IAHF's John Hammell (wearing cap) Warning Crowd About FDA Harmonizing Vitamin laws with Canada/Mexico at Anti North American Union Rally-IAHF List Urged to Hold More Anti NAU Marches/Rallies.... Learn How Here.... News Reports Below Need Mass Forwarding.. Please donate to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 to help us reach more people! 

IAHF List:

Below my comments you'll find a collection of links and news stories that I encourage you to become familiar with and to forward to everyone you know in order to awaken them to whats going on right under our noses to deconstruct America and to force us into a North American Union Dictatorship. Below those you'll find a link to Ron Paul's most recent TV Debate, along with an urgent message from Ron to all of us. This Saturday I'll be going to Seattle to hear Ron Paul speak to a large gathering of supporters, and I urge all of you to become active in Ron Paul meetup groups in your area if you'd like to preserve your access to dietary supplements since he's the only candidate who is actively opposing the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico. (See petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body

On August 18th I was a speaker at a March for America held in Seattle to awaken the public to the immense threat posed to our access to dietary supplements and to literally ALL of our most deeply cherished freedoms as our nation is being deconstructed and forced into a North American Union Dictatorship. (See News Coverage/Photos: http://www.mfawash.org/media.html 

At the mid march Rally in front of the Federal Building in Seattle my talk focused public attention on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/Mexico via which FDA is actively attempting to SUBVERT the will of the people who passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 which was passed in direct opposition to an FDA rulemaking effort that would have curtailed our access to dietary supplements. I emphasized that through their current illegal efforts to harmonize our Food and Drug laws with Canada and Mexico, the FDA is attempting to make an END RUN around a law that was passed as a result of the largest outpouring of letters, faxes, phone calls and personal visits to Congress in the HISTORY of Congress.

I emphasized that to have a CHANCE to stop the North American Union Dictatorship and to preserve US sovereignty, we MUST ACTIVATE VITAMIN CONSUMERS nationwide so that THEY will organize MORE MARCHES and RALLIES like ours, or we won't have a chance to overcome the media blackout on whats going on. I also emphasized that IAHF endorses Ron Paul for President because he is doing more than any candidate to oppose FDA's criminal actions and to defend our sovereignty.

To learn how you can organize a similar march/rally in your city, send an email to contact@mfawash.org  Please let me know if you organize a march. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Right now I have more than 23,000 signatures on my petition calling for Congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, but its going to take a lot more than that to overcome the Pharma PAC Donations being flooded in to members of the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee. If you value your access to supplements, I need you to take a VERY active stance in awakening people by organizing a March/Rally, but forwarding news reports (see below), by joining Ron Paul Meetup groups and being active in them, and by supporting IAHF so we can do more to reach more people quickly!


For details go to http://www.freedomfighterradioshow.blogspot.com/ and scroll down.


Followed by Link to Ron Paul's Fox News Debate & His Recent Statement to All Of US

CNN- Lou Dobbs- Ending the United States as We Know It: Report on SPP/NAU.... Why Hasn't There Been Any Public Debate?
Cooperative Frameworks Share Sovereignty With Other Countries...... Working Groups are Harmonizing the Laws Between The 3 Countries
Should Someone Take a Vote on Whether or Not We Should be Merged With Canada and Mexico?

US Truckers Jobs on Chopping Block. Article written from perspective of former trucker. Bush signs death warrants for untold numbers of Americans by allowing unsafe Mexican trucks, driven by unsafe, illiterate drivers onto US Freeways. Easy Transport for Drugs, Illegal Aliens, terrorists. Open borders policy contradicts supposed efforts to increase security post 911, and illustrates ongoing planned deconstruction of America and merging together of Canada/USA/Mexico into planned North American Union Dictatorship. As more and more US truckers lose their jobs, we'll see increased, and totally justified violence perpetuated against Mexican truckers who enter the USA.

1st Mexican truck rolls across border under cover of darkness
Official: 'Logistical Trans-Corridor of North America' open for business

U.S. under U.N. law in health emergency
Bush's SPP power grab sets stage for military to manage flu threats
Stage Being Set for Martial Law

This is a condensation of Ron Paul on the FOX Republican Debate this week.  IT IS HOT! HE WAS HOT!


 Republican debate Sept 5, 2007 FOX news

And respondent message from Ron Paul:

September 7, 2007

Has this been a hectic and encouraging time! First we got almost 17% in the Texas straw poll, an event set-up to represent the establishment, with very restrictive voting rules. That 17% of the Republican hierarchy would support our views, after a full day of pro-war propaganda, is good news. Then we won the more open Maryland Republican straw poll with 28%. In both cases, as usual, hard-working, well-organized volunteers made all the difference.

The Fox debate was a lot of fun as well. It's true that a few of the network people are not exactly with us on foreign or domestic policy (though one famous guy whispered to me that he is a libertarian), but the audience-with lots of students from the University of New Hampshire-was definitely fair and balanced, as their enthusiastic reaction showed.

My opponents called for more war, more torture, more secret prisons, more eavesdropping, more presidential power. Some seemed to identify the government and the people as if they were one entity. But you and I know that once the government moves beyond its very limited constitutional mandate, it is an opponent of the people, a rip-off operation that takes our money and our freedom and our social peace, and gives us a mess of statist pottage in return.

The government failed miserably on 911 to protect us, despite spending trillions. So the answer was supposed to be the giant, socialist Department of Homeland Security, protecting you and me from taking our toothpaste on the airplane. I was ridiculed for saying that the airlines, which know best how to protect their property, should have been allowed to arm their pilots. But then, you and I really believe in the Second Amendment. It is not just a political slogan for us.

When I discussed the blowback that came from us intervening on the Arabian peninsula, Chris Wallace asked me if I wanted to follow the marching orders of al-Qaeda. I responded that I wanted to follow the marching orders of the Constitution, and not wage undeclared, aggressive wars that cause us only trouble. This is a mystifying to some, of course, but not to more and more Americans.

There was much talk of taxes, and a pledge not to raise rates. But as usual, I was not allowed to discuss my lifelong pledge to abolish the income tax. Just holding the line, when the government takes such vast sums through an illegitimate guilty-until-proven-innocent system, is hardly enough. We need to slash taxes and spending if we are to have a future of prosperity for ourselves and our families.

After the debate, many young people gathered around the stage to discuss our ideas and ask questions about them (and to have me sign their badges). My colleagues got no such response, and after a few moments, "security" ordered me off the stage. Can't have any such demonstration of interest in liberty.

But the young are with us, and so are Americans of every stripe. Even party officials. When one of my opponent said it was OK to lose elections through supporting the Iraq war, that set party people's teeth on edge, and rightly so. The Republican party is shrinking. We need new people. It's either our ideas or President Hillary, and more and more people recognize it.

But the media, and everyone else, will be looking at fundraising totals at the end of this month. They'll judge us by how we do. And we need help to wage what we hope will be a full-scale, 50-state campaign. Please help me head into the next quarter fully armed to do battle for freedom, peace and prosperity. Make your most generous contribution
https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/. This Revolution is on the move, but it very much needs your support.