At 11:21 AM 5/12/2006, Kim wrote:

I wish you all would figure out a way to work TOGETHER. I appreciate many of your efforts however the tone of your emails can be a real turn off to alot of people. United we stand divided we fall.

--------------IAHF Response to Kim:

You are correct, however you're failing to understand something very important: not all groups that APPEAR on the surface to be health freedom organizations actually ARE. What you're asking me to do here is to work with a group (Natural Solutions Foundation) that is very actively working AGAINST us. IAHF is certainly not alone in understanding this or in holding the view that Natural Solutions Foundation and Citizens for Health are traitorous controlled opposition groups that have banded together in an effort to sabotage our work against Codex.

IAHF works closely with several allied organizations including the National Health Federation, the Alliance for Natural Health, the American Association for Health Freedom, California Citizens for Health Freedom, Well TV, the Dr.Rath Foundation, and the Coalition for Health Freedom.

None of us will work with the So called "Natural Solutions Foundation" or with so called "Citizens for Health" for the simple reason that they are intentionally working AGAINST us- very actively trying to sabotage our work. For example, NSF has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Miller, producer of this anti Codex documentary film: The Chairman of the Board of CFH is one of NSF's attorneys. Although he was in Miller's film, and promised to help distribute it, he reneged on that promise due to his allegiance to NSF. He has been working closely with NSF in an effort to deceive the grass roots and to steer people in the wrong direction on Codex by generating spin.

You fail to grasp the concept of a controlled opposition group, and you're not alone in being confused about this so don't feel bad.

A controlled opposition group is a group which pretends to be on the side of the grass roots, but is actually on the side of the pharmaceutical industry and the New World Order. The pharmaceutical industry realizes they'll have opposition, so its to their best advantage to try to CONTROL the opposition- to create groups whose mission is to steer the vitamin consuming public off on tangents where it will SEEM to naive people that they're ACTUALLY fighting back and opposing Codex, but in reality they won't be, they'll be taking courses of action that have no chance to actually succeed in doing what the groups CLAIM they're doing.

NSF and CFH are not on our side, they're on the side of the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations and the Globalists.

Read this: also

United Against Controlled Opposition Groups We Stand, but Controlled Opposition Groups Have Never Been on Our Side

During the campaign against CAFTA, for example, Rima Laibow of NSF generated no less than 5 spin pieces against IAHF's message which discussed the interconnections between CAFTA and Codex as we urged people to join our lobby against both. By generating spin against us, NSF assisted the globalists in their efforts to pass CAFTA and this will make it harder for us to defend US sovereignty and to stop Codex from coming here. While generating these 5 spin pieces against our anti CAFTA message, NSF simultaneously very actively misled the public by making the false declaration that a "Miracle" had occurred at the Codex meeting in Rome.

This was an effort to create confusion (cognitive dissonance) amongst the public in the hopes that they'd sit on their hands and not listen to IAHF's message or that of allied groups. Paul Taylor of the Dr.Rath Foundation ably exposed Laibow's contention that a "Miracle" had occurred at Codex last July here:

If you are still confused about controlled opposition groups and how they operate, please call me at 800-333-2553

IAHF is united with the TRUE grass roots health freedom organizations that you CAN TRUST.
NO ONE can trust the controlled opposition groups except pharmaceutical interests, the biggest vitamin companies which are trying to knock their smaller competitors off a cliff via increased red tape, and the globalists. Take the time to read the ROADMAP to the Codex Vitamin Issue here: because it will help you to have a deeper understanding and awareness of what is going on and why.

For Health Freedom
John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom