Hey Bills Fans!

Another tough one last week. But it's the wounded Lions this week, and we’re bringing in some Buffalo comfort food to help get us thru the game. Our fore fathers in Buffalo knew long ago that to endure the doldrums of a decade long playoff drought and continued heartbreak of Buffalo football, you need good food. Sadly ...it’s been tough to find such sustenance outside of the 716… until now. The Bills Backers of Boston is happy to announce MIGHTY TACO IN BOSTON!

Here’s the info: We’ve ordered 16 dozen beef and cheese burritos to be shipped to Boston. Since we have a limited number of burritos, we’re going to run the buffet a little differently this week to ensure those who come out for the Mighty get the best chance to enjoy it. Starting at noon we’ll be selling tickets by the front door for $4 that can be exchanged for a burrito at the halftime buffet. We’ll sell them until we run out. (We feel bad about having to charge, the price is just to cover our cost of ordering/shipping the Mighty.) So come early this week to ensure you get your taste of Mighty awesomeness!

We’ll be doing a raffle for some Labatt gear for anybody purchasing a burrito. In addition, we’ll still have FREE wings at halftime available to everyone, no ticket required.

Kickoff Sunday is at 1 pm.

16 games in a season. 16 Mighty Taco locations in WNY. Coincidence? I think not. Here’s a message from Mighty Taco to help get you in the right frame of mind: http://www.mightytaco.com/radio9.php

Shirt Update: We still have shirts in all sizes available for $15 each (men’s S, M, L, XL, 2XL). See us by the door pre-game, or by the lower bar during the game to buy a shirt.

Thanks again for your continued support of the Backers! We love seeing all the familiar faces each week, and are really excited about all our energetic new members this season.