It's Back! The MJGBP2014 (Global Birthday Party) 
2000 Watt Overload of FUN!
Yes Folks! You heard right MJGBP2014 is back! And we are sure you will
be interested in joining in on the fun! Let's Party!

The 2000 Watt Overload!
On August 29th 2014 fans from around the world can participate in a
Global Celebration honouring Michael!
It's free and you don't have to go anywhere to participate!
Just like last year we are broadcasting for three days, so no matter what time zone
you belong to you can join in the fun. It's all going to be 3D but don't worry, we are
taking care of the details, you just need to get some 3D glasses
Improving our Dream Box, with Donor Packs!
Giving you a choice !
We have always felt that people like to feel the money they donate to any charity is being used properly. We have been working on making our Michael's Dream Box better than ever and we've decided to put you in charge. We are starting a new donation process with donor packs, you can choose what goes into the dream box! We have a great selection with different price ranges that you can even select an amount to buy. We would like our Dream Box to have a big impact on the children we deliver them to through Martha Care in the U.K. and are hoping to make this our most successful delivery to date.
Introducing Mr. Dream Bee's Busy Bee Fundraising Corner!
Mr. Dream Bee has been busy, busy, busy! And you can help him, Follow Mr. Dream Bee and find out how you can be a part of Michael's Dream Foundation fundraising campaigns.
This is a great way you and your loved ones can help make a difference.

 Spotlight Recognition

Michael's Dream Foundation has many great link partners, who we rely on to help spread our word, as well as spreading the word of their great causes. Please visit our site for a full list.  If you or a company you know are interested in becoming a Link Partner with MDF please visit our website and see what exactly MDF is and find out if it would be mutually beneficial.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our current Link Partners!

Please vote for Michael's Dream Foundation (If you haven't already) we have a great chance to win $50,000 for the children
 Note: because the voting is done through an "app" you will need to allow access to your PUBLIC information only, before it will direct you to the voting page. There is no harm in doing this as none of your PERSONAL information is ever made available to them. Some iphones will not go directly to voting, you may need to do it from a computer.     Please help us with your vote, it's free and it only takes a second! Thanks
Coffee Time!
Just think, all it takes is one cup of coffee to make a difference, just one. If you bought a pound of your favorite coffee and a cool looking travel mug you could be saving huge. OMG just think how much you could save and who needs all that caffiene anyway
Weezy's Corner is always going to be about DYI and recycling so if you are a creative soul like moi, then visit the Busy Bee Corner for inspiration on how to help your favorite charity (MDF) wink and we will keep adding more and more great ideas on how you can raise money on your own to donate.
Michael's Dream Foundation is growing! Come join the team.
 As the foundation grows so does the demand for support in volunteering. There are several positions available within the foundation. We need loyal, loving people that have the ability to express the love that MDF was built on. This is a worldwide foundation so we encourage all countries to apply. Please check out the application which is very short and simple and a few personality questions because we have a spot waiting for you.
THE MDF Store and Exclusive shop

Great New item for those lovely ladies out there! Beautiful Compact mirrors! Why not get one for yourself or that special lady in your life?
Plus, or another new item is our pledge keychain pictured below, we have many great items in our MDF Zazzle store! You can even customize your order! Personalized items make great gifts!
Or you can visit our MDF Exclusive Shop where you can get your very own pledge certificate or Dream Bee Bracelet. Display and wear them with pride!

In case you missed it...
MDF received a donated plaque from Siedah Garrett!
If you missed this story Click here! to read all about it!
April's Comic strip... What is happening with Annie?
Now Just for fun! Trivia Time....
 Last Months Questions, with Answers as promised:
1. What actress was 1947's Miss California Artichoke Queen?  Marilyn Monroe
 2. Who does Robin Williams play in the film "Night at the museum"? Teddy Roosevelt
3. Who played Khan in the Star Trek Movie "Wrath of Khan"? Ricardo Montalban
This Months Questions:
1. In the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which member of Charlie's family
 goes on the tour of the chocolate factory with him?
2. The movie, Superman starred Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeve. Who got top billing?
3. The main street in Back to the Future is also the main street in what other 80's movie? And Again Answers avaliable in the next newsletter!
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