Hey everyone
What a time to be alive this is, is it not?
Here's all my latest news about the RHLSTP tour and kickstarter. Thanks to everyone who has supported the podcast so far by buying a ticket, backing the kickstarter or becoming a monthly badger. If you can't afford to do any of those things then just spreading the word about the show would be an enormous help. Also if you can't afford to pay to see RHLSTP then send me an email - I have a few tickets per show to give away and would love them to go to you.
Here's what is on the Herring horizon.
Richard Herring
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There  are 10 days left on the RHLSTP Kickstarter and we're over £15000 from the target. So it's squeaky bum time. If you want us to keep filming the podcasts or just fancy these excellent rewards or want to say cheers for the 70+ free RHLSTPs that are going out in 2019 then please chuck us a few quid

Thanks to those of you who came to see the shows in  Brighton, Leicester, Bristol and Richmond. These will be going out as podcasts towards the end of this year and the start of next.
I am booking guests all the time, so keep an eye on the tour website for details.
There is a new gig added in Manchester on 2nd November which is selling fast.
Here's the next few
29th September RICHMOND Theatre - Tape Face + Nick Frost from off of Spaced! Easy trip down the District Line for Londoners and loads of tickets left.
3rd October WINCHESTER Theatre Royal (last few tickets) Ahir Shah and John Kearns
6th  October EXETER Corn Exchange, Mike Wozniak from Man Down and Biblical scholar Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou
11th October NEWCASTLE Stand - two shows first with Davey Johns and second with Seymour Mace (may be a few tickets left for later show)
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14th October LONDON Leicester Square Theatre - Guests TBA (but a couple of very exciting possibles)
19th October YORK Grand Opera House with York City legend Jon Parkin + TBA
23rd October LIVERPOOL Everyman Playhouse Guests TBC
27th October OXFORD Playhouse with George Monbiot + TBC
28th October LONDON Leicester Square Theatre with Sara Pascoe + TBC
2nd November MANCHESTER Exchange Auditorium
4th November LONDON Leicester Square Theatre with Rachel Parris from the Mash Report + TBA
8th November CAMBRIDGE Corn Exchange
11th November LONDON Leicester Square Theatre with Grayson Perry and Konnie Huq (last few tickets)
15th November NORTHAMPTON Deco
24th November GLASGOW Theatre Royal with Limmy and Fern Brady (Selling fast)
1st December SHEFFIELD City Hall
6th December HULL New Theatre
There are gigs coming up in Birmingham and Norwich and hopefully Cardiff in 2020 plus another run at the Leicester Square Theatre in March and April
Me 1  versus Me 2 Snooker
London! If you want to see a live tournament between Me1 and Me2 then I advise you to keep December 4th free in your diaries.

If you prefer to GET money whilst donating then why not join Bulb. You'll get £50 credit if you use my code and so will we. And we'll be putting all the money raised this end into the pot to film the tour

Plus use my code and you and I will both get £50 credit and my £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Yay!
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