MF/MB/’s second album “Colossus” is an intense and hard hitting oasis in a dull music landscape. After the fire storm that was the first single “Casualties” where’re proud to present single number two. Let’s take a ride to
The Worst Dreams
Artist: MF/MB/
Single: The Worst Dreams
From the album: Casualties
Cat#: arweb 154
Release date: April 17 2013             
Label: Adrian Recordings
Video directed by Nisse Axman
"Intricately artistic, abstract dream-like and introspective, the video for "The Worst Dreams" is uniquely beautiful, dizzying and all around captivating."
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1. The Worst Dreams
2. The Worst Dreams (Illegal Trading Federation Version)
When the storm rides, you may want to slow it down and take shelter in the arms of your family. The storm roars and rips around MF/MB/ right now, but we find them in the eye of the hurricane focusing on what they do best. Here’s the second single from their second album “Colossus”. First single "Casualties" flew like a blizzard over the world, with the second single "The Worst Dream" they don’t need to convince someone with strength anymore. Everyone knows what MF/MB/ is capable of when it comes to energy, now it is time for contemplation, introspection, beauty and distant car rides.
Besides MF/MB/ there is another closely related band from the little northern town of Bollnäs. The band is called “Illegal Trading Federation”, where one of the members are Victor Nilsson, the singer of MF/MB/, another is Daniel Nilsson, Victor's brother, a third is Nils Axman and he is responsible for virtually all the videos and all graphic materials for MF / MB /, including the video for “The Worst Dreams”. It might be nice to hold on to your family when the wind blows.
In March MF/MB/ released their second album "Colossus". Everyone seems to agree that it is a good one. The band is just back from an European tour and now it’s time for summer festivals. Do not miss MF/MB/ this summer.
Nothing But Hope And Passion
The Colossus can’t hide itself, because it is not just huge, it is also unbelievable danceable. After the success of Folder in 2010 the target flew high and they reached it.
Mathias Westphal
Listen Before You Buy
MF/MB/ lean further into the grandiose with their sophomore effort, Colossus; their searing guitars soar through the stratosphere instead of remaining in the tiny confines of  the desolate countryside recording studio where they recorded this within only a few spring days. The recklessness shows throughout, becoming more of an asset than a handicap. Tight only where they need to be, when the group relies on pure improvisation, it brings out the most inspiring moments on the record.
Cher Vincent

At the first listening you’re in love, the second follows and the third makes you want to jump in the air. Colossus has something to show you, that´s is clear early on.
Kristin Carlshon
Toronto Magazine
Colossus kind of forces you to stand in awe of it, whether you feel the need to or not.
Jesse Skinner
In Your Speakers
A mixture of '80s post-punk and revolutionary Arcade Fire larger-than-stage spunk, sophomore album Colossus — released March 1st — will not disappoint critics. The Adrian Recordings-signed band has progressed from poppier, more electronic roots heard on debut LP Folded, and certainly for the better.
Lauren Bishop
2013-04-25 - Pustervik, Göteborg
2013-04-30 - Babel - Malmö
2013-05-03 - Debaser Medis - Stockholm
2013-05-04 - Popadelica, Huskvarna
2013-06-01 - Siestafestivalen, Hässleholm
2013-06-15 – Hultsfredsfestivalen, Sigtuna
Label: Adrian Recordings