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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
July 30, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia



SUNDAY, AUGUST 8 - 10 A.M. TO 12 P.M.

Following Pittwater Council’s communication regarding the Parking Fees at Church Point there will be an opportunity for those who would like further clarification, have questions or want more information to get together at the Fire Brigade.

Please ensure that you read the Church Point Plan of Management and the Summary Communiqué recently sent out to all residents (see below) prior to coming along on the day, see links below.

Pittwater Council Website-Church Point
Pittwater Council Website-Church Point Reserve and Church Point Precinct Parking Permits

If you wish, you can email your questions in advance to:


or by letter to:
SIRA, P O Box 70, Church Point. 2105

Scotland Island Residents Association
PO Box 70, Church Point 2105 9979 5853
West Pittwater Community Association
PO Box 289, Church Point 2105 9997 2772

Offshore Community Communique
June, 2010,

Dear Offshore Community Member,

The following information is being provided so that community expectations are readied and preliminary answers to some anticipated concerns are discussed in relation to the implementation of the stage one of the Church Point Plan of Management (CP POM).

Very shortly Pittwater Council will be communicating with you regarding the purchase of:

1. Church Point car parking stickers for car parking at Church Point that will become operational on September 1st, 2010 for $275 per annum per sticker

2. Church Point commuter boat mooring stickers that will not begin until Stage One changes to the commuter wharf are just about to occur (significantly expanding the number of places available). The cost will be $285 per annum per sticker

For the carparking sticker there will be a period of adjustment (possibly three months) after which time Pittwater Resident stickers will no longer give you access to unlimited free parking at Church Point. The only other option than purchasing a Church Point Parking sticker will be to use the pay and display system.

The area covered by these new arrangements will be from the “old bus turning circle” up the hill from Holmeport Marina to the eastern end of the existing main car parking area.

The money from the sale of stickers will go into a dedicated fund (see below) that will contribute to the financing of some of the proposed works outlined in the CP POM.

We anticipate that this will cause concern amongst some offshore residents, particularly those who are not aware of the background and benefits eventually accruing from these “user pays” charges. Some of this background can be accessed from the following link:


IMPORTANT: Please note that if you follow the above link some of the financial figures included in the “Business Case for the Church Point Plan of Management (CP POM)” have now been superceded following further negotiations and considerations.


1. We will now be paying for something that has always been free
Response: True, though as clearly set out in Council documents prior to the CP POM and previous correspondence from the Department of Lands, we would almost certainly have ended up paying fees to the State Government for the parking at Church Point just for the status quo. This way we get some additional benefits.

While any amount of payment seems high after something has been free for so long, it should be noted that the original negotiations started at about $1,200 per annum per car space. Prior to that there was a proposal for dedicated underground parking that would have cost between $5,000 to $10,000 per annum per space.

We are not just paying for what we have had. As outlined below, the payment will significantly increase safety and amenity, including increasing car parking spaces (e.g. 69 extra spaces opposite the commuter boat wharf) and boat mooring space availability.

2. Some people’s financial situation is so tight that the introduction of these fees will cause significant hardship
Response: We have asked Council on several occasions to make special provisions for hardship cases. For example, we have suggested that cars with disability parking stickers could be exempt from displaying a Church Point parking sticker. This item is not resolved and we welcome suggestions that would be easy to administer and not easily abused.

3. We will be starting to pay fees before any work is done
Response: The total cost of the project is in the order of $12,000,000 and has considerable financial risk for Pittwater Council. In relation to the car parking stickers, the charging of the fees will start now so Council has some surety of the level of “buy in” in order for them to take out the financial loans necessary to commence the works.

It is anticipated, though of course not proven, that the implementation of the Church Point car parking stickers will very likely result in a decrease in a number of underutilised spaces e.g. ‘dead cars’, stored cars, boaties going away on holiday from the Church Point area i.e. there is a high probability that there will be additional car parking spaces available at Church Point.

In relation to the boat mooring stickers, either just before or very shortly after the commencement of the payment of fees, stage one of the new commuter boat wharf will be constructed that will significantly increase the amount of space available and safety at the wharf.

4. How do we know that this money won’t just go into consolidated funds and nothing is ever really done at Church Point
Response: In the CP POM it is clearly stated that all fees collected for Church Point (including those from the pay and display parking and fines) will go into a special fund solely dedicated to funding the proposed works at Church Point.

5. Multi-car/multi-boat families will be hit harder
Response: True, the best that can be said is that there is a financial incentive to decrease family carbon footprint. Along with the available public transport options, we will be working hard to ensure that additional free facilities for “human powered” craft (canoes, row boats and bicycles) included in the current plan are indeed implemented and that the final designs are for quality, usable, convenient facilities.

6. The payment of these fees will not guarantee you a boat or car parking space
Response: Yes that’s true. The payment of these fees simply gives you the legal right to be able to park/moor if there is a space is available. Our usage of this area essentially rests upon the premise that no one community group has, nor should have, exclusive use of this crown land. The probability is that eventually there will be extra parking spaces available (e.g. 69 new spaces opposite the commuter boat wharf) and the chance of getting a parking spot is significantly increased.

7. There will be between 20 - 30 less parking spaces in the main carpark due to the  reconfiguration of the area
Response: There will be no reduction in the number of spaces available in the main carpark until the new spaces opposite the commuter wharf are created. The reconfiguration of the main carpark and the creation of the widened “green promenade” along the foreshore, with some adjustment of the current wall, will have  to be largely financed by the sale of two vacant blocks of land across the road from the Pasadena, adjacent to the cemetery and steps/pathway leading to Eastview Street. If this sale does not proceed then it is doubtful whether there will be significant changes to the layout and landscaping of the current main carpark.

8. We don’t have a detailed design of every aspect of the new plan yet we are starting to pay for it
Response: The intent of starting to collect fees now is to establish that there is sufficient demand for the project to proceed including the financing of the detailed design stage. It has been stated several times that local residents will significantly contribute to this stage.

9. The rate of $275 for car parking is the amount to be paid if the “suspended deck” carpark option is chosen; are we committed to this option
Response: This will be a major issue for the community to resolve. It may be that in the interim extra grants and funds can be found so that we are able to retain this fee level and not implement the “suspended deck” option.

10. Why we are paying for this; why other groups are not contributing
Response: True we are the only ones paying directly out of our pockets, but clearly those members of the Offshore community that use Church Point for regular access and egress have a strong stake in what happens at Church Point as it affects our day to day living. Other groups are contributing indirectly. The ball park total cost for the whole project is about $12,000,000. Our Offshore user pays contributions (assuming 450 carparking stickers are sold and 190 commuter boat stickers are sold) will contribute about 15% to this total cost.

Bill Gye
Michael Weiner

Island Cafe
Good morning everyone,

This week’s Cafe will be brought to you by the number 3 (three) and the letter C.

There will be Cakes and Cookies and Coffee and hot ChoColate for Children and for all Customers.  Cakes and Coffee are $3 each.  Bring your own Cup and get a 50Ct disCount.

We are open from 10am to 12pm, in Catherine Park, on Sunday.  Hopefully the weather will be Clear, if not, we Can shelter on the Cindy deck...

Cheers from the Crew,
Big Bird and the Cookie Monster

“A Community that drinks Coffee together, stays together”

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