Media Release
Sunday May 8th 2022
Just.Equal Australia has condemned Scott Morrison's plan to re-introduce the Religious Discrimination Bill.
It has also called on the Prime Minister to outline his policies for reducing discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people and the ill-health it causes.
Just.Equal Australia spokesperson, Brian Greig, said,
"The Religious Discrimination Bill must be scrapped because it takes away existing discrimination protections from people with disability, women, workers, religious minorities and LGBTIQ+ people."
"We call on the Morrison Government to outline what it will do to reduce discrimination against the LGBTIQ+ community instead of trying to foster discrimination."
"Just.Equal Australia's comprehensive survey of LGBTIQ+ community election priorities show that removing existing religious exemptions from discrimination law, a national LGBTIQ+ mental health strategy and more inclusive schools are top priorities."
Mr Greig said Labor voted to remove existing state discrimination protections from teachers in faith-based schools when the Bill was debated in February.
"We have written to Labor asking for its policy on LGBTIQ+ teachers in faith-based schools but have not received a response."
"We call on Labor to respond to our questions and to release its response to questions on the same topic from the National Catholic Education Commission." 
A copy of the Just.Equal Australia election priorities survey is attached. It can be downloaded here
A table of how parties and individual MPs voted on the Religious Discrimination Bill is also attached.
For a copy of this statement on the web, click here
For more information contact Brian Greig (WA)  on 0407 776 961.