Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am
May 2019
 The Minyan Monthly
Message from the Rosh
Shalom Chaverim,
I hope you had a meaningful and joyous Pesach. I just returned from Pesach in Israel, my first time in Israel for this holiday, and it was extraordinary. We visited our daughter, who is spending this academic year on Nativ, the Conservative Movement's gap year program. We made our seder with many of Michael's family who live in Israel and a few of Mira's friends. We enjoyed seeing Mira's favorite parts of Israel, including the town of Yerucham, its lake and crater — a sight to behold. We had many options to enjoy great meals in restaurants; it was impossible to feel any deprivation! Israel is economically booming; there were too many construction cranes to count, both in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as well as in between. The Jewish Quarter of the Old City was teeming with people. Israel has challenges, but everyone was on vacation from them during Pesach.
Closer to home, the end of Pesach brought tragedy to our neighbors in the Chabad synagogue in Poway. We mourn the loss of life; we've read of the kindness and generosity Lori Gilbert Kaye (z'l) shared with her friends, family and even those she didn't know. We pray for a refuah shelamah for the injured. Anti-semitism continues to rear its ugly head. And in its face, we will continue to be Jews, practice our religion, fulfill mitzvot and live our values. Hopefully, we will appreciate each other a little more, be a little less critical and judgmental, reminding ourselves that we are all created b'tzelem Elohim, in the image of God.
We will continue to look forward in the Library Minyan this month: an upcoming auf ruf, a post-kiddush talk on Jerusalem's history and a Torah club celebration. See you in shul!
— Melissa Berenbaum
Brought to you by the Education Committee
As part of our commemoration of Yom Ha-Atzmaut, Meyer Shwarzstein will deliver a post-Kiddush lecture on Shabbat, May 11. This lecture will focus on the recent history of Jerusalem from the perspective of Meyer's own family, which can trace its residence in the holy city back to the 1800s. There will be a co-sponsored Kiddush that day so everyone can fortify themselves with a nice lunch before staying to hear Meyer speak.
At 11 am on Sunday May 19, docent Rachel Rubin Green will lead a tour of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Since most LM members are already familiar with Holocaust history, the tour will focus on exhibits unique to LAMOTH. This includes specific exhibits in the permanent collection as well as the current temporary exhibit, "Women at the Frontline of Mass Violence Worldwide". Please send an email to Rachel at to sign up.
— AJ Happel, Education Committee Chair
Foreign Coins as a Teaching Tool
Pressman Academy participates in the National GeographBee, a contest sponsored by the National Geographic Society. In addition to cash prizes, there is a raffle for all of the contestants, with a prize of 100 foreign coins.
The cash prizes encourages the students to take the contest seriously; the raffle encourages participation by a wider group of students. Both efforts have been successful. Since most Jewish American kids are less than three generations from their immigrant roots, studying geography helps connect them with those roots.
Coin donations from many of you have helped maintain this raffle over the past several years; thank you! Before I leave for aliyah (this summer), I want to appeal for your assistance to maintain the raffle in future years.
I am not seeking coins that are valuable; indeed, the more totally worthless the coins are, the better. Pre-Euro European coins, pre-decimal British coins, older coins that have become worthless through inflation: these are the coins with the greatest teaching value. I want coins that will encourage students to ask: where is this country, what are these symbols or persons on these coins, etc. I would be grateful for any coins that you can donate to this effort.
—Jon Friedman
Looking Forward to Shavout Picnic on Monday, June 10
By now, the Passover dishes and pots are back in their customary spaces, or at least sitting in boxes, and we can continue on our collective journey into the desert, counting each day until we receive the Torah. As part of that celebration, the DPL Committee of the Library Minyan will be hosting our annual Picnic at La Cienega Park on the second day of Shavout, Monday, June 10th.

Please bring a blanket and a dairy or pareve lunch for yourself — and then a dessert to share. All variations of cheesecake are welcome, along with other less-lactose heavy treats for the members of the tribe who have sensitive tummies.
We will have some sports equipment for everyone to work off that cheesecake, a drash and if the spirit moves us, some singing.
Childcare can be provided if we have enough young ones coming, so if you are coming with kids under the age of 10, please RSVP to Michelle Wolf or Deborah Blum
Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 10 in the park!
— Michelle K. Wolf
Upcoming Events
May 4  Link Auf Ruf & Co-sponsored Kiddush
May 11 
Co-sponsored Kiddush & Jerusalem lecture
May 19 
Docent-led tour of LAMOTH
May 25  Torah Club Year-End Celebration
June 1 12th Grade Graduation Shabbat in LM
June 8 8th Grade Graduation Shabbat in LM
June 10  Second-day Shavout Picnic in La Cienega Park
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
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