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With one mouse click you can send a form letter to Con-gress opposing several bills that attack DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) while simultaneously SUPPORTING some GOOD bills:

See this form letter of mine on the Life Extension Foundation's Capwiz site at http://www.lef.org/lac by going to the ACTION CENTER and click on the first hypertext link there.


I'd like to call your attention to a thread where I've posted some information on the American Patriots and Friends Network. Within it, I'm announcing a public talk I'm giving this Saturday in Bellingham, WA for any who might be interested, but beyond that there is plenty of serious food for thought on CODEX and related issues:


The Thread begins with this item posted by Scott Martial about how Microchips are being used in New Orleans to identify the corpses:

Regarding Scott's posting, I've been calling people's attention to the threat posed by this invasive technology via the "anti chip" section at http://www.iahf.com for several years, particularly tracking the PR spin of Applied Digital Solutions, the Florida based company that is manufacturing these implantable microchips.

I posted a followup message about a Sniper Rifle that can be used to shoot GPS tracking chips into demonstrators- and its barely noticable, feels about like being bitten by a mosquito:

Pam Schuffert then followed up with this VERY interesting report from GERMANY

where she's been doing follow up investigation to Germany's involvement with coming MARTIAL LAW in America. What she has to say will blow you AWAY!!! She interviewed Germany military personnel stationed at Holloman Airforce base in Allomogordo New Mexico, and some of these German Bundeswehr clearly indicated to her that they'd have NO PROBLEM killing Americans who refuse to give up their arms once Martial Law is declared.... She's really connected a LOT of DOTS.

I posted a follow up to her message here:
http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=92275;title=APFN to see if she was aware of MKULTRA and CODEX, and to announce the talk I'm giving on Saturday night in Bellingham WA, and in an effort to get in touch with her, and she has posted a response indicating that she will get in touch with me and directing me to her website: www.AmericanHolocaust.homestead.com

Please forward this mssg to others.
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Please assist us by organizing public showings of "WE BECOME SILENT" as I'm doing in Bellingham WA on Saturday night (7:30- 10 PM Community Food Coop Connections Bldg, corner of Forest and Chestnut) I am selling the DVD for $24. inc. shipping and for $30 inc shipping I'll also send you an hour long audio tape of a talk I gave on Codex at the Pennsylvania Natural Living Assn Conference in August. IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

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