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New Beads:
Pink or Lavender Aluminium Flower Petal Beads
Arabian Night-Red Garnet Nuggets
Mystical Turquoise Half-Moon Bracelet
Silver Rhombus Pillow Bead Spacers
Gunpowder 8mm Spacer Beads
Powerful Plum Shamball Bead Caslilica
Deep Violet Shamballa Bead
Russian Doll Beads Heishi Discs
Graduated Lime-Green Gaspeite Teardrop Beads
Lime-Green Gaspeite Square Pillow Rhombus
Deep-Blue & Green Calsilica Rondell Beads Beads
Large 22mm Dramatic Color Fimo Beads

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How to sell your Jewelry in Florist Shops

Jewelry and flowers go well together - they both attract similar buyers and make attractive harmonizing ladies gifts.

Cross Promotions

Write a personal business-like letter and mail to your local florists, with a sample of your craft and suggestions of cross promotions. Mention you’ll call in person to discuss the idea or collect the sample if they’re not interested. Follow up by telephone to arrange an appointment a week later. Some ideas for cross promotion are: Make sure you give the florist a clear list of whatever jewelry you leave with them, with a collection date of unsold items.

How to get Orders from Bridal Shops

Every bride wants to look her best, irrespective of cost. I know, I used to photograph thousands of weddings.

The bridal market is huge, with the average wedding costing over US$20,000. Don’t miss out - get in now!

Visit your local bridal store and agree to supply them with custom made tiaras and beads for the gown. Many brides-to-be stitch small white or lavender pearls, swarorski crystals and multi-colored rhinestones, on the back of their wedding dresses. Moonstone is good too. These look stunning when the gown is laid out for the photographs, catching the light in bright sunlight, but need to be subtle.

View online different styles, and make a few simple tiaras to take to the bridal shop as samples. Bring along pearl necklaces and bracelets, and all the other beads that a bride uses on her grown. You can either leave these at the store to sell as sale or return, or get them to take orders for you to make up custom designs. Familiarize yourself with the problems of bridal design and styles.

Bridal Tiara Designs
Match details of the dress and tiara. If the dress has pearls or crystals, select a tiara with pearls or crystals. However, a tiara with only crystals or rhinestones will match any gown. Pearl tiaras go well with off-white or ivory gowns, and should compliment a pearl necklace or earrings.

Make sure all the pieces of the bridal ensemble work together and that no one piece overwhelms another. Brides with short hair look fabulous wearing a tiara too – but choose a lighter one that needs only a few pins to hold it in place. Like a headband style or a more petite shape.

A tiara should draw attention to the bride’s face by framing it. The wrong shape tiara can make the face look too long and thin, or too short and full.

Matching the face:

Matching the gown:

Beading for Gowns

Tiny 3mm Swarovski crystals with or without an aurora borealis, shiny, light-reflecting coating, and silver-lined seed beads are the favorites for beading gowns. They add interest to the dress and show up great on the photographs, especially as the wedding photographer will feature the bride’s and bridesmaid’s gowns. You can sew subtle little shapes, like flowers or butterflies, onto the gown using tiny seed beads - and longer patterns running right down the length of the dress look effective too. Keep the bead color the same or similar to the gown, so as not to take away the dress’s elegance.


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