IAHF List: [If pressed for time, please skip my opening info and scroll down to Obama Declaring State of Emergency Due to Swine Flu- We could be under martial law soon- then come back and read this whole Alert- its the most important one I've ever sent out in IAHF history, so you'll want to read it ALL!!!]
Theres no reason why we can't all win the "Battle of the Bulge" and get into the best shape and health of our lives simultaneous to winning the war against this weaponized flu and weaponized vaccine. Any of you can easily do what I'm doing, and without food cravings, gaining tons of energy in the process!
In the above photo I weigh 208 lbs, down from 228 that I weighed just 12 days before. My goal is to get down to 185-190 in time for our first Masters Swim Meet of the season on November 15th.
You can see what I looked like at 228  (just 12 days previous) to have something to compare the photo to if you watch the You Tube of the speech I gave against the swine flu on the steps of the Vancouver (BC) Art Gallery:
Once a year, our Masters swim club borrows an underwater camera from the BC Masters Swimming Association, and when I saw myself on this You Tube I didn't like what I was seeing. Sometimes you don't realize how damn fat you've gotten til you see yourself on video. I was thinking about the fast approaching practice where all my fellow swimmers would be viewing me on underwater camera, dragging all that "ballast" through the water, and I cringed at that thought and decided to DO something about it.
So I went to a highly respected orthomolecular physician who put me on the BEST weight loss program I've EVER tried! It was almost EFFORTLESS to shed 20 lbs in 12 days, and I've lost even more since to rapidly track toward my goal of 185-190 by mid November.
The doctor gave me an Rx for a safe natural substance which when injected into my abdominal fat every morning upon arising makes this very hard to breakdown fat much more easily metabolized so you can burn it as calories.
Along with doing this, he's got me eating a 500 calorie a day diet in which I weigh 100 Grams of Protein in a gram scale 2x per day (no oily  fish like salmon allowed because it would interfere with me burning my own fat). So I vary my protein intake switching off between Dungeness crab, halibut, steak, and chicken and I make huge, always varied salads- only using fresh squeezed lemon juice for dressing with a little garlic. Sometimes I steam some veges, and I'm allowed the lower glycemic fruits like apples, strawberries.
Most people probably think they couldn't hack this.
They hear "500 calories per day" and get scared off, but the reality is that once you stop eating carbs, all food cravings leave, and I feel HUGE ENERGY from this diet, so it makes it EASY to do! Although I'm only ingesting an average of 500 calories per day, I'm actually BURNING far MORE calories than that, because the safe natural substance that the Dr. has me injecting myself with unlocks your own FAT so you can more easily BURN it!!!
For a donation of just $50, I'll tell you what this safe natural substance is, and how you can get it. I'll tell you about two books, one completely online, that you can read to learn more details!!
Doesn't it make good sense to you to get into the BEST SHAPE of your life as our illustrious government unleashes this biological weapon called Swine Flu Vaccine upon the populace?
Don't you think you OWE it to yourself to do everything humanly possible to stay OUT of these FEMA Coffins which the NWO Crowd anticipate putting millions of us in?
Don't you want to shed those unsightly unwanted pounds ONCE AND FOR ALL and BEST OF ALL, do it EASILY and QUICKLY??? Don't you want to avoid becoming diabetic, keep yourself from having a heart attack or stroke, and don't you want to HAVE the BEST ENERGY POSSIBLE so you can truly enjoy life to the fullest DESPITE the NWO's treacherous plans for all of us?
Well now you CAN, and my "before and after" pics which I'm showing you here PROVE it!! For IAHF's SUPER WEIGHT LOSS REPORT that shows you how you can do the EXACT SAME THING I'M DOING just go to our paypal link at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html
When I get down to 185-190 lbs by mid November, and I WILL, I'll upload ANOTHER photo showing me wearing a Speedo racing suit on the starting block at the University of British Columbia Aquatics Center where our Winskill Otters team is going to KICK MAJOR ASS and DESSIMATE the competition, (the same thing all of US are ABOUT to do to the genocidal killers from the ruling elite who think we're stupid enough to kill ourselves via their bioweapon- the swine flu vaccine!
 Barry Soetoro, the Bilderberg installed "Userper in Chief", the diseased Pharma Cartel rectum lickin' Rockefeller tool, just announced today that we're now under a so called "State of National Emergency" due to the swine flu. By making this announcement, hospitals are now allowed to set up TENTS outside their premises the better to inject us all with this toxic witches brew from hell thats intended to waft as many of us as possible off to the Pearly Gates.
Look. I'm not gonna mince words. I KNOW where the ruling elite HOPE this will go. I've read the Model Emergency Health Powers Act. It allows them to force vaccinate people, just what former Kansas StateTrooper Greg Evenson Warned us about.  They BADLY WANT to put us under MARTIAL LAW THIS WINTER.
To do that they need to inject millions of us with this bioweapon in order to kill and injure as many of us as possible in order to WEAKEN us to ELIMINATE ALL RESISTANCE to their long desired New World Order.
They've got US Army Northern Command ready to do door to door weapons searches, ready to go door to door to force the vaccine- assisted by UN Troops who are here already and who have been trained in urban warfare. They've got concentration camps and crematoriums all set up and waiting for us, and they're on the VERGE of pulling the PLUG on our tottering economy.
They would LIKE to "DO US" by end of winter, then COMPLETE their MOP UP  OPERATION in the Spring, but if ENOUGH OF US KEEP PUSHING BACK, we're gonna force them to SCUTTLE these plans, they'll have to REGROUP and try AGAIN, later on down the road.
Now don't think they  haven't given considerable thought to all of this. They have. They hold Think Tanks such as the Bilderberg Meeting, and the Bohemian Grove meeting where they use computer models to map out all contingencies, and they  have a plan A, B,C,D, E, F and G, but they're HUMAN, and they ARE NOT UNBEATABLE, especially when CREATOR is on our side!
Swine Flu Vaccine reported killing people in Europe
I'm a natural born survivor. My dad was a Navy SEAL and I grew up having bloody fist fights with him. When I was 11, I blew up his cigarrettes with gasoline in a cookie tin in front of the house I grew up in in New Jersey just as his carpool brought him home from work.
He was a cold warrior at that time, and had a duel career in Naval Intelligence and as an Electrical Engineer at Bell Labs where he was the world's foremost expert on the guidance systems of ICBMs and shipboard anti missile systems.
When I blew up  his cigs, the bastard chased me screamin' bloody murder! As I ran my ass off I yelled over my shoulder "I'm tryin' ta help ya, damn it!" I got halfway around the house and hid in the Lilacs by the brook and just as he went runnin' opposite my hiding place, I ambushed him by stickin' a 2x4 between his legs and he knocked himself cold. He came in to dinner with a big ass knot on his head, but he never got mad at me again about it cause he realized I was givin' him some tough love.
Well thats what I'm givin' all of you right now. Some TOUGH LOVE. I don't want any of you to die or get sick in the next few months, so I am point blank asking you if you have gotten the items I told you about in the IAHF Special Report and E-Book on 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?  Did you GET my Special Report and E-Book?
We're at the point where Obama has now declared a STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY, One SMALL STEP SHORT of  MARTIAL LAW and you STILL haven't proactively gotten IAHF's SPECIAL Report and E-Book on How to Use Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide to guard against this weaponized flu and vaccine?
Well its NOT TOO LATE, you still can, but you better MOVE FAST because you will NOT want to be without this life saving information!
Order it now from the paypal link at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html for a minimum donation of $25., get it WITH the Weight Loss Report for $75, and if you throw in an extra $25. ($100. or more donation total) I'll throw in the info you'll need to set up your own micropowered FM radio station (not subject to FCC regulations) that you can use to drive the NWO goons START RAVING NUTS with!!
(Damn we're gonna have fun with our Station here in Point Roberts! We're using ours to create CASCADIA, our own COUNTRY because we've had more than ENOUGH of communist Canada, and communist USSA under Soetoro! Wanna move here and help us??)
Did you get Jay Newman's Ionic Silver? Order it here: GOT COUNTERMEASURES? 
Did you get Patrick McGean's Sulfur? You need it to get optimal oxygen into your cells!!!! Remember-- Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931 for his discovery that No Virus, No Pathogen can survive in a HIGHLY OXYGENATED environment!
I talk all about how to get this Sulfur in the IAHF Special Report. So get the Report, then order the Sulfur, you're going to NEED ALL THAT INFO to have a fighting CHANCE to survive whats comin' but I have HIGH HOPES that all of us, working TOGETHER can DEFEAT the New World Order by educating everyone around us: our neighbors, family, friends, and people in our community!!
Its EASY!! Its FUN!! Commit a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS today by doing the following:
Download some flyers to hand out to your neighbors, family, friends, total strangers in front of your local supermarket or any public place:
Everywhere I go I hand these out. Carry 'em in a knapsack, and on a clipboard. We all MUST do this to BYPASS the mainstream media which right now is CONNING huge numbers of sheep who are being led to the SLAUGHTER!!!
I refuse to live under communism. I refuse to  take Soetoro's microchip. I refuse to accept the Rockefellers CRAP.
As a Libertarian anarchist, I've got no use for rules unless they make sense. The mental image of the government bureaucrat asleep at his desk, his head underneath a newspaper at the Department of Transportation building in DC is indelibly etched into my cerebral cortex from my misadventures in lobbying on Capital Hill.
 I like the US Constitution, and when we create CASCADIA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascadia_%28independence_movement%29  we will move PAST the Masons' evil plans to create their desired NAU Dictatorship, we will SCUTTLE those plans, and there won't be a damn thing they can do to stop us!
Wanna help? Move to Point  Roberts http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0408/feature7/  I'm growin' organic veges, herbs, raising chickens, and have a green house. Have wind and solar power. Soon I'll add an aquaculture project.  Catch salmon and Duneness crabs just off our beaches. Berries abound. So do Oysters. We need our own currency, our own barter system and we're developing one locally (See info on LETS)
For more information email me at jham@iahf.com or call 800-333-2553. Note: I am getting far more email and phone calls than I can easily return with no staff, and I'm barely ecking out a living doing this health freedom work. People who donate get priority for call backs and returned emails since I can't clone myself.
If you appreciate my determined efforts to destroy the New World Order and to build a BETTER WORLD, please send anything you can, consider donating to get the aforementioned reports, or just slide a few simolians my way via Paypal to let me know you're with me in spirit, I love and appreciate every last one of you, even if we don't totally see eye to eye on everything, and just don't want anything bad to happen to you as Soetoro and his evil band of genocidal killers go into high gear during this so called "State of National Emergency".
Your Friend,
John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom,
the ONLY No Holds Barred Health Freedom Advocacy Group in the World
We Take NO Prisoners!!!  800-333-2553 H&W N.America, Pacific Time
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