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1.      Art Crowdfunding finance Unbearable Sculpture
2.      Unbearable exhibited at the University of Paris during COP21
3.      Survival Of The Fattest – and other remarkable sculptures.
4.      Mysticism about Fundamentalism-sculpture by the EU Parliament!
 The Sculpture Unbearable: A copper-polar bear impaled on a 6 meter high graph of human CO2 emissions. First exhibition: COP 21 in Paris.

Autumn has taken over Denmark and at Gallery Galschiot, we are happy to see that many of our plans are going well.

Unbearable exhibited at the University of Paris. We have just confirmed an exhibition of the 5 meter tall polar bear sculpture "Unbearable" at the estimated university in Paris 'Cite Universitaire' during the COP21 Climate Conference in December. It is a splendid place, which houses a UNESCO conference on climate during the same period. We are cooperating with WWF on the project and we hope that the organization's Ambassador His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark will attend the inauguration of the exhibition.

The office people at Gallery Galschiot are working hard to make head or tail of the grassroots-activities during the climate conference. The reason for this is that we plan to bring a number of sculptures which will be a part of the NGO's alternative climate summit and will be exhibited at the global climate manifestation on November 29 and the demonstration on December 12 in Paris. Amongst the sculptures are climate refugees in bronze and the 6-meter-high "Freedom To Pollute" – The Statue of Liberty, with a smoking torch.

Our recent Crowdfunding fundraising campaign to finance Unbearable project was an overwhelming success. We collected more than 12.000 Euros – thanks to everyone who supported and helped finance the transportation to of the sculpture to Paris.

Galschiot's artwork studio team finally finished modeling the Unbearable-polar bear. It has been lowered into out acid pool in which an ingenious electrolysis process will cover it with a thick layer of copper. The team has now begun making the complicated base and steel graph on which the giant bear is impaled 5 meters above ground, assisted by our engineer Lars Bredahl.

Mystery about Fundamentalism-sculpture by EU Parliament. Through the German Magazine Der Spiegel we have learned that EU's Bureau has rejected Galschiots Fundamentalism-exhibition of fear of a terror attack. This is not a very "Je suis Charlie Hebdo"ish behavior. We still await an official record, but we are very mystified that the EU, which talks about defending freedom of expression, prohibits a peaceful art exhibition. Furthermore they overrule 30 EU parliamentarians claim to express themselves by setting up the Fundamentalism sculpture in order to create a religious dialogue promoting peaceful coexistence between the monotheist religions. So far, EU has postponed the exhibition three times, but the Danish EU parliamentarian Bendt Bendtsen, who is in charge of the 30 parliamentarians, is not that easy to stop and he will continue his work to realize the exhibition.


Have a great autumn!

Lots of fantastic greetings


Lasse Markus – Chief of Communication. 


Unbearable and Crowdfunding. 
On September 23, our Crowdfunding collection campaign to finance the Unbearable project ended. In total supporters of the project contributed more than 12,000 Euros through donations and purchasing polar bear sculptures and jewelry - we're grateful for all contributions to the campaign!

We have almost sent out all the sculptures. It was a lot of work, but now we know the procedure and we will try to use art-crowdfunding in the future to fund parts of our art manifestations.

For those who did not manage to get a polar bear necklace or polar bear sculpture, we have opened an online support-webshop. The sculptures will be sent directly to ones address, and it is possible to get a necklace with a genuine silver bear.


   COP21 Exhibition and Paris   
The stage is set for an explosion of happenings and activism at the important climate summit COP21 in Paris this December. At Gallery Galschiot we plan to contribute as much as possible, with visual sculpture impression
We eagerly look forward to finally be able to show the Unbearable sculpture, with the impaled polar bears in the 10 meters long and 5 meters high climate graph. Furthermore, we bring a sculpture parade which we bring to the international day of climate manifestations on November 29 and to the climate demonstration on December 12    .  

Besides of the Unbearable sculpture we bring

  ·  The 6 meter tall Freedom to pollute: we bring our 6 meter tall model of the statue of liberty. From her torch smoke pours out, and on board is written "freedom to pollute". If possible we will place the sculpture under the Eiffel Tower!

   ·  2 meter tall versions of the same - smoking statues of liberties.
   ·  A number of bronze climate-refugees 
   · The "hunger boys"-skeleton like bronze-sculptures (struck by climate changes).
 Unbearable sculpture exhibited at United Nations - New York

The President of the United Nations General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft has agreed to exhibit a 60x60cm copper model of the Unbearable sculpture. It now adorns his UN office in New York.

There is also a model at the WWF office in Denmark and we have plans to place it in other prominent locations around the world. In this way, the large sculpture is known and recognized when we exhibit it in Paris.


Survival Of The Fattest on Art People Gallery's 'Amazing Sculptures' List

 Galschiot popular sculpture Survival Of The Fattest has been incorporated at Art People Gallery's list of "Amazing Sculpture Installation From Around the World". The sculpture enjoys a fine company with some pretty cool sculptures from around the world. So we are very satisfied.

Check out the sculpture and the list on facebook, and share the image if you like.



Fundamentalism - EU ne sont pas Charlie


We are getting reports that the European Union's Bureau has overruled a request from 30 EU Parliamentarians to exhibit Galschiots sculpture 'Fundamentalism'. Apparently the decision has been made because President Martin Schulz do not think he can 'protect' the sculpture. It sounds like a pretty weird explanation. From our part we have informed the EU about the work's peaceful intentions and we have sent reports on how peaceful outcome of its last exhibition at Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. Nobody from EU has contacted Galschiot about the matter. Reportedly, the decision was taken with votes from the parliament's Green Group which is strange too.

Considering the same people said "Je suis Charlie Hebdo" back in February and seems hypocritical, that they do not even dare to exhibit a work which, though religious, is to promote dialogue and religious understanding. It seems that the EU is both shutting up free speech and preventing reconciliation between religions.

Now we await an official response from the Bureau, then we will see what can be done. See the article in Der Spiegel (in German)   

To ' The Children of Abraham’/Fundamentalism 

This mail has been sent from the sculptor Jens Galschiøt's workshhop. 
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