The Datsuns
Death Rattle Boogie
Label: Hellsquad
Formats: CD/ LP/ DL

01. Gods Are Bored
02. Gold Halo
03. Axethrower
04. Bullseye
05. Skull Full Of Bone
06. Shadow Looms Large
07. Wander The Night
08. Helping Hands
09. Hole In Your Head
10. Fools Gold
11. Goodbye Ghosts
12. Colour Of The Moon
13. Brain Tonic
14. Death Of Me


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The Datsuns 
Death Rattle Boogie OUT NOW!
"An unbelievable return to the summit of Mount Rawk. The Datsuns rediscover their original ferocity with a ridiculous riff and a brain-melting roar" Classic Rock

"The Datsuns know what they are, and they know what they like. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - instead strap some extra exhausts on it and let it rip." Drowned in Sound 
The Datsuns (Dolf DeBorst –Bass/vocals, Christian Livingstone – guitars, Phil Somervell – guitars, Ben Cole - drums) who released their Death Rattle Boogie late in 2012 have confirmed 2 dates for February 2013.
UK DATES are: 
15-Feb UK London Dingwalls
16-Feb UK Brighton The Haunt

Death Rattle Boogie is the sound of one of the world’s premiere rock ’n’ roll bands, rediscovering the ferocious energy that first drove them to pick up their instruments with new interpretations of their influences and instincts coupled with a new found sophistication that comes at no cost to their trademark adrenalized immediacy. 

The Datsuns are ready to show the world that Death Rattle Boogie offers inarguable proof that they are more alive now than they’ve ever been. Hitting hard with opener, ‘Gods Are Bored’ to the the frenetic ‘Death of Me’, The Datsuns prove they’ve no plans to quit rocking the world to its core anytime soon. 
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