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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
July 1, 2011
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 12, Issue 593


I have been going over some of our earlier newsletters (much earlier) and reading with great interest the wonderful History Corner series submitted by Leicester Warburton. I thought I would start to reintroduce some of these interesting articles back into the PON, as they give such an insight into our Pittwater world from times long gone.

We actually owe a great deal to Leicester as he started this whole newsletter business for the offshore community by hand typing the original SINEWS newsletters, then hand delivering them to all the residents. A story goes that when Leicester did his rounds delivering the newsletters he was always invited in for a quick drink and a chat by all the appreciative locals. So much so that it often took him most of the day to get his deliveries done, and he would arrive home much later than expected somewhat worse for the wear ! Leicester you might like to comment ?
Please remember that the PON is your newsletter so if you have something for sale, or something you want, or wish to comment on a local issue (as long as it's not offensive or personal) just let me know in time for the next newsletter. 


  • Gwyn's Calendar
  • Jan Sindel-Hand Art Prize
  • Gone Fishing Gallery Update
  • Local Council Notices
  • Fireshed Dinner on again this weekend!
  • Book Launch at Gone Fishing Gallery
  • New Photos added to Online Gallery
  • History Corner by Leicester Warburton
  • Yachtmen's Lunch & Talk
  • Author Talks
  • New Post Boxes available at Church Point
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  • Gwyn's July 2011 Calendar 

    To download a full version (A4 size) of this months calendar, ready for printing,  just click on the calendar image.

    You can contact Gwyn Perkins by email at g.perkins@gwyn.com.au

    The file is quite large and in PDF format. To view PDF documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
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    Jan Sindel-Hand takes 2nd Prize, RMYC Art Show

    Secret Men's Business

    Until recently I knew Jan Sindel-Hand as the friendly, golf cart driving resident on Florence Terrace. Actually Jan is an award-winning artist and not one to sing it from the rooftop. I ran into Jan this past weekend. She casually mentioned (with a shrug) – hey by the way I won a prize. I thought more locals should know.

    Congratulations Jan for winning 2nd prize in this year’s RMYC Annual Art Show. Her watercolour, “Fine Tuning,” took 2nd and promptly sold, as did another of her works.

    Also, in 2010 Jan took the RMYC Commodore’s Prize. Her ‘blokes in the yacht,’ a painting actually called “Secret Men’s Business,” was the People’s Choice in 2009.

    For those who don’t know Jan’s history, she’s a retired commercial artist. She’s been on the Island for 8 years and much longer in the Peninsula. As her 2011 piece sold so quickly she missed the chance to get a shot of it. But here’s a sample of her work, her People’s Choice blokes.

    Tracy Ponich


    Gone Fishing Gallery Update

    click image to load full size PDF


    Local Council Notices
    Creative Writing Workshop for Young Teens

    Are you aged between 12 and 14 and enjoy story writing?

    Mona Vale library is inviting young storytellers to a creative writing workshop with journalist and author Lisa Forrest on Thursday 14 July from 10am.

    Ms Forrest will help you unlock the secrets of storytelling, by helping you turn your good ideas into a great tale.

    “When it comes to storytelling a few simple guidelines will help you on your way,” said Ms Forrest.

    “You will learn how to keep your characters interesting, keep your readers wanting more, while having fun during the writing process,” she said.

    Lisa Forrest has been described as a story teller for all ages. She became a household name when she burst onto the international swimming scene in 1978 as a 14 year old school girl.

    While in Year 11 at high school Lisa captained the Australian swimming team to the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

    Lisa joined a small band of high profile athletes that led a campaign to defy government support of a US-led boycott of the games, resulting in death threats, falling public support and dwindling sponsorship funding.

    The campaign took its toll, with Lisa failing to win the expected Olympic medal in the 200m backstroke, in dramatic fashion.

    Making a successful move into the media, Lisa became a well-respected sports commentator and more recently a TV and radio host.

    In 2000 she became an author for young adults when her first book Making the most of it was released. Her other books include djmAx and a chapter book for younger readers called Meg Banana.

    The attendance fee for the workshop is $7 per person. The workshop runs from 10am to 11.30am, with bookings essential on 9970 1600 or by emailing rebeccah_vick@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    Media contact:      Rebeccah Vick    Ph: 9970 1622

    Traditional Damper Making for Kids

    Mona Vale library will host a free damper making workshop on Tuesday 5 July from 10am to 12pm at Mona Vale Memorial Hall, Park Street, Mona Vale.

    Children aged between 5 to 8 years old are invited to learn how to make traditional damper with ‘Uncle Les’, as well as join in some fun Aboriginal games.

    ‘Uncle’ Les McLeod is an experienced National Parks Aboriginal ranger who through his work teaches both children and adults about the importance of Aboriginal culture.

    “Most people think of damper as the food of the colonial bushmen that roamed around Australia in the 1800s,” said Mr McLeod.

    “Actually, the Aboriginal people were making a damper-like bread way before that, using ground seeds of native plants,” he said.

    The free workshop is in celebration of the Guringai Festival, a month-long celebration of Aboriginal and indigenous culture in northern Sydney, involving over ten councils.

    The Guringai Festival runs until 10 July.  For more information visit www.guringaifestival.com.au

    Bookings for the workshop are essential and can be made by calling 9970 1600.

    Media contact:     Rebeccah Vick, Mona Vale Library Ph: 9970 1608

    Pittwater Sustainability Awards

    The 2011 Pittwater Sustainability Awards have opened, with a new category – Sustainability in Schools – added to boost younger residents’ interest in the issue.

    The Sustainability Awards aim to recognise and reward individuals, businesses and schools that are committed to helping Pittwater community reduce its ecological footprint.

    Previous entries have included a sustainable makeover of a Petitt & Sevitt 1970s house; a completely new home constructed at Mona Vale that has cut energy and water use by up to 50%; a new garden in a clifftop location that now has over 100 native plants and a company producing sportsfield equipment such as goalposts out of recycled materials.

    Entries can be submitted online at at www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/sustainability_awards
    The four categories are Sustainability in Design, Sustainability in Business, Sustainability in Landscaping and Sustainability in Schools. 

    Pittwater Mayor Harvey Rose said the awards were initiated by the Council in 2009 to recognise and reward sustainable actions by local businesses and individuals.

    “The first awards included the Blackmores organisation, which has integrated rain water harvest and energy generation into their business premises and local resident Dick Clarke who renovated his home with a focus on sustainable air quality, water and energy use making it 100% carbon neutral,” Mayor Rose said.

    Winners in each of this year’s categories will receive their award at a presentation in October. Entries can be from residents, business or schools and must demonstrate sustainability within the Pittwater area. The closing date for entries is 15 August.

    Media contact:      Fiona Hasselmann   Ph: 9970 1248

    New Delivery Program Adopted

    The Council has adopted the 2011-2015 Delivery Program and Budget at its meeting this week. The Delivery Program and Budget identifies key actions that the Council will undertake over the next four years on behalf of its community.

    A major platform of the program and budget is the inclusion of a $38 million works program funded by a three-year rate variation.

    For the average residential ratepayer in Pittwater, it means an estimated increase of $41 a year in rates for 2011-2012; $85 in 2012-2013 and $86 in 2013-2014. The Council will begin implementing the works program from July this year.

    Mayor Harvey Rose said the works program was strongly influenced by the community’s wish to see major capital works and infrastructure improvements in Pittwater.

    “The Council believes wholeheartedly in the principle of consulting the Pittwater community about spending priorities and choices”, he said.

    Key capital works projects include:
    • $16 million over the next ten years for Pittwater’s roads, footpaths and boardwalks.
    • Strengthening of environmental protection programs for areas such as Narrabeen Lagoon North Palm Beach dunes and McCarrs Creek, among others
    • Extending water and energy saving initiatives in the community and in public buildings
    • Major improvements to surf clubs such as Avalon Beach
    • Extension of the cycleways network
    • New communal facilities at reserves such as Bilarong, Governor Phillip and Kitchener Park
    • Improvements to Lakeside Holiday Park at North Narrabeen
    • Implementation of more stormwater harvesting projects
    • Flood prevention works in Newport and North Narrabeen.
    General Manager Mark Ferguson said the Delivery Program would spearhead the Council’s operations over the next four years and provide the operational link to the strategies outlined in Pittwater 2020, the community’s strategic vision.

    The Delivery Program and Budget for 2011-2015, which includes fees and charges for the new financial year, can be viewed at www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au and at the Council’s customer service centres and libraries.

    Paul Reid, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1102

    Community Reference Group Members Appointed
    The Council has appointed 60 local residents to serve on its community reference groups over the next two years.

    The reference groups were created by the Council in 2009 as an additional way of gaining community input on issues affecting Pittwater residents.

    A central focus of the reference groups will be to discuss the Council’s progress on implementing Pittwater’s strategic plan, Pittwater 2020.

    There are four reference groups including:
    • Community Recreation & Economic Development
    • Natural Environment
    • Community Engagement & Information
    • Planning an Integrated Built Environment
    Mayor Harvey Rose said that the groups are made up of individuals in the community and representatives from registered community groups in Pittwater.

    “We have a mix of members with diverse knowledge and all have a strong commitment to Pittwater,” he said.

    “Each group will give feedback to the Council regarding the goals and initiatives associated with key directions of the strategic plan,” said Mayor Rose.

    The newly formed groups met last month for the first time and amongst a number of items on the agenda received a briefing about the terms of reference and how the groups will operate.

    The reference groups will meet once every three months over the next two years.

    For a full list of group members visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/referencegroups

    Jane Mulroney, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1108

    Offshore Community Representatives include;

    Paul Purvis - West Pittwater Community Association
    Dianne Campbell - Scotland Island Residents Association
    Bill Gye - Scotland Island Residents Association
    Brigitte Mahler-Mills - West Pittwater Community Association
    Greg Roberts - Scotland Island Residents Association
    Joy Nielsen-Purvis - West Pittwater Community Association


    Fireshed Winter Dinner - Western Tucker
    Saturday 2, July from 7pm


    The men are cooking this one.....

    Western Style Tucker plus a Vegetarian Option

    Bring along your best dessert and be a part of the Bake Off
    Get dressed up and get in the mood


    Book Launch at “Gone Fishing” Gallery
    An Eighteenth Century Sanskrit Treasure
    Sunday July 17th 3-6pm

    An opportunity to hear about the work of local writers while viewing the work of local artists
    Everyone Welcome
    Jennifer and Grahame Cover will present in ‘IslandThinking’ style the first English translation of
    Bodhasara: An Eighteenth Century Sanskrit Treasure
    Date:   Sunday July 17th 3-6pm
    Venue: “Gone Fishing” Gallery, 1858 Pittwater Rd, Church Point (in the old Pasadena)

    Please bring a bottle and/or plate to share.
    We’d appreciate an RSVP to jennifer.cover@bodhasara.com or 0409 560 008
    For background material see www.bodhasara.com
    Paperback version available at www.amazon.com
    Bodhasara is not an intellectual text – its spirit of curiosity will appeal to anyone with an open, receptive mind. It is a fine example of wisdom literature enlivened by the renaissance spirit evident in India during the pre-colonial 18th century. Special care was taken to create a fine English translation to make this text accessible and enjoyable.
    Bodhasara, one of the few texts known from this pre-colonial period, was almost forgotten until this translation project. Narahari, the author, uses humour, double meanings and striking metaphors. He is fearless about discarding worthless adherence to form and ever confident in the natural purity of existence.
    This publication of Bodhasara was recently launched in India, in Pune at Pune University and the Bhandarkar Oriental research Instituite, and in Rishikesh at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulum. It was praised by all, including many Sanskrit scholars. In Melbourne, Sydney (mainland) and Brisbane the reception has been equally enthusiastic among scholars and lay readers alike. A US launch tour is being planned for August.
    A project directed by the young Australian composer Andrew Batt-Rawden is in an early stage with the goal of setting the work to music and dance.
    Signed copies will be available at the launch: Paperback $37, Hardcover $65 (Cash or cheque only)


    New Photos added to Online Gallery
    From the Island Play "Jealousy and Lust on the Island"

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    Click any image to open the gallery in your browser

    Images kindly submitted by Jonathan Duhig


    History Corner by Leicester Warburton
    Popular School Principal has Island Link 50 Years Back

    It was a weekly ceremony familiar to a number of Islanders - the loading of the family vehicle late on a Friday afternoon somewhere on the mainland and heading for the Island for the weekend.
    On this occasion, 50 years ago, the car was parked outside their Maroubra home and the McErlean family, Harry, Sally and their boys, Harry Jr. and Brian, were headed for Bell Wharf for a weekend of toil and a little bit of fun.

    Harry Snr was a builder and with the help of his two strapping sons just entering teenage a house was taking shape on waterfront land bought for 365 pounds. It was just beside the Bell Wharf steps on the right as you climbed. This was a time of pressure lamps and kerosene fridges. Power was still some years away. The car park as we know it did not exist and parking was single column along the roadside.
    They kept their small boat in a decrepit boatshed at Church Point and, by the time all was loaded the water level at the gunwale was dangerous. Mostly the 400 yard (yes, yard) row to Bell was mercifully calm. There was no sheltershed at Bell in those days so if it rained you hurried on - and up. Only about five boats ever moored there.

    Every weekend the whole family worked on building their holiday weekender. The big reward for the boys on Sunday afternoons was a swim off the wharf. But not too far out.

    Today, the elder lad, now the amazingly popular and highly admired headmaster of Newport Public School, Harry McErlean, still expresses a special fondness for the Island, with many great teenage memories.

    He recalls ringing the bell of Bell Wharf to summon the legendary skipper of the Curlew, Len Duck. As they built, they utilised any convenient timber they could lay their hands on including, eventually, parts of the ancient boatshed, bought for a song when it was being demolished. That wood formed part of the enclosing of the basement of the house

    Eventually, the McErleans sold their home and moved to the Island full time when the house there became larger than the Maroubra dwelling. Harry remembers weekends were fun when friends came to call (by then they had a half-cabin boat) but- with the Island still lightly settled, it could be lonely through the week, he says.

    Eventually, as the boys attended teachers training college, commuting became a problem and, in 1967, the family sold up and moved again. House and land went for $20,000. Harry's parents moved back to Ireland and the boys pursued teaching careers.

    When Harry married he managed to get a posting in the area he had come to love - the Northern Beaches. The couple managed to buy a house at Whale Beach with a stunning view right next to the much loved radio personality, Gwen Plumb. In 1991, when he took over as principal of Newport Public, only seven children travelled there from Scotland Island and the Western Shores. Today, encouraged by the remarkable reputation the school has acquired under Harry's imaginative leadership, that number has grown to 100. And the School's overall enrolment is still increasing!

    With a career going back 42 years, Harry McErlean doesn't look like stopping - yet. It has been such a wonderful, even enthralling experience, he says and adds "I'm just so proud of Newport Public and our dedicated staff!"

    Published April 30, 2004


    Yachtmen's Lunch
    Friday 15 July, Pittwater Room

    Americas Cup Lunch
    click image to load PDF flyer

    Book now for the rare opportunity to hear Team Yachting Australia's spokesmen, Nev Wittey & Peter Baker, speak of their quest to return the America's Cup to Australia after 30 years.
    See the AC 45's in action and ride the wave of their enthusiasm as they prepare for San Diego in November.

    Price: $55 members
    $65 non members

    Includes two course lunch and welcome drink.

    Bookings essential.
    To book call reception on 9998 3700.
    Bookings close Tuesday 12 July


    Authors Talks at Mona Vale LibraryAuthorTalk

    Hey Mum, What's a Half-Caste?
    By Lorraine McGee-Sippel

    Wednesday 6 July 2011, Time: 6.30pm
    FREE talk in celebration of the Guringai Festival.

    This is the story of the author’s long struggle to understand the mystery of her identity and find her birth family, after she is informed that she is
    adopted. She also discusses her reunion with her birth mother and siblings, learning for the first time about her Aboriginal ancestry.

    Lorraine McGee-Sippel is a descendant of the Yorta Yorta people of the Murray-Goulburn region and winner of the inaugural Yabun Elder of the Year Award for her contribution to reconcilation and community work in 2008.
    Hey Mum, What is a Half-Caste?, Lorraine’s first book sold out within five months and won the 2009 Deadly Award for Outstanding Achievement in Literature

    Wednesday 6 July 2011
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: Mona Vale Library
    1 Park Street, Mona Vale
    Cost: FREE! in celebration of the Guringai Festival
    Phone: 9970 1600
    Bookings essential!

    The Keepers and the Kept.
    Confessions of a Zookeeper
    TboylanBy Terry Boylan

    Wednesday 20 July 2011, Time: 6.30pm

    Terry Boylan was nearly killed by a furious elephant, bitten by a venomous cobra, and chased an escaped troupe of monkeys. But he still loves his job.
     The author gives insight into the running of a zoo, particularly Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and relates humorous and heart-warming animal stories.

    Terry Boylan worked as a zookeeper for more than 40 years at Taronga Zoo, Melbourne and London Zoos. He is still employed as a zookeeper by the Taronga Conservation Society.

    He has published more than 20 natural history and zoological articles in magazine and journals.

    This is his first book

    Date: Wednesday 20 July 2011
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: Mona Vale Library
    1 Park Street, Mona Vale
    Cost: $8.00 Adults
    $6.00 Concession - Pensioners and Students (passes must be shown)
    Phone: 9970 1600
    Bookings essential!
    Payment within 3 days of booking


    New Post Office Boxes Installed at Church Point
    We have had an additional bank of PO Boxes installed at the PO and these will definitely be the last set of boxes that we get.

    There are still a few people/families sharing a PO Box, so if you would like one of these new ones, now is the time to apply, as vacant PO Boxes are rare and the wait for one can be many months.

    Offshore residents receive a greatly discounted annual rate, currently around $25 for a small box .


    Place to Rent

    Professional couple seeks to rent, short to long term, on the island as of July.

    Please call Martin 0414011948 or Juliet 0431487589

    Pram Taken form Elvina Bay NorthpramImage

    Last week our black Mountain Buggy pram was taken from
    Elvina Bay wharf.

    It was left there for a couple of days since it was pouring with rain when we got off the ferry and we couldn't haul it and two kids (one sleeping) up the steps...
    Seen it? Took it by mistake?

    We'd love it back! Thanks...Isadora (and Apanie)... Tel: 9999 1329 or return it to the ferry wharf and we'll collect it from there.


    The Local Guide
    Community Information

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    Scotland Island Community Vehicle - 0404 103 700 Number, Usage & Charges
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade - 9999 4404 http://www.sirfb.org.au
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    Catherine Park (Long Day Care Service)  8.30am - 4.30pm (Tues, Weds & Thurs)
    Playgroup @ Children's Centre every Monday, 10.00am - 12 midday
    Other services include: School Holiday Programme / Facility & Equipment Hire
    For information call 02 9979 7856 or email:  siocs@comcen.com.au
    Scotland Island Community Hall Bookings:  Kez on 9999 4092 or kezborthwickbolton@gmail.com

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    Real Estate
    PMC Hill  - 9999 4902   http://www.pmchill.com.au/
    Century 21 Showcase Pittwater  - 9999 0155   http://www.c21pittwater.com.au/
    L.J.Hooker Mona Vale - 9979 8000   http://www.ljhooker.com.au/monavale

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    Scotland Island Traders - On-line shopping from your computer, through your door on Scotland Island. Contact Graeme on 0419 460 331 or click here for full details
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    Justice of the Peace - Paul Burchall - 0414 975 793
    Justice of the Peace - Bob Mitchell (Mackeral Beach) - 0419 745 628
    Pittwater Community Arts Inc.  - Enquiries Lorrie Morgan 9997 8079  lorriemay@bigpond.com
    Woody Point Yacht Club -  http://www.wpyc.com.au   commodore@wpyc.com.au
    Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - 02 9997 1022  http://www.rpayc.com.au/  
    Royal Motor Yacht Club - http://www.royalmotor.com.au/ 02 9997 5511
    Scotland Island Lodge - Bed & Breakfast - 02 9979 3301 or  http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au 
    Elvina Escape - B & B at Elvina Bay - Alison Newham 0423 598 760
    Treetops on Towlers Bay - 02 9332 2611  info@walkabouttours.com.au
    Pittwater Youth Hostel  - 02 9999 5748  www.yha.com.au/hostels/details.cfm?hostelid=31  
    Nila Chambers - Celebrant (marriages, funerals etc)  Discount for all offshore residents. 9999 2445
    Offshore IT Computer Services  - Contact Robert  0427 890 357 or 9999 2942
    Handy Service - "No job too small"  - Call Alan 0447 775 541
    Electrician Wayne on Scotland Island 0418 229 277 - offshore community sparky - www.sparky.com.au

    Island Classes (Fitness, Dance, Art etc)
    Pilates, Meditation and Group Fitness with Patrice -  0406 483 036 patrice.corrie@gmail.com
    Anusara Yoga -  Thursdays -  0421762236 dominiquemarill@gmail.com or floydcbg@ozemail.com.au
    Art with Max - Watercolour classes. Phone Max on 9997 4527
    Art Classes- drawing and painting in oils, acrylics and mixed media- Marion 9979 3993 or 0431 457 431
    @ Nathalie's Table - Cooking Classes - Mediterranean cooking fortnightly - Nathalie - 9999 4449

    Gurdjieff / The Forth Way - Call John on 9979 5584, Marion on 9979 3993 or Anne on 9999 3478
    Green Group For Catherine Park - Run by SIOCS - Emmie Collins on 0405 330 781
    WOW - Women on Water - second Wednesday of the month - contact Nila on 9999 2445   
    Parents & Kids Groups Playgroup - Run by SIOCS - email Emma trysemz@tpg.com.au
    Scotland Island Players - contact Bob or Kez on 9999 4092
    Catherine Park Bush Care Group, 2nd Sunday @ 9.30am, Sharon Kinnison @ 9997 6017
    Elizabeth Park Bush Care Group, 1st Saturday @ 9 am, Bob Bolton @ 9999 4092
    Island Thinking Group - Roy Baker, 9999 6891, roybaker99@yahoo.com
    Offshore a capella choir –  Saturdays at 2:30 pm, SI Community Hall. Call Gordon on 9997 2035.

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