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  June 2015
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Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants
In the June 1, 2015 edition of JAMA Pediatrics a study titled “Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants” researchers studied almost 14,000 premature babies after they were vaccinated in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).   The study concluded that All ELBW infants in the NICU had an increased incidence of sepsis evaluations and increased respiratory support and intubation after routine immunization.”  The researchers go on to say that “Our findings provide no evidence to suggest that physicians should not use combination vaccines in ELBW infants. Further studies are needed to determine whether timing or spacing of immunization administrations confers risk for the developing adverse events and whether a prior history of sepsis confers risk for an altered immune response in ELBW infants.” 
In other words, full steam ahead, one size fits all for these low birth weight babies even though the study authors admit that vaccinating these infants “has been associated with adverse events, including fever and adverse cardiorespiratory events, such as apnea and bradycardia, in the immediate postimmunization period.”    The study admitted, “Combination products were treated as one immunization”, and “In the analysis of adverse events by immunization type, days in the preimmunization period that were also postimmunization days for another type of immunization were excluded.”
Deaths are spoken of as routine….”There were 5 deaths in the postimmunization period. Three of the 5 infants who died in the 3 days after immunization had a diagnosis associated with death available in the data set; 1 infant had a bowel perforation, 1 infant had necrotizing enterocolitis and presumed sepsis, and 1 infant had pneumonia and respiratory failure.”
Journalist Jeffrey Jaxen’s article, “New JAMA Study Confirms Nurse Whistleblowing: Routine Hospital Vaccine Damage Happening to Infants”, describes how the JAMA Pediatrics study confirms and validates what Michelle Rowton of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines describes in an interview.   Jaxen’s article quotes Rowton, “I’ve sat in a room with our on-call staff of physicians and practitioners (when they say) “Oh wow, this is so embarrassing this 25 weeker never actually required a breathing tube and going on the vent after he was born, he was so strong. But we gave him his two month vaccinations and he got intubated last night ha ha, oops how embarrassing. The step-down units are calling the NICU’s and saying “hey we’re going to go ahead and give these four babies their two month shots today, make sure you have beds ready because we all know they’re going to have increased breathing difficulties, feeding and digestion difficulties, apnea, and bradycardia. This is what goes on”   You can view the entire video interview as well as an audio interview of Michelle Rowton at Jaxen’s website
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's article, "Killing Children in the NICU" states, "Across the country, physicians are giving vaccines without any apparent understanding of pediatric immunology. In fact, it appears that the need to give vaccines to premature infants – even extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants – according to the vaccine schedule for full term babies is more important than considering the impact those solutions will have on the tiny tot’s immediate and long term health."  Dr. Tenpenny describes the details of a 2007 study of pre-term infants with severe side effects including severe cardiorespiratory events and intraventricular hemorrhage where "were monitored for 3 days after the shots." 
A 6-part video series with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, "Neonatal Immunity: The First Three Years" is a must-see for anyone wanting to understand the effects of vaccination on infants' immune systems and brain function. 
Leslie Carol Botha’s article discusses the JAMA article and the reasons behind so many premature babies being born and whether there is a connection to autoimmunity.
Vaccine Choice Canada would like to extend our sincere sympathy to the family, co-workers and patients of the brilliant autism researcher and medical doctor Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, who died on June 19, 2015.
In the News.....
Shocking Report from Medical InsidersF. William Engdahl (NEO) : A shocking admission by the editor of the world’s most respected medical journal, The Lancet, has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. Dr. Richard Horton, Editor-in-chief of the Lancet recently published a statement declaring that a shocking amount of published research is unreliable at best, if not completely false, as in, fraudulent.

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Bringing ‘chandatory’  vaccinations to Albertans by Heather Fraser
#NOMANDATES - Preserving Medical Choice - #NoMandates is an initiative started in Canada in response to the CMA’s proposal of mandating vaccines for daycare and school entry.
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Ontario Increasing Funding for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities - Province Investing Additional $6 Million in Student Success – “There are now twice as many students with disabilities enrolled in postsecondary education than there were in 2002-2003. Students with disabilities make up 8.8 per cent of postsecondary students, which totalled 54,300 students last year.”
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