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Upcoming Events
Meet the Producer: Fairtrade Talks and Tasters.
This year we're joined by Nioka Abbott, a Fairtrade Farmer from the Winward Island.
Thursday 4th March, 7pm. More information here.
Upcoming Events

Making Fairtrade Normal Trade:
A joint British Medical Association and World Development Movement meeting looking at bringing Fairtrade to the NHS.
Friday 26th Feb, 7pm.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2010: 22 Feb- 7 March
'The Big Swap' is the theme of Fairtrade Fortnight 2010, encouraging people to swap their regular stuff, with Fairtrade stuff. For more information click here.
This year we're also joined by a Fairtrade farmer from the Winward Islands, Nioka Abbott, who will be speaking at the event listed to the left.
Launching Fairtrade Fortnight in Leeds
What better way to launch Fairtrade Fortnight than a conference on food politics. Hungry for Activism is a conference to educate, inform and inspire action on food politics.

Hungry for Activism: Sat Feb 20th, 12noon, Civic Hall
Events and more
Just some of the events taking place during Fairtrade Fortnight are highlighted here. For more events and details view the events page
If you know of any event not yet listed, let us know via the email address below.
For events taking place elsewhere in Yorkshire and the Humber visit: http://www.fairtradeyorkshire.org.uk
Many thanks
Ian Adderley
Chair, Fairtrade Leeds
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Mobile: 07915 392 605
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