IAHF List: All of us are up against a global genocide scam that I've identified many times so by now most of you are familiar with UN Agenda 21, the Prince Charles directed plan to kill most of us via the UN. Codex is the tip of the Agenda 21 spear, and the so called "Food Safety Bill" is intended to eliminate 9 out of every 10 of us down the road.
Some of you have written me to ask why I don't work closer with so called "Citizens for Health" since they've been working tirelessly against the Food Safety Bill. The reasons are well outlined on the IAHF website at  the link above its because I've long regarded them to be controlled opposition even though I like Jim Turner personally and trust him most of the time, it blows my mind that he could totally ignore the fact that this bill doesn't just pose a threat to small farmers, it unequivocally contains language that threatens to blow DSHEA out of the water by harmonizing us to the EU- and that poses a gigantic threat.
Tonight, Friday December 10th, all of us are privaleged to have the chance to hear my friend Jonathan Emord discussing the threat posed by the Food Safety Bill to our access to dietary supplements because he's scheduled to be a guest of George Noory at 11PM Pacific time on Coast to Coast AM, one of the most listened to radio shows in North America. The show will be archived and I'll send you the MP3 file as soon as it becomes available because I realize I'm sending you this announcement on short notice and many of you will be asleep that late at night. You can hear the show here but must be a member unless you wait for the archive.
This past week, even though the Food Safety Bill had been bluelisted and it was ILLEGAL for the House to take it up after they'd received a bill from the Senate containing language that they had no right to draft since only the House can insert appropriations language into any bill that raises taxes, on Wednesday they narrowly passed it in the House. Since the Obamination is owned by Monsanto, I have no doubt that genocidal killer will sign it into law unless one hell of a lot of us call the Whitehouse Comments line to raise serious hell via this form and by calling the communist traitor at Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461.
I also strongly suggest you call your Senators and Congressmen and let them know that if this tyrannical bill is signed into law, you personally intend to buy up every rifle, pistol, baseball bat, tire iron, set of numb chucks, brass knuckles, and box of ammunition you can get your hands on and you also intend to buy rope for building scaffolds in DC because you've had more than enough, and simply aren't willing to be genocided, UN Agenda 21, Codex, the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, and Stalinist/Lennonist criminal userper Barrack Obama notwithstanding. (In other words, let them know their Bilderberg,CFR, Rockefeller paymasters can go F themselves.)
Best guess is Emord figures a gigantic lawsuit will soon be in the works in order to defend our access to dietary supplements---anyway, please listen to this show tonight and if you miss it please hear the archive and please make your calls to let the sons of bitches realize in no uncertain terms that you're quite simply NOT WILLING to be dorked up the wazoo this way by genocidal killer terrorists inside the beltway, or anywhere else!!
While you're at it bitching to DC, be sure to also call your friendly FCC commissioners to tell them you're building scaffolds for those terrorists too if they shaft us via Net so called Neutrality which they're getting ready to "vote" on on December 21, just in time for Christmas. You can reach the the sperm breathed odious contemptible human detritus at the FCC at Phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322)
     TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322)
      Fax: 1-866-418-0232
E-mail: fccinfo@fcc.gov  
Not familiar with their plans to nuke the internet under false pretenses on behalf of the Bilderberg Group which is pissed off because we're figuring out "too much"? Google it, you'll find lots of bogus reasons why they plan on handing the web over to companies like Comcast to our detriment, and if you're like me, you'll be pissed off to no end about it to. Tell the FCC (along with your Senators and Congressmen) that if they ruin your Christmas by passing anything that messes with our ability to communicate over the web, via email, or the so called "Food Safety Bill", you'll be building scaffolds outside their building before New Years Eve!! ;-> Ditto for any passage of the so called "DREAM ACT" which threatens to swamp us with illegal aliens which would usher us into the CFR's planned NAU Dictatorship.
That would nuke DSHEA via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter- which we've been blocked from having congressional oversight on due to all those smarmy traitorous bastards being paid off by Pharma.
Appreciate my candor? Kindly send a year end donation to IAHF to help me keep my doors open, I'm starvin, and could use some damn food! If Paypal bugs you and you don't feel like slidin' me some cold hard cash to keep the wolf from the door, you can alternatively fire off a check to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281, the postman knows he won't be shot as long as he delivers cash money to my mailbox along with the bills, but if any more of those "census takers" ever come round here they're on real thin ice!
They GPSed my house the last time, gee, I wonder why? Now listen to my man Jonny Emord, eh? Be cool and hear him out on Noory tonight!!  Even though he is somewhat cursed from having to live near that pissant batch of scoundrels around the damn Beltway he's still a pretty decent guy and I urge you to pay close attention to his words of wisdom as the smarmy dinks look to do us all. Hold onto yer hat as 2011 comes on, its gonna be a wild ride when the Federal Reserve makes their move to turn us into Weimar Republic 2!! Since yer cash won't be worth trash when the 1.7 Trillion "stimulus" hits, you might as well send me some of it now, I need to put up some wallpaper! Kindly forward this to your friends and family, gun stores need business, and I aim to send some simolians their way. When you go and make a very large purchase of armaments please urge the gun store owner to make a donation to IAHF, ok? Its only fair, after all!
Oh yeah, ditto for whoever you buy garden seeds from, and if you think I'm not serious as a heart attack about that, guess again- I'm from Jersey and I don't lie.

Global Censorship of Health Information
The Rise of Tyranny

Jonathan Emord


Jonathan W. Emord has been practicing constitutional and administrative law before the federal courts and agencies since 1985. Having begun his career as an
Jonathan W. Emord has been practicing constitutional and administrative law before the federal courts and agencies since 1985. Having begun his career as an attorney in the Federal Communications Commission during the administration of President Ronald Reagan, Emord has maintained an abiding conviction to achieve full First Amendment protection for the freedoms of speech and press. In 1991, he authored the critically acclaimed Freedom, Technology, and the First Amendment in which he chronicled the intellectual foundations of the First Amendment and advocated replacing government control over the airwaves with a title registry, private property rights approach.

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