Watch "What in the World Are They Spraying?" .................Sulfur to Protect Us...Sulfur Crytstals  thru Microscope
IAHF List: Malthusian Monsters who seek to cull our numbers are spraying toxic chemtrails on us from planes. They're intentionally contaminating our air, water, and soil for population control purposes under a guise of "protecting us from global warming" via "geoengineering." The US Airforce and all NATO countries are in on this UN driven population control maneuver, and we must take steps to protect ourselves! In this alert you'll learn how to use organic sulfur to protect your health and that of your family members from this toxic assault!
Please watch the well made documentary film  "What in the World Are They Spraying?"  You will see from this that we are being sprayed with toxic aluminum oxide, barium, strontium, mycoplasma, and other highly toxic substances. These toxins are now in our air, water, and soil. They're getting into our food, and they're assaulting our bodies and minds. See this site which documents all of this.
Thirty four years ago I recovered from a life threatening illness via a suppressed alternative treatment mode. In 1989 I started fighting the FDA professionally to defend consumer access to dietary supplements, in 1996 I was the first to blow the whistle on the UN Codex effort to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, and in 2005 I was the first to blow the whistle on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
With the planned collapse of the global economy, I've been having a harder and harder time making ends meet and keeping IAHF afloat, so I looked around for a way to bring in extra income while simultaneously protecting myself and everyone on the IAHF list from this chemical assault we're all under.
For twenty years I've been friends with Patrick McGean, Study Director of the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Blood Study.
After years of benefitting from taking organic sulfur myself, I've just become one of his Study Directors on an observational study of organic sulfur, a remarkable substance that we can all use to improve our health while simultaneously protecting ourselves from the chemical assault we're all under from chemtrails and from the depletion of sulfur from the soil caused by petrochemical fertilizers.
Every seven years, all the cells in our bodies are regenerated, and by using sulfur we can accelerate this regeneration process! Photos take of our faces at regular intervals while using sulfur show an improvement in our cellular health which reflects the internal health of our cells as well!
Please go to this site which I just created to educate people about organic sulfur, and how it radically improves oxygen transport across cell membranes while simultaneously helping with waste removal from the cells.
From this site you can join the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study, and procure a 99.7% pure form of sulfur that outperforms all MSM sold in health food stores which is only 39% sulfur (the rest is methyl cellulose and Silicon Dioxide, an anti caking ingredient that interferes with the uptake of sulfur to the cells.)
As you can see from the site, sulfur has some unique molecular properties. Not even oxygen is capable of combining with as many elements as sulfur is. It bonds with aluminum, barium, and strontium to safely remove these chemtrail sprayed toxins from the body!
In the early 1950s farmers increasingly began using chemical fertilizers that were deficient in sulfur and the sulfur cycle was broken. This triggered a huge incidence of degenerative disease that became even worse when the Clean Air Acts of the 1980s caused scrubbers to be put on smokestacks which further reduced atmospheric sulfur causing our soil to be even more sulfur deficient. While this did help reduce air pollution, it simultaneously wrecked havoc on our health in other ways!
No one who has been taking organic sulfur for a long time who has had blood work has ever had a problem with heavy metal toxicity! It even removes mercury from our bodies! Cancer can't live in the presence of oxygen, and Patrick McGean saved his son's life when he had testicular cancer by having him drink many glasses of sulfur water per day.
This was the genesis of the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study which he started in 1999. Since that time, he's assisted thousands of people get off every kind of Rx drug just by having them ingest sulfur. Can you think of a better weapon against UN Agenda 21, Codex, and Chemtrails than this?
All pain is caused by the absence of oxygen, and sulfur increases the permeability of cell membranes allowing for radically improved oxygenation of the body. This increases our metabolic rate enabling us to more easily burn off toxins stored in our fat cells. It helps to unglycate our cells to reduce insulin resistance enabling insulin to more easily carry glucose into our cells to be burned as energy! Sulfur thus helps prevent and reverse type two diabetes, it helps eliminate blood sugar problems that cause depression, and a host of other things as well!
The difference between the 99.7% pure sulfur available at Sulfur For Health and the MSM you buy in health food stores and from others is enormous. Most MSM is made via a high heat distillation process that damages the sulfur crystals.
Sulfur for Health's sulfur is not made that way. DMSO from pine lignans is rotated in a stainless steel vat and sulfur crystals condense on the outside. They're then removed with a hammer- heat is not used to separate the sulfur. You can take our sulfur and grow large crystals from it in a glass of  water, but you can't do this with most MSM on the market- remember- most MSM is only 39% sulfur which has been damaged by high heat, and is mostly methyl cellulose. Whats worse, is they've added silicon dioxide, an anti caking ingredient that interferes with the uptake of sulfur to the cells- this stuff will work, sort of, but you have to take about five times as much!
I realize some of you are probably wondering whats going on with IAHF. Have I suddenly abandoned my health freedom mission and "gone commercial"? No, I haven't, and I'll continue to report the same useful health freedom information that I always have, but the bad economy forced me to branch out this way and start Sulfur For Health- the proceeds of which will help to continue being able to do this health freedom work.
We badly need to make an updated version of Kevin Miller's documentary film "We Become Silent- The Last Day's of Health Freedom"! We've been needing for years to alert people to subsequent threats including FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, the means by which Codex is being ushered into North America, and UN Agenda 21, but we've never been able to so far due to lack of funds. I will donate a portion of proceeds from Sulfur For Health towards the making of this updated film.
Please help me generate traffic to Sulfur for Health by creating links to it from your websites, and by forwarding this alert to more people! Please join our Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study! By doing so, and by using organic sulfur, you will boost your energy level, eliminate allergies, improve your mood, your libido, you can protect yourself from cancer and every other sort of degenerative disease!
If you take sulfur, and take a 5 megapixel flash photo of your face every three months, you will see a huge difference in the health of your skin- which will reflect the internal health of your cells as well!  I can't think of an easier way than this of stopping Codex and UN Agenda 21!
 To help assist with our work, please either join the IAHF Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study and start using sulfur or just make a donation to IAHF via paypal, or send us a check or money order at IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA. Please forward this alert to more people!