Science "Czar" John Holdren
IAHF List: Please go to to learn about the mad man currently seated at the right hand of our illustrious President as his "science czar."
Seems that Holdren has a long history of openly embracing eugenics views. Does it make you feel comfortable that we have a President currently trying to force vaccinate us with a biological weapon intended to kill and injure millions and to put us under martial law knowing that he's being actively advised by a man who authored a book in 1977 that openly called for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population?
Holdren advocated forced abortions and mandatory sterilization along with a global totalitarian regime with the power of life and death over American Citizens.
And now he's our "Science Czar" at a time when the World Health Organization is attempting to dictate swine flu vaccine policies to all WHO member nations.
Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. His book was a textbook for a very long time and you can still buy the book on Amazon: (His co-authors were Paul and Anne Ehrlich)
Holdren has never repudiated the views expressed in his book. Join me in being angry about this. Call the Whitehouse comments line and demand Holdren be fired immediately!!! 202-456-1111 Complain via this form  Let them know that you know Holdren wrote this book and that you trust nothing about the CDC's weaponized flu genocide campaign as a result. Complain to your Senators and congressmen about Holdren and about the weaponized flu genocide campaign! Let the Rockefellers know you're onto them!
    Holdren is a true believer today - as (former) Director of the Woods Hole Research Center he proudly boasts of his work Ecoscience in his current Curriculum Vitae listed as under the heading of "Recent Publications"-
    Capture it while you can because it will be going away....
    He lied before Congress when grilled on his current beliefs regarding population control.
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322John Hammell on Aug 28, 2009 at 11:20 am:

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We find this man Holdren, an expert on population control who has enthusiastically endorsed forced abortions and putting sterilization chemicals in the water supply, sitting at the right hand of a President who advocates forced vaccinations for swine flu, using vaccines that over half the medical profession regards as unsafe. True Ott, ND, PhD and Virologist Bill Deagle MD have ably exposed the swine flu vaccine as a biological weapon, a Trojan Horse arrayed against world population.

Moreover, the Army National Guard has posted want ads all over the web looking to hire prison guards to guard the FEMA Quarantine camps where Vaccine Resistors are to be forcibly detained.

We’re living under the Fourth Reich, right now. Obama is the next Hitler. FEMA has been stockpiling millions of plastic coffins, each of which holds 3 corpses, to put our dead bodies in:

The CDC has spent $15 Million to conduct “workshops” nationwide between now and laborday in which they’re attempting to propagandize their pro swine flu agenda. They’re attempting to employ the Delphi Technique to thwart all opposition inside these meetings, but they’ve been ably exposed by We Are Change- Colorado. See my report on this here: To sign up for my free email alerts go to

WHAT WE CAN DO: See my report for information….. strongly advise more people join the OATHKEEPERS…. the enemy is WITHIN, we’re facing down HIGH TREASON here…. it couldn’t be MORE OBVIOUS that we’re living under the 4th Reich, RIGHT NOW!!!


If you don't already fear for your life, if you're not already actively taking steps to defend yourself from the coming genocide this fall and winter when this bio weapon is unleashed on us in the form of "vaccines", you really need to get busy.

Alert your family, friends, and neighbors to the undeniable fact that Soetoro ("Obama") is the next Hitler, and that birds of a feather fly together. Warn them of Holdren's background. Grasp that collectivists never care about individuals rights, collectivists always subordinate the rights of individuals to what they consider to be the "good of the world on a whole."
So when a collectivist like Holdren decides you are a "useless eater" and he convinces "Obama" at some point to impose martial law and to start forcing the vaccine and to quarantine resisters in FEMA camps, it will happen. First, they have to get the ball rolling by getting idiots to take the vaccine, and they've got an abundance of them signing up right now as volunteer guinepigs for the phony so called "testing" they're doing which will "prove" that this weaponized vaccine is "safe."
We can be sure these guinepigs won't be given the actual vaccine that they plan on unleashing on us, that much should be obvious to you.
The CDC is currently going all over the country right now holding swine flu "town meetings" and "webinars" that we clearly must inject the truth into in order to warn everyone who attends not to take the "vaccine".  They've got one tomorrow (Saturday) in Spokane and one in Somerville MA tomorrow (Saturday) They'll be holding a "webinar" at the end of August for anyone who can't make their public meetings.
Here is their agenda
They make use of the Delphi Technique to try to shove their eugenics agenda down people's throats at their meetings, and they've been amply exposed by "We Are Change- Colorado". See video footage of We Are Change successfully thwarting their agenda at the recent meeting held this month in Colorado. Its in the alert I sent out yesterday at  where you can also get more info on how to protect yourself.
I strongly recommend joining the Oathkeepers via your state chapter at  Its free to join and you can do so annonymously by using a pseudonym and by not posting your actual photo. We need to network more rapidly to awaken the sleeping masses who have no clue whats been arrayed against us! See my oathkeepers page at  When you join, send me a friend request to let me know you read this alert. I need your help within this organization to rapidly network this information.
I was told that Stewart Rhodes, oathkeepers founder, will be creating a formal position on the weaponized vaccine issue this weekend. I have been strongly urging him to take a position on this all important issue because we're living on borrowed time. We badly need to awaken as many sleeping military, police and sheriff's especially to the trap thats been set for us, and we must awaken as many family, friends and neighbors as possible.
Our Republic is dangling by a thread right now, we oppose secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely, and the truth is not in them. Before forwarding this alert, please remember to delete the unsub link at the bottom! Anyone can sign on to the IAHF list at Please urge more people to get my alerts, theres safety in numbers!