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On Second Thought
Mid-Month Newsletter from Sage Hill Farms~

Those who are connected with me on Facebook know I’ve a had very intense three day love affair going with chocolate covered strawberries…withdrawal is traumatic and painful. Bear with me please!

There are a few things we can put in place now to start the growing season of the coming spring…but first, let’s chat a bit about the first kitchen garden …

“The Garden of Eden” it was first and foremost a kitchen garden, although not entirely typical, having arrived ready made and apparently needing no human to tend it, but, in other ways it was the prototype of the epicurean kitchen garden, which has flourished in times of affluence throughout civilized history. Such a garden is designed more to gratify the taste of its owner than to fill his stomach. The ancient Greeks had them, as did the Romans, who introduced them to Europe, including Britain. The Normans revived them in England after the Dark Ages, and they thrived again under the late Tudors and Stuarts. The last flowering of the epicurean kitchen garden was in the nineteenth century in the chateaux of France and the stately homes of England.

Adams other kitchen garden …that to which he was banished among thistles and thorns outside Eden…was a different kind altogether…this was the garden of adversity. …tilled at a time when man struggled to keep alive. It was the garden of the Dark Ages, of the Wars of the Roses, of Civil War, of dispossessed agricultural labors of the nineteenth century and of the two world wars of the twentieth century.

Our gardens of today are created out of the times of which we live, developing a character of its own between the two extremes….but more and more becoming out of necessity. Between the soaring cost of living, and awakening of the harsh truth that 85% of the food on any given dinner table is void of nutrition and taste….the poisons and genetic alterations, all has spurred a movement to take a closer look at the alternatives…and so, back to the” Kitchen Garden.”

Thomas Jefferson – the third President of the United States…wrote when he was 68 years old. “No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture is comparable to that of a garden….Under a total want of demand except for our family table, I am still devoted to the garden.”

The earth has begun to stir a little, but, do not be impatient. Depending on the region you are in…your soil is most likely to wet and cold to germinate seed. Those who have heated greenhouses can move ahead without worry…..whatever is good for your area and your desires.

If you are not already growing organically…please do so…..chemical use in growing food is a method steeped in lies and manipulation to control and keep farmers dependent on methods and products that garners billions of dollars for large companies. Not only has it destroyed our lands it is destroying human and animal life.

If you don’t already know…educate yourself on the foods you buy…Read Labels…if…there are words you can’t pronounce or don’t know the meaning…leave it on the shelf…if a product has more than 4 ingredients …leave it on the shelf…if…you must eat from the main stream grocery market…shop the outside isles…the center isles are filled with processed foods that are for the most part artificial and in the long term…deadly.

Our body is a temple on loan for a period of time…treat it with the respect it deserves and the reward will be a long and healthy life.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food….." Hippocrates ~

EatWell-BeWell…Bea Kunz~

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