Unless some last minute stone clearing into the Ditch that Ftopped Brexit does its job, then we will be leaving the EU tonight (though not really), so could all non-UK nationals please unsubscribe from this email list. We're going it alone. (I am joking, please don't).
But never mind about the world - my career is going from relative weakness to slightly less weakness. I can tell you about some of the stuff now.
The most exciting news is that the 2019 Chris Evans (not that one) Self-Playing Snooker Trophy video is about to go live to kickstarter backer and badgers! I wonder who will win. I actually can't remember now. It was one of the Mes.
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Richard Herring
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Somehow I managed to get all six scripts for series 3 written in time and we recorded it all last week and it seemed pretty funny. It is being broadcast in July on Radio 4.
In the meantime you can catch up with series 1 (illegally) here
And series 2 legally (as long as you have a TV licence) here.
I am planning to do an audio version of my sitcom Everything Happens For No Reason, paid for by advertising money received from RHLSTP later this year. If I get time to write it.

I've started the laborious process of trying to book guests for the upcoming RHLSTP dates in London, Birmingham and Norwich
Leicester Square Theatre
March 9th  - Michael Palin + TBC (SOLD OUT)
March 16th Barry and Ian from the Parapod + TBC (selling surprisingly fast)
March 23rd and 30th TBC
April 6th Lolly Adefope + TBC
There's also a special RHLSTP coming up on March 24th for O2 customers. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for details.
Birmingham 28th March at 3pm
Guest TBA. Only about 50 of the 1100 tickets left. SO BOOK NOW BRUM
The two shows in Norwich are sold out.
More dates will be added and guests revealed (badgers get the news first and the Palin gig sold out before I could announce to the rest of the world)
Keep checking
We're currently putting up two podcasts a week to get through the tour backlog. Very funny shows with Dave Johns and Seymour Mace have gone up this week.
I am back on the telly
I am appearing on Roast Battle on Comedy Central on 3rd February. You can see a short clip of my war of words with Sara Barron here (I hope)
And there's a longer version of that clip in the monthly badger's secret area. And an even longer version on the actual telly.
There is a very exciting guest on the latest chapter of Stone Clearing. I don't think you'll guess who. Please listen to all previous episodes first or it won't make sense.
Monthly badgers can see the video of the guest saying the stuff they say on the podcast in your secret area.
I am making a fourth attempt at bringing home a Pointless Trophy next week. Not sure when it will be broadcast. I am not sure I can reveal who my partner is, so will just say, I don't really know.
Still no news on when Tipping Point Lucky Stars is on.
On 10th March I am changing my fridge filter. Supposed to be anyway, but I bet I don't bother.
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