Dear Site Rep,

You have probably been receiving as we have, lots of emails and messages from plot holders worried that the water will not be turned on at allotment sites in April.

There seems to have been some major miscommunication happened here.
If you have put a notice on your site gate saying that water will not be turned on in April, please could you take it down. Rob Walker has told us that water supplies are intended to be turned on as usual, though there may be some delays due to staffing shortages.

Best Regards,

Water supply at Allotments
Some days ago Site Reps were sent an email from the Allotment Service which told them among other things that the water supply at allotments would not be turned on in April because they would not have the staff to deal with any leaks that might happen when the taps got turned on.
Site Reps relayed this message to plot holders. We have since received many emails and messages from plot holders understandably very worried by this.
We have contacted the Council about this and raised your concerns. It seems that this was never actual official policy and that plans to turn the water on are the same as they are every year.
Rob Walker head of City Parks Operations has told us
"From the first of April staff are scheduled to start turning on allotment site water supplies as usual. Coronavirus is seriously impacting Cityparks capacity to carry out work but we still intend to turn on allotment water supplies."
Thanks for all the offers from plumbers who suggested they could look after any on site leaks. I would suggest that once water is turned on that we remain vigilant to leak spotting in any event.
Anything we can do to help manage allotments at this time is ultimately of benefit to us and the rest of the City. For water savings tips please see our website.


Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation