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5 October 2010
Stitch and Whole Lotta Sheep Going On
... Stitch London does Ally Pally ... Knitting Cartoon Sheep Ahoy! ... Return of the Stitched Selves! ...
... EXCLUSIVE EVENT: John Smedley gets graffiti knitted ...
WIN: Purls of Wisdom book
Crazy sheep-based shenanigan-style greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, not too soggy and rolling up your handmade sleeves and sharpening your elbows for The Knitting and Stitching Show 2010, the fibre-based monster of the knitting year, and raring to attend on of the most imaginative designer knitwear events ever as John Smedley get yarnstormed!
Stitch London learners:  Look out for the learner icon (left) to see dates for learner meetings. Places may be limited so please arrive early to sign up.

Questions? See our Learn to Knit and FAQ pages.

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 Stitch London goes to Ally Pally: We're teaming up with The Fleece Station to bring Ally Pally the sheepiest stall ever including: brand new Stitch London goodies, limited edition Graffiti Knitting iconic London images, your Stitched Selves, Derek the Sheep, Vern and Lettuce, Lego and fabric goodies from The Bothered Owl and some P/Hop goodness. Look! Look!
(If you can't make it to Ally Pally we're opening the Stitch London online shop soon. Watch this space)

Baaaavellous! Meet the Sheep: We introduce Derek and Vern, two sheep who know the ways of the Knit.
John Smedley gets yarnstormed: Stitch London and Knit the City are teaming up to graffiti knit London's John Smedley store and you're all invited to the launch. There'll be bubbly, a 20% discount on all designer knitwear and rather a lot of knitting graffiti.

Win Purls of Wisdom: Think you're wise in the ways of the knit? You won't need to win a copy of Purls of Wisdom then...

Stitch London meetings:
For more information on each venue click on 'More info' to go to our Venues page

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Royal Festival Hall (Level 2)
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road


  Map More info

MONDAY 11 Oct 

Time: From 6.30-8pm
Venue: John Smedley
24 Brook Street

Regular Stitch London meeting nearby
Time: From 6pm
Venue: Balls Brothers
34 Brook Street


Time: From 6pm 
Venue: Stamford Arms 
62 Stamford Street 

Map More info

 Stitch and Shiny Stuff to Buy and See

Woo hoo! The Knitting and Stitching Show hits London from the 7-10 October and Stitch London are proud to annouce our very first stall. Our stall in RCG1. Come see us!

Fancy buying some stuff to keep Stitch London alive? We're teaming up with two rather dashing comic book sheep from The Fleece Station, a very good cause and a funky fabric and stitchmarker seller to bring you Stitch London's first ever all stitching, all sheepy stall.

Here's what's on offer:

Stitch London badges and fridge magnets

Our badges and fridge magnets are famous for saying the things that stitchers need to world to see.

Whichever craft you feel an undying love for say it loud.

Express your woolly love, your knitting rage, your crocheting passions and your sewing sentiments.

Graffiti Knitted London

Limited editions of Knit the City's most sneakily stitched yarnstorms.

The fabulous Parliament Square Phonebox Cosy as a postcard, greetings card or fridge magnet.

Postcards of Nutcracker Knitmare Before Christmas Ballerina and Trafalgar Square Punk Polecover.

The postcards are a limited edition to promote the
Knit the City book published in 2011.

These images are exclusive to Stitch London. You won't be able to get them from anyone else. Not even if you ask nicely.

YOU! Your Stitched Selves!

A whopping 258 of you stitched yourselves as part of the Stitch Yourself project which was exhibited for one night at the Science Museum.

Missed the big event? Fear not. All 258 Stitched Selves will be joining Stitch London at our stall.

Find your mini me or seek out the tiny fibre version of someone you know.

And even more lovely stitching stuff

We're also selling the stitching wares of our fabric-feathered friends The Bothered Owl with their signature Lego Stitchmarkers and some of their fabric-to-die-for handmade needle envelopes on the Stitch London stall. Come and rummage through for a bit of nostalgic knitting.

And we're giving some space to P/Hop selling some fabulous knitting patterns for however much you want to donate. All money donated for P/Hop patterns will go to Médecins Sans Frontières.

No yarn!

Stitch London aren't selling any yarn at all. Not one bit. Nope. Lucky for you everyone else is.
Stitch and Sheep That'll Have You in Stitches

Knitters and sheep are similar folks. Woolly, cuddly, grumpy and always hungry. We're sharing our Ally Pally stall with two of the most fabulous fleecey fellows the knitting world has ever met. It's about time you were introduced.

Derek is a crazed cockney grass-chewer with a passion for grass, robotic arm wrestling and blowing things up. We interviewed Derek in last year and he's been knitting ever since.

Gary Northfield, creator of The Beano's Derek the Sheep (as well as writing for National Geographic Kids and Horrible Histories), will be selling and signing copies of the Derek the Sheep book at Ally Pally or you can snag a copy on Amazon but quick! They're almost sold out!

Vern is a slightly worried knitting sheep who spends his time with Lettuce, his bouncy bunny best friend, for battles with moles, parties with polar bears and some very dodgy pigeons.

Sarah McIntyre, children's book illustrator and space princess, will be selling signed copies of her brand-new and super-cute Vern and Lettuce book at Ally Pally or you can snag it online here.

Both artists will also be handpainting limited edition sheep-flavoured knit-themed watercolours live at the Stitch London and Fleece Station stall. Come and grab a bit of original sheepy art that no one else can get their hooves on.
EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Stitch and the lovely folks at John Smedley

Want a glass of bubbly, a discount on designer knitwear and a little bit of knitted art?

Back in the summer Stitch London were contacted by a giant in knitting history, the good folks at John Smedley. John Smedley are one of Britain's oldest knitwear companies, established 225 years ago in 1784. That is some serious time knitting. They even invented the Long Johns!

John Smedley invited the Stitch London Stitchettes up to Matlock in lovely Derbyshire to see their factory where the knitwear action happens and to learn a little about the Smedley Family. There are whole generations of families working there.
All this was in preparation for a very special project where graffiti knitting will meet traditional knitwear as Stitch London, and their sneaky stitching friends at Knit the City, yarnstorm John Smedley's Brook Street store in central London.

Come and witness the woolly yarnstorm

You're all invited to come along to the store on Monday 11 October between 6.30 and 8pm see the yarnstorming stitcher in action. John Smedley are also offering a 20% discount on their knitwear to all Stitch Londoners who come along on the night and you might even grab yourself a free glass of fizzy stuff if you get there in time.
We'll also be knitting in the usual style at a nearby pub (see meetings for details).

To start things off we'll introduce you to the John Smedley family by taking you up to Derbyshire to have a look around. Fancy coming with us on the factory tour? Join us on the blog.

We'll be posting a sneak peek on the blog daily until the big event. Here's a hint of things to come with Sneak Peek One...

COMPETITION: Stitch and some woolly wisdom   

Chances are if you're reading this newsletter you already know a little something about knitting. But wait... There's bound to be something you don't know though. You can't possibly have learned it all. How are you going to fill the gaps!??!!? AGH!

Fear not! If it's purls of wisdom ye seek then we have just the thing. We're lucky enough to have snagged five copies of Purls of Wisdom, by crafty writer Jenny Lord, to give away to some lucky Stitch Londoners.

The book offers all manner of knitting smarts from the history of knitting, to practical stuff, to patterns to crazy ideas like graffiti knitting and joining a local (or global) knitting group.

You might even spy a mention of Stitch London and those sneaky Knit the City stitchers if you read for long enough. Cool, eh?

Want it? Well all you need to do is answer this question:

In knitting which of these is NOT a type of stitch pattern?
a. Moss stitch
b. Garter stitch
c. Owowow I've been running and now I've got a stitch

Drop us an email at with:
  • The subject line "I must stuff my head with more knitting wisdom!"
  • Answer A, B or C
  • Your full name, email and address
The deadline for the competition is Sunday 24 October at 8pm.

Please note: Offering to arrive at Stitch London Towers with startlingly cute puppies wearing handknit superhero outfits will not help you win. It'd be fun though. Good luck!

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends Sunday 24 October 2010 at 8pm.
3. No cash alternatives. 4. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers, and notified via email. 5. If winners don’t reply within two weeks of closing date then new winners will be chosen. 6. Prizes will be posted to the winners.

Mini competition: We're looking for marvellous ideas to stitck on Stitch London badges. If you have one let us know on Twitter, Ravelry or Facebook or drop us an email. If we make your badge idea you'll get it for free! Or if you've got no idea vote for your faves in our Online Badge Poll.

See you at Ally Pally and if you can't make it then you can stalk us in the usual ways: on the Ravelry message board, and via the mediums of Twitter and Facebook. Apologies to our non-London Stitch Londoners who can't come along to the show. We'll take photos and think of you often.

Happy sheep-herding, Stitch Londoners

Stitch London x


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