IAHF List:

I just got off the phone with one of our two contacts who is at the Codex meeting in Bonn, Germany. Things are NOT going well. Previously we had anticipated that they would most likely have finalized work one way or the other on the Codex vitamin standard TODAY, but things are carrying over til TOMORROW November 2nd, which gives US this LAST DITCH chance to get THIS MESSAGE to BUSH through the Whitehouse comments line at


"President Bush MUST REIGN IN Dr.Schneeman of the FDA who is at the Codex meeting in Bonn Germany. Currently at Codex they are deliberating on the language of article 3.2.2 and they are contemplating including language that would add the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE into language pertaining to manufacturers recommended daily dose.

This is UNACCEPTABLE to vitamin consumers whose access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range is being THREATENED.

Tell Schneeman that she must VIGOROUSLY OPPOSE finalization of the standard as it currently stands. If she fails to do this IAHF will make this WIDELY KNOWN and Bush will LOSE VOTES tomorrow on election day."

We only have the next 55 minutes to get this message in to the Whitehouse Comments line.
I could not provide you with any sooner advance notice.

Tune in to http://www.voiceamerica.com tomorrow morning at 7 am west coast time where John Hammell will be the guest of Dr.Pieter Taams on "Update on Health" with additional information. The show will be archived.

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