso than now.  At the recent 2015 DAN Conference in Brisbane, we viewed a specially commissioned video presentation outlining a collaborative research project between the University of Exeter and the Bible Society, exploring how art can be a stimulus for teaching biblical stories in RE.  Delegates then joined the team from Exeter for a Q+A via Skype.
That presentation is now available to view at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp0hWoJCX6o

If you missed the journal article about the project in the 32nd Issue (Nov 2014) Dialogue Australasia, you can access it here.

And another recent article has just been published in the Spring 2015 Issue of REtoday.
The Art of Bible Reading (12 Lessons for 11-14 yrs) is available for purchase from Kevin Mayhew as a Student and/or Teacher textbook with accompanying CD.

New from ETHICSONLINE: Ethical Theory
EthicsOnline presents 3 new films specifically designed to help deliver outstanding lessons on:

  • Kantian Ethics (17 mins)
  • Meta-Ethics (19 mins)
  • Situation Ethics (14 mins)

As always, the films are accompanied with teachers' notes, scripts and classroom activities.

There are now 7 Film series from EO:  Environmental Ethics, Life after Death, The Problem of Evil, Abortion, Sex & Ethics, War & Peace and Ethical Theory.

New from Robert Kirkwood:  The Only Way is Ethics, 2015
From the author of the excellent Looking for God series, comes a highly original new resource for senior students, The Only Way is Ethics.
Topics include: Pyschological & Ethical Egoism, Simple Subjectivism, Emotivism, Divine Commant Theory, Wittgenstein, CL Stevenson, RM Hare, Bentham, Kant and Nietzsche.
The text is written in accessible language for mixed ability teaching without being simplistic, and over 40 original cartoons add to an understanding of ideas discussed.  Structured imaginative questions are designed to test knowledge, understanding and critical thinking.

'Not many books for religious study in the classroom merit the accolode 'un-put-downable' but it's true of Rob Kirwood's wonderfully clear text on ethics and the accompanying cartoons.  Your students would be stealing this book, if they hadn't learned about altruism from it.' 
Lat Blaylock, REToday Editor
'Rob Kirkwood has produced another exceptional book covering a comprehenisve range of ethical issues. Concise, accessible and enhanced by superb illustrations, this is an essential resource for anyone studying ethics and philosophy at Yr 11 + 12.  Anyone who can analyse, explain and present the 'thoughts of Immanuel Kant in three columns without bowing to reductionism or losing the essence of Kantian philosophy gets my vote!''  
S Colling CBR former LEA education advise

If you've not discovered and used Rob's other books in your classrooms, do yourself a big favour and check out titles including Looking for God and Looking for Proof of God.  

Both books masterfully introduce key concepts within the Philosophy of Religion to mixed ability classes throughout the middle & secondary school. They use a lively and questioning approach to help pupils explore and begin to understand key religious ideas.  Many questions and confusions about God are dealt with in a simple and direct way through language and humorous cartoons which are clear and accessible.


Planning has begun for a DAN series of Professional Development seminars for teachers of RE and Philosophy with Rob Kirkwood in March 2016.  Rob lectured in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies at the University of Edinburgh and is one of the best known Religious Educators in the UK.  He has written a series of ground-breaking textbooks which introduce Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion and Christianity to students of all ages and abilities in the Middle/Senior School. 

STUDENT SEMINARS: Rob is also available to share with student groups in March 2016. If you would be interested in a bespoke seminar for your senior Philosophy & RS students addressing topics covered in Rob's new book The Only Way is Ethics, please do contact the DAN EO at this early stage of planning.  
Simon Letch/Fairfax Syndication 
New from David Tacey:  Beyond Literal Belief, 2015
How many of our students recoil from the so-called 'fairytales' of religion, and thus dismiss them as an affront to their intelligence?  In Beyond Literal Belief, David Tacey shows how the Bible was never intended to be read as history and literal description. Rather, he encourages us to re-read religious stories as metaphors of the spirit and interior life, opening up many possibilties for engaging meaningfully with our students.  Order from Garrett Publishing.
David will be giving a public talk about his book at 730pm, Thursday 13 August at Chrish Church Parish Hall, Claremont, Perth.  Flyer...

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