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Health Freedom Fighters world wide- We can all learn a lot from what is unfolding re the Canadian battle over C-51 which we are clearly going to win if we can just keep the pressure on! C-51 threatens Americans as much as Canadians due to harmonization of food and drug regs occurring across N.America via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter. Three new YouTube videos have just been added to the www.stopc51.com website, and all 3 must be watched by health freedom fighters not only in Canada, but world wide because they'll all help us in our global battle against CODEX GENOCIDE.

This You Tube titled "Bill C-51- Recruiting for Corruption" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_loRuV_sOJk&fmt=18  is a brilliant piece of work and it needs to be shown to every Member of Parliament who has made the collosal political blunder of publicly declaring themselves to be FOR this insane piece of legislation.

Flyers must be posted on University campuses all over Canada urging science students to view it so that they won't fall for Health Canada's lies and allow themselves to be recruited as "Inspectors" by this evil bureaucratic institution which we must dismantle. This video (and the others) will assist us in the dismantling process.

The video must be shown to MPs in the context of letting them know that we're forming CELLS of people in all 308 Ridings across Canada for the purpose of DRIVING FROM OFFICE anyone who is on the WRONG SIDE of this issue. See where your MP stands via this database and help PILE ON because the ROUT is in progress and it won't be stopped if enough people help us play some badly needed HARDBALL! http://www.stopc51.com/c51WhatMPsSaid/index.html


The video shows Deputy Associate Health Minister Meena Ballantyne on the campus of Simon Frazier University in Vancouver attempting to recruit an army of new "Inspectors" to come to work for Health Canada which needs a large number of goons to raid Vitamin companies. Health Canada wants police state powers so they can seize the assetts of companies like True Hope so they can be crushed just as PAN was by the TGA in Australia.* (Pan was Australia's largest supplement manufacturer til they were obliterated in total violation of their Due Process rights under the Law.

C-51 is an effort to harmonize Canada to Australian law being orchestrated by the Codex Coordinating Committee on N.America and the SW Pacific. Ballantyne didn't realize one of our people was monitoring her lies with a camcorder when she let slip the REAL reason for C-51  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_loRuV_sOJk&fmt=18 


Right now so many amendments have been made to C-51 in a desperate effort by the Conservatives to get out of our line of fire that the Liberals are demanding the whole bill be scrapped and re-written and from where I sit the whole piece of JUNK is poised on the edge of the cliff and all we need to do is one collective massive push of phone calls to the Standing Committee on Health and all your MPs saying "HEAVE HO THIS PIECE OF TRASH MUST GO"

DEMAND that your MPs watch the aforementioned video about Ballantyne and also the two youtubes currently shown at the top of the www.stopc51.com website. The one on the left shows network TV news clips discussing the immense dangers caused by SSRI antidepressant drugs which are causing an epidemic of suicides and violent behavior including school shootings. The video includes a dramatic and heart breaking audioclip from a call to 911 caused by a suicide in progress stemming from someone overdosing in Rx antidepressant drugs.

Right next to this video is a hard hitting YouTube discussing Truehope's historic victory over Health Canada which drove several of their customers to suicide by blocking access to Empower Plus, their nutritional product which helps people with bipolar illness. The history of their historic legal victory over Health Canada is delineated and as one TV news clip shown on the You Tube indicates, True Hope was put in the unique situation by Health Canada of having no choice but to break the law by marking a Natural Health Product without a (so called) "Drug Identification Number" because if they had REMOVED the product from the market they would have been jeopardizing the lives of their customers who could have SUED them. This You Tube, alongside the one about SSRIs driving people to suicide speaks VOLUMES about the dire need to DISMANTLE Health Canada, the FDA, the TGA, and other regulatory bodies world wide which are very CLEARLY part of a ruling elite GENOCIDE AGENDA.

We have the tools here to drive any politician who is on the wrong side of this issue out of office. It is very important that all of you in Canada USE these tools to BEST ADVANTAGE! You have the HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY here to win an ENORMOUS VICTORY not only for Canada, but for vitamin consumers all over the world, so its very important that you INCREASE the pressure at this time! The www.stopc51.ca website shows you how! Just go there and take action! Join a local cell against the bill! They're being formed in all 308 Ridings in Canada. Any politican who remains on the wrong side of this issue is DEAD MEAT!

This evening I'm going to a Town Meeting in Vancouver sponsored by MP Joyce Murray re C-51. Ongoing donations are needed to help me make the rounds in the Vancouver area where I've been patiently educating anyone who will listen on this issue because our presence IS being felt, we ARE making more than just a DENT in the armor of the ruling elite bag biting PONDSCUM who seek to cull our numbers and make us mind controlled SLAVES on their global plantation!

Awareness is increasing about the interconnection between bills such as C-51 and the ruling elite's intention to cull our numbers and to put us all under electronic mind control due to YouTubes such as this one: North American Union and V-Chip Truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBo4E77ZXo

More and more people are reading up on the ruling elite's plans to enslave us via the lense of sites such as this one www.us-government-torture.com where John Mecca discusses the fact that specific micronutrients interfere with both implanted chips and also with directed energy in the form of microwaves. As an increasing number of people connect the dots on the Ruling Elite's evil plans to turn this into a Prison Planet, their plans are getting harder and harder to pull off. I mention this in order to UNDERSCORE the extreme importance of helping to kill bills like C-51. They must be viewed against this broader backdrop.

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