There is so much going on that I don't have time to write my normal extended screed about politics.
So here are some bullet points:
• According the the Supreme Court - 
Women should not have any federally protected right to end a pregnancy.

• According to the Supreme Court - 
The Environmental Protection Agency does not have the power to protect the environment.

• According to the Supreme Court - 
We should all be able to carry concealed weapons.

• According the the Supreme Court - 
Prayers lead by school officials are Free Speech.

• According the the Supreme Court - 
Not giving religious schools tax dollars is discrimination.

• Almost half of the American Working Class, terrified of the realities of their lives, have joined a cult of Christian nationalists bent on the violent overthrow of the Federal Government.

• That violent cult includes the wife of one of the Senior Justices of - 
The Supreme Court.

And so -
“Hilarious Political Satire.”
“Political satire at its best.”
“Laugh-out-loud telling of the dystopian reality
we are living in right now.”
Speak Out Now 
“The Mime Troupe’s comedy reflects our miserable reality.
They hit it out of the park with their powerful progressive comedy.”
Barry Horwitz / Theatrius
“They're back with a bang. Funny, dangerous, silly, revealing
and hopeful, sort of, in a Eugene V. Debs
rides the Mad Hatter's Teacups kind of way,
this is what the Mime Troupe always does so well.”
Douglas Konecky / SF Theatre Blog
“By all means, see this production even if you have to travel to SF. It’s free – though it depends on donations and on grants— and it’s a living part of our extended cultural revolution that made the July 4th crowd a tad uncomfortable without leaving anyone in a state of despair or hopelessness. It hit just the right balance.”
Jonah Raskin / CounterPunch 
July 2 - Sept 5
Script by Michael Gene Sullivan, with Marie Cartier
Music and Lyrics by Daniel Savio
Directed by Velina Brown

In a country where we can finally stop wearing masks to get pizza and go to the movies and where we again have a president who isn’t dumb as a two dollar ham, hard-working middle-aged liberals Ralph and Alice wistfully yearn for The Before Times, when things seemed normal.

But for Zoe - their twenty-something daughter who grew up in a world of climate change, housing crashes, student debt, the rise of dictatorships and the fall of democracies - there is no “better” to go back to. For her the purgatory of the last two years was just a pause from life in Hell.

So what’s the point?

Isn’t it easier to just give up? If only her new, socially inept, maybe crazy, conspiracy-theorist friend wasn’t so intent on saving the world! Why are they so convinced Zoe is the one to do it? Why do they need Zoe’s help?

What kinda name is “Book”?

And what even is a portal gun?

Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Andre Amarotico, 
 Lizzie Calogero, Norman Gee 
and Alicia M. P. Nelson
The SFMT Band features
 Will Durkee (Guitars)Daniel Savio (Keyboards), and Jason Young (Drums).
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Velina will be appearing at

Marcus Gardley returns to the Bruns
after the success of black odyssey
with a new modern verse translation
of Shakespeare's Classic
set in the Fillmore District of San Francisco.
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This October SFBATCO is presenting a workshop
of a selection of the new musical

"Sign My Name To Freedom:
 The Unheard Songs of Betty Reid Soskin"

The life and music of Bay Area legend
and America’s oldest living park ranger
 Betty Reid Soskin

Conceived by Jamie Zimmer
Book by Michael Gene Sullivan
Music and lyrics by Ms. Soskin
Directed by Tanika Baptiste
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~ Meanwhile ~

Theatre on Podil
(Kyiv, Ukraine)
The Ukrainian translation
 of the stage adaptation by
Michael Gene Sullivan

Directed by
Sergiy Pavlyuk
Production was stopped at the beginning
of the Russian invasion, but despite the war
the theatre has resumed production!

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