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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

December 23 2020

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia





We are nearly there -  Scotland Island and the West Pittwater Bays are planned to be declared Ready for Service later this week - our systems will need to update in the back-end and our website may not show this status straight away but if you speak to a retailer residents should be able to place an order.

As we know the process of connecting premises in your area is a little more complicated than normal so we are building a bespoke process to hopefully ensure a smoother connection. This will mean, however that although your communities will be able to place an order, they will not be able to get connected straight away. Internally we are still working through the finer points of the contract with our Delivery Partner  - as this is a new process there are a few more i's to dot a t's to cross!

At this stage it is looking like the work to connect Scotland Island will commence on 18 January (Western Foreshore timeline TBC as we are working through National Park licensing)
  • Residents will be able to place orders from the end of this week- they will go into a "held" order system until we are able to book the appointment. This is really important from a managing expectations point of view, I know it can be frustrating to place an order and have to wait (and possibly not have a completion date for a little while) but unfortunately this is just the way the process needs to work and we are very keen to get people connected as soon as possible
  • The first team onsite will be working purely to build the fibre from the pole to the external wall of each home
  • If an address has placed an order then a second team will arrange a suitable appointment (via the retailer) to come into the home and activate the service 
  • If your community chose not to place an order right away its important to note that when the lead-in (pole to home) work is complete, then the appointment scheduling is going to be far less frequent and you may have to wait a while before you get an appointment
In your communications to your community could you please remind them that   the technicians that will be on site to activate services are not able to answer individual service queries or RSP (retailer) questions or concerns. I know that it is tempting to ask questions as they are right there and very friendly but if they are fielding questions then they are not activating
services. It's important to remember, if an order has been placed with an RSP then all questions/comments/concerns/complaints are ALWAYS via your chosen retailer.

I have attached a couple of brochures that may be useful and I would ask you to check our website for the most up to date information on your area.

Check your address here:


There are a well over 100 providers for you to choose from and they are not all the same! The provider you choose will define the experience you have.

Some of the criteria I would consider are:
  • Budget
  • Speed plan required - go to our website to find out more about what speed plan might be best for your circumstances https://www.nbnco.com.au/learn/speed
  • Preference for customer care - onshore or off shore call centre, a bot? remember that your choice here will have an affect the $$ paid
  • Monthly contract or month by month
  • Consider when you use your internet - ask about typical evening speeds achieved, this is important if you use your internet at peak times (7pm-11pm) because you'll want to know what speeds you can expect at its busiest time
  • There are comparison sites that can help narrow it down with filters something like Finder.com is a common one but I know there are others and the ACCC site has ratings and information to help decision making too
There is the option of the community have a group nbn101 session with our Community Ambassadors or a 15 minute telephone call with a Brand Ambassador if this would help answer any questions. Information of how to book one of
these can be found here

Additional Information in these downloads:
Preparing Guide FFTP
Seniors Brochure

Kate Blackwell Service Experience Business Partner | Service Experience
M +61 404 455 962 | E kateblackwell@nbnco.com.au <mailto:kateblackwell@nbnco.com.au>
Level 13, 100 Mount Street, North Sydney, NSW

Additional Information in these downloads:
Preparing Guide FFTP
Seniors Brochure

Carols Wharf Works - Temporary Closure Notice

With the bad weather and COVID interruptions of the last week or so, GPM have had to push out the dates for their work at the end of Carols Wharf by a week.

See revised the attached which notes that boats now need to be moved by the 18th.


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