Stitchin', Bitchin' and Teeny Tiny Knitting for Mice 27th April 2007

Colourful Cashmerino Greetings to You People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, and waiting out the last of those April showers for the up and coming May days of moss-stitching in meadows and purling in parks.

This week’s meeting on the South Bank was larger than expected (it is great to see the amazed looks of the passing public when almost 40 knitters gather) and featured a young Julio Iglesias trying to pry us from our needles with free concert tickets, a few helpful older ladies passing in the interval to tell us they hoped we were holding our needles properly (we at S&B London believe as long as you are holding them in your hands you are doing ok), and a fair few brave newbies taking to the stitch like ducks to pancakes and plum sauce. Mmm. 

Also Susie Hewer, the knitting marathon runner, finished in 5:50:06 and has created a new World Record! You can still sponsor her here to say well done.

In other news huge things are afoot: the S&BL team is expanding to help us keep the 700+ of you informed, we are teaming up with the lovely ladies of Greenwich Meantime Knitters to rock Ally Pally later in the year, and we will have news of an absolute bargain yarn sale next week. So stick with us. More on all that soon…

On to this week’s news:

Stitch and Swabbing the Decks

Details of the next meeting:

Ah harrrrr, Jim Lad! Next meeting we will return to the trusty floating pub boat the Queen Mary. We have a holidaying visitor all the way from sunny (sometimes) Canada, and so for the hell of it we have decided to go piratey. Knit yourself an eye patch, slap on a headscarf, create a beard from leftover yarn, or if you really can’t be bothered then at least wear something stripy! Hoist up the skull and cross needles, me hearties! We set sail for the Black Purl!

MONDAY 30th April (yes we got the date wrong last newsletter)
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: The TS Queen Mary
Savoy Pier
Victoria Embankment
WC2R 2PP  



Nearest tube: Embankment, Temple, Charing Cross

Stitch and I’m Just Nipping Up to the Floor with the Knitting Books On

Details of the meeting after next:

Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Waterstone's Piccadilly Costa Coffee Cafe (in the basement)
203-206 Piccadilly

Phone: O207 734 4870


Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus

Stitch and Spinning Straight off the Sheep

You are all invited come down to the oasis in the city that is Newham City Farm for woolly activities and farmyard knitting. You can check out the breeds of Portland, Jacobs and Badger Face sheep, see how wool can go from sheep to sweater, see carding, felting and maybe even try your hand at spinning some of the woolly fleece into fabulous yarn to knit with. And while you’re there check out all the other beasts, maybe buy some fresh farm eggs, and gaze up in wonder at Blaze, possibly the biggest horse on earth.

Time: 1.00pm – 3.30pm
Venue: Newham City Farm
King George Avenue
Custom House
E6 5LT

Tel: 020 7474 4960



Nearest Station: Royal Albert DLR

Entrance is free and events are likely to become a regular weekend activity
if it proves popular. So get yourself down there and meet some woolly new

Stitch and So Small It Makes Your Brain Hurt

Last week an amazing knitter/crochet guru came along to the group who made the most beautiful teeny tiny creations. Inspired by her incredible patience here are some sites that pay tribute to all things minuscule and straining on the eyes. Marvel at the creations of Althea Merback on this site showcasing her talents as the queen of land of the giants. She creates intricate coats, socks and jumpers that fit on then end of your finger, and even has the cheek to combine intarsia (picture knitting) into the designs! Want to make your eyes itch? Check out heirloom knitting for the intricate madness of Shetland Lace knitting. With mind boggling 1-Ply cobweb yarn and 1.5mm needles you can knock up a project (possibly in a few years) that might make your eyesight dwindle, but will be a thing of pure beauty for generations to come.


To get you started on something a little more manageable how about this spangle sequins scarf on


Or the Belle Star Mini Poncho from


Or this Vintage Caplet with eyelet detailing to get to grips with the principles of lace from

Stitch and Overcoming Any Obstacle

Our message boardies always come up with some knitting gold from the net and this week they have lead us to this site for those of you who would like to knit but are sight-impaired (which our Scottish correspondent tracked down for us). The amazing (and frog obsessed) Shell learned to knit 10 years after losing her sight and is sharing her knitting for the sight-impaired with the world via the web.  


Early this year we got a fabulous bit of Lion Scarf from a blind 90-year-old Welsh lady and we cotintually amazed at what people can do despite obstacles. We are pleased to be able to pass on this site to help anyone who might need it.


We take our hats off to all those who are knitting against the odds. You are an inspiration to us all.


That is just about all the news we can spin for you this week. We hope you are not too afraid of the tiny knitting, we promise to balance it out with a HUGE-knitting newsletter very soon. Hope to see some of you at least vaguely pirate themed on the decks next week (and yes, it is a Monday for a change). The message board is there if you need a help between meetings, and also we are still looking for yarn shop info and venue ideas for meetings. Drop us a line here with any ideas.

Happy knitting and may the stitch be with you. 

Stitch and Bítch London  
Our myspace group: Stitch and Bítch UK  





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