IAHF List: The radio show I was scheduled to do today with outlaw biker/libertarian constitutionalist Clayton Douglas "The Free American" has been moved to monday morning May 6th, same time, same place, so if you missed my previous alert, you can hear Clay and I live on the air on monday morning from 5 am- 7 am Pacific, 6 am- 8 am Mtn, 7 am- 9am Eastern time, click here to learn more, to listen live, or to the audio file and you will learn a lot about how to live free in an unfree world.If you tune us in, we will empower you to fight back! We will tell you the latest news from the front lines in the war against global tyranny- the latest on the health freedom and anti chemtrail fronts, and MORE!!!
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Enough advertising, now for something really serious that I really need all your help with if you want to continue to have even a SHRED of FREEDOM MOVING FORWARD!!:
Senator John McCain (Rino sack of excrement from AZ) and Senator Schumer (Communist NWO rectum licker from NY) are attempting to sneak language into the Immigration Reform Bill that would create a National ID Card that all of us would be REQUIRED to carry. (Vee haff vays uff dealink viss such peoples, yah! Are McCain and Schumer Commie/Fascist throwbacks to the paleolithic age, or what?)
Please go here, and urge all your family members and friends to go here to kill this evil monstrosity which is intended to usurp the last vetiges of our freedom under false pretenses while leading us straight to the NWO's microchip that they plan on laying on all of us as soon as they can crash the dollar (obviously the favorite project of our Congress of whores.
Meanwhile, 25 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah, NSA (the National Security Agency, the spooks who oversee the CIA) are building a gigantic "fusion center" the better to surveil all of us as we near martial law and their long planned efforts to take our guns away so they can inventory us like cattle. 
(At this link you can read about a great novel by Greg Sarwa titled "The Cattle" which documents the rise of a surveillance state in America. He has a "real life links" section at the end... I've read this book, and recommend it to all of you, its a real page turner!
I had a conversation with author Greg Sarwa, who had escaped communism in Poland, came to America (Chicago), only to be shocked by the realization that America is being forced into Godless communism via the Rockefeller dominated so called "National Council of Churches" and by massive, heavily orchestrated cultural shifts away from the core values enshrined in our Bill of Rights.
He wrote his Novel the cattle to warn all of us through his eyes as someone who has lived under a hellish communist regime. Greg was imprisoned for writing this book. The globalist scum who seek to microchip us all sicked the Internal Rectal Service on his ass, and threw him in the crowbar hotel. Such is life, in Gulag Amerika, land of the unfree, home of the too often cowardly swine who grovel before statist whores like McCain, and Schumer, allowing us all to be divided along superfluous so called "party" lines.....
Whoa!! Thats all I can say. Enough is, well ENOUGH..... RIGHT? How can the sheeple be so blind? Well lets see, how many of you fully realize how deep the rabbit hole goes in terms of the Rockefellers efforts to subvert the Christian Church via the ecumenical movement they created via the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, where via their satanic so called "New Age Movement" they've watered down Christianity to the point where it has all but disappeared. They did this with absolute malice and forethought with the total intention of using apostate commie pastors as part of their effort to disarm us all and force that microchip into our bodies.
How can I be so sure the church is directly involved in these evil plans to enslave humanity? I've seen it first hand right here in tiny little Point Roberts through the lens of the only church here, (Trinity Lutheran) a place where I once felt sheltered from the storm til I dimly began to realize they were clandestine satanists, til I realize the pastors were all mired in the odiferous stench of apostasy that they are totally blind to to such a degree that when I attempted to hold a mirror up so they could see themselves, what happened when I wanted a congregation wide meeting to discuss my concerns was that they held a kangaroo court, threw me out when I wasn't even present to speak up for myself, and had me trespassed from the Church by the Whatcom County Sheriff's Department.

How far would you go for your faith? Would you be willing to die for it if it came to that? I would, and the dark side knows it. Thats why I need your help to get outa Dodge. I'm serious. I have had to make stark choices in the past due to this situation. Years ago I had to run for my life from Florida just to keep from being turned into a grease spot.I am on the red list, and if you don't help me leave North America, I won't be around much longer to help you all with these alerts, so please help me by alerting your friends, family, neighbors to the sad realities of UN Agenda 21, Codex, Chemtrails, the TCC, etc, please urge more people to sign on to the FREE IAHF email distribution list HERE and buy sulfur here to help me get outa dodge! I have a safe place offshore, I just need your help to be able to get back offshore!
In the late '90s, following an FBI visit, I was forced "underground" to a remote location in the Appalachians where I lived on 700 acres of land owned by a hippy chick who had started a commune. I joined her band. We played gigs in the pubs around Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, but I was safe without an electric bill or a phone bill in my name.
In the last days, all of us will be forced to make stark choices. What will your compass be when the dollar crashes and you need a moral compass to guide you through the chaos? Are you working on your faith? Do you know what it is you even believe?
I didn't for a long time. For years when I was younger I floundered, and flipped the bird skyward until one evening on a mountaintop on a remote island off the NE Coast of Maine, I had an epiphany, a personal satori if you will, I'd been praying for three weeks for a sign Creator hadn't forgotten about me, that he remembered me, and that there was something I could do that would give my life meaning, despite all the intense suffering I'd endured.
On that day, I surrendered. I stopped flipping the bird skyward and became a Christian soldier. Please join me, in any way you can, regardless of where you are in your own beliefs, I am not judging anyone on here, I am part native american and am as much at home in the sweat lodge as I am in a Christian Church,  I'm only telling you this because sometimes I do this stream of consciousness thing and feel compelled to get on a computer keyboard at 5:20 am like I am now because sleep isn't always possible so I wake up and start singing blues songs into a voice recorder, or maybe have breakfast early, or get to the gym by 6 am like I'm gonna do this morning to pump some iron.
We're in the midst of a battle, a spiritual battle, but its a winnable battle, as long as we never give up! Can we defend our access to God's vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, probiotics, and herbs? Absolutely! We can, as long as enough people see the whole battlefield, and know where to strategically step into the breach!
Right now I need everyone in America to open their eyes, and grasp the extreme importance of this Canadian lawsuit against so called "Health Canada" which is trying to decimate the natural products industry north of the 49th parallel, and all of us in America damn well better understand, that if we fail to help our neighbors to the north in their fight back, we're next.
I have pumped money into this lawsuit, and I need all of you to join me, I don't care if you live in Alabama or Alaska or North Carolina or Guam, I need you to go here to this site and dig deep because the life you save by helping our Canuck friends with this lawsuit could save YOUR LIFE!!
Confused? Don't be! Connect THESE dots, my fellow Americans:
1) The 10,000 lb guerilla in the room drivin' world events is UN Agenda 21, the Blueprint for population Control. The NWO crowd are really afraid that this scam is coming unglued as a growing bipartisan movement against it in America picks up a head of steam and spreads to other countries as awareness of the UN Scam develops momentum.
2) The UN Scam to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range Codex is being driven by the 10,000 lb guerilla in the room (UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control)
3) Americans generally ignore whats happening in Canada ("mice in the attic"), but this time, we really CAN'T ignore whats going on up there because if we do, we'll be glued, screwed, and tattooed- here is why:
Canada is being rapidly harm-onized to the collectivist dictatorship called the European Union via the CETA Trade Agreement (on the one hand) and to Communist China on the other via this trade agreement (now opposed by the NDP). 
As this is happening, Health Canada, via UPLAR is attacking the natural products industry with a vengeance and there is ZERO fight back from the (Pharma Dominated) CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) so the health food stores aren't getting educated, and most of the remaining small Canadian companies are being given the mushroom treatment (fed BS and kept in the dark!!)
IS there any HOPE?? YES!! But only if enough people support this lawsuit!! because if we don't win, health freedom in the USA will also be destroyed along with Canada due to the insidious mechanism of the TCC.  (Go here and sign my petition against the TCC, even though our Congress of whores has blocked oversight on this scam, as long as this petition keeps growing in numbers, its a line in the sand regardless, as long as we are armed! (If you're not yet a member of Gun Owners of America, you must join today!
The only thing protecting our access to dietary supplements and the foods of our choice right now is our firearms! Our Congress of whores refuses to give us oversight on the TCC, and the FDA are Gestapo thugs who even raid Amish Farmers over Raw Milk....
All of us into the battle! We must work together on both sides of the border to generate awareness that if Canada falls, the FDA has already set America up to fall RIGHT IN SYNC with Canada and Mexico via their nefarious Trilateral Cooperation Charter. THIS is the biggest unseen SCAM in the history of the Health Freedom Movement, and the reason not enough people SEE it is due to the nefarious influence of controlled opposition groups such as the so called "Natural Solutions Foundation" which is run by a couple of CIA assets whose mission is to sabotage our movement by directing people to focusing their attention on anything BUT this most critical development!!!
So..... I need all of your help to overcome this blindness! Forward this to create BRUSH FIRES in the minds of MANY!!!  I need all of you to reach out via your circle of influence to help me awaken the sleeping masses on both sides of the 49th parallel because I can't make like Atlas, its just too hard and even I burn out sometimes.
Its now 7:03 am, and I'm finally heading to the gym to do some heavy lifting. Please help me get outa dodge, but some sulfur, eh?  Or better yet- do the 10 lb deal or even contact me about opening a wholesale account! If you qualify for a wholesale account and can afford to buy 20 lbs at $22/ lb, together, we can move mountains! No hill will be too hard to climb!!

Chemtrails keep getting worse, check this out!  
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(This has been a public service announcement from Reverend Johnny the H, the NWOs worst nightmare, and your new BEST FRIEND!!