IAHF List: In two to three years a lot of the people who have made the mistake of allowing themselves to be injected with the biological weapon being called an mRNA "vaccine" will either be dead, or unable to function. Many will have Alzheimer's disease. Many will die from heart attacks or strokes caused by blood clots caused by the bioweapon. Don't be one of them!
Do all you can NOW to improve your health, to increase the strength of your immune system!
On the right, above, we see an illustration that depicts what the walls of the small intestine (the bowel) looks like when you have not made the effort to remove the toxic biofilm called mucoid plaque! This very tenacious black, rubbery biofilm holds within it residue from EVERY TOXIN you've EVER INGESTED in your life and slowly leaches them back into your bloodstream, poisoning you slowly, acidifying your ph, WRECKING your ph balance making it much harder to absorb the oxygen your cells needed to prevent cancer and other autoimmune diseases!
Mucoid Plaque acts as a PHYSICAL BARRIER to PROPER NUTRIENT & OXYGEN ABSORBTION! How much money do you spend on expensive organic food? How much money do you spend on expensive cutting edge supplements including sulfur?
Wouldn't you like to get the FULL VALUE of these investments in your health?Wouldn't you like to once again enjoy the ENERGY LEVEL that you once had when you were a kid? Wouldn't you like to be able to properly absorb these nutrients and NOT have them blocked by a barrier of toxic mucoid plaque?
I am about to turn 64 on June 17th. Twelve years ago I was perplexed as to why i felt so tired all the time, especially since I'd just invested in a colonic which I thought should have resulted in a huge increase in energy! The problem was, I had focused on the wrong internal organ (the LARGE intestine or COLON which is NOT were the nutrients from food and supplements are ABSORBED! I should have focused on the SMALL intestine, the BOWEL because that IS where we absorb those nutrients that our cells require for optimal performance!
I didn't realize I had been building up a very thick BARRIER of mucoid plaque in my small intestine, my bowel, until my girlfriend reminded me of these basic facts of physiology that I shouldn't have forgotten! She recommended I try herbalist Richard Schultz Bowel Detox protocol, then after cleaning out my "SEWER" to go on to also detox my OTHER organs of elimination: Liver & Gallbladder, Kidneys, then my BLOOD by doing a SECOND Bowel Detox!
I did these things, and am I ever glad I did! My mucoid plaque contained a LOT of toxins, more than most people because I'd spent time as a boatbuilder where I'd been exposed to many very dangerous toxins such as methylethylketone, acetone, fiberglass resin and hardener, all sorts of epoxy glue, toxic wood dusts from resinous boatbuilding woods including white cedar, Honduras and Philippine mohogany and others..... Even though I always used rubber gloves, respirators, and protective clothing just being around that toxic environment is very dangerous and a lot of toxins had built up in my mucoid plaque from which they were being released gradually into my blood stream! No WONDER I felt brain fogged and chronically fatigued!
Although Schulze calls his program the "5 Day Bowel Detox" it can take much LONGER to jettison your long held mucoid plaque depending on how much its built up! In my case it took more like 3 weeks, but I'll never forget the day it came out! I could see and SMELL it even though it was underwater in the toilet! It smelled SO BAD I had to literally RUN from the bathroom, hitting the FAN Switch on the way out the door!
Once I'd jettisoned my mucoid plaque, it was AMAZING how much energy I had! I felt excited, it was a revelatory transcendent experience! I wanted to shout it from the roof tops! I decided I had to become one of Dr. Schulze distributors and tell all of you!
Until I jettisoened my mucoid plaque I couldn't absorb very much of the cutting edge supplements I was taking, not even the world's best sulfur that I was selling because the black, rubbery toxin filled mucoid plaque was acting as a physical barrier and it was leaching toxins into my bloodstream that were being carried into my brain and all other internal organs, interfering with their functioning!
Even though I was eating organic food, and using the world's most cutting edge supplements, I was behind the toxic 8 ball until I did Dr. Schultz protocols for detoxing my organs of elimination, BEGINNING with my BOWEL!
1. You will need one or two bottles of Intestinal Formula #1 , a bottle of Intestinal Formula #2, and a bottle of Super Food Plus for each person doing the Bowel Detox.
2. You will also need a High Speed Blender such a Vitamix or other.
3. You'll need Extra Virgin Olive oil, organic garlic, organic ginger, and an assortment of organic fruits such as grapefruit, apple, lemons, limes, oranges, kiwis, and you'll need either filtered, distilled, or bottled water to make smoothies with.
1. Start by taking one capsule of Intestinal Formula #1 each evening and if necessary add one additional capsule per evening until you achieve your goal of having 3 easy NO STRAIN bowel movements per day! You can see the complete information about Intestional Formula #1 here, it contains Cascara Sagrada and other herbs that work synergistically go stimulate peristalsis (muscular contractions of the abdomen that begin a process of BREAKING UP the mucoid plaque so it loses its tenacious hold on the walls of your Bowel so you can EXPEL it!)
For some people you might only need one capsule to attain that goal of 3 easy BMs per day, but some people might need a lot more. I needed 2 capsules, and I maintained this for 3 days having easy BMs by taking 2 capsules per night. Some other people might need 5 or 6 capsules to achieve the same result, but its important to begin with this BEFORE you go on to ADD the Intestinal Formula #2, and to start making and ingesting your smoothies, the reason is because Intestional Formula #2 contains Bentonite Clay and it can be CONSTIPATING, and you don't want to be BOUND UP by it, so you want to make SURE your bowels are working properly FIRST!
2. Once you've had 3 days of easy, no strain BMs, you're ready to start also taking the Intestinal Formula #2 and you're ready to start making and ingesting your smoothies which will be your ONLY FOOD during the time it takes to jettison your mucoid plaque *( if you're hypoglycemic and need SOME animal protein, as I did, I recommend not eating ANY red meat during this period, but only some very easy to digest animal protein, I used sardines, but aside form that, I ONLY had my smoothies because I didn't want to make it HARDER to jettison the mucoid plaque!
To make your smoothies: Add two tablespoons of Super Food Plus (made from the world's best super foods all ground up into a powder) to your blender along with all other ingredients chopped fine (raw organic garlic, ginger, fruits) and the filtered, distilled or bottled water. Blend it well and have the whole contents of the blender during the course of the day at meal times. The idea is to give your digestive tract a vacation!
3. Its important to do at least a half hour of exercise every day while doing this program even if its only some light walking, that helps keep your blood moving and it will help the process of breaking up and eliminating the mucoid plaque! Drink as much filtered, distilled or bottled water as you want while doing this program! You will need to be around a toilet....
When the mucoid plaque finally comes out, believe me, you will KNOW! You will see it and smell it even underwater in the toilet! Its the WORST SMELLING stuff that will EVER exit your body, and its WELL WORTH the effort to get RID of it! It looks like this:
Once you've jettisoned your mucoid plaque, you will be able to fully benefit from taking sulfur which opens up your cell membranes, allowing an optimal amount of oxygen to flood into the cells, pushing toxins out! Sulfur contains 16 electrons in its outer shell so it forms a chemical compound with almost anything it comes into contact with including toxic heavy metals such as mercury that you don't want in your body! Since the sulfur must exit the body, it pulls out all these heavy metals with it!
We live in a very uncertain world, a lot of upheaval is occurring due to the ruling elite attempting to enslave us all and to cull the human herd using the bioweapons they're calling "vaccines". We can't control some things, but one thing we CAN control is how strong we build our immune systems! Prayer is in order, and so is action! Please take action to strengthen your immune system in the ways discussed above! I will be glad to guide you through this process!